Title Wish You Were Here
Series Major Crimes
Season 4
Episode 9
Airdate August 3, 2015
Viewers 4.57 million
Written by Duppy Demetrius
Directed by Steve Robin
Previous episode Hostage to Fortune
Next episode Fifth Dynasty
Episode list Season 4

When a YouTube video of a bloodied, half-naked man walking down the middle of a street with a gun goes viral, Major Crimes must decide whether the victim was targeted, or a potential suicide. Rusty asks Sharon for help as he finally finds Alice Herrera's brother, Gustavo.

The VictimEdit

The SuspectsEdit


Closing the CaseEdit

Guest CastEdit



Episode NotesEdit

The Search for Alice HerreraEdit

  • Gus identifies Alice Herrera as his sister Mariana Wallace with a DNA test confirming their relationship.
  • ADA Hobbs needs Gus to provide background on Mariana's movements and her reasons for coming to Los Angeles in order to built her case against Slider, but Gus is only concerned with finding Paloma. Lt. Flynn offers to help.
  • Gus is reluctant to explain to Hobbs and Flynn why Mariana left home. Gus wanted to put his family back together after returning from the US Army but Mariana fled to get away from her abusive step-father. Though Gus was willing to give up his dream of putting the family back together, Mariana panicked and fled.
  • Flynn offers to search for Paloma unofficially so that when he finds Paloma, she won't automatically be returned to her parents. Rusty supports Flynn's offer, pointing out that he was searching for who Mariana was unofficially and found Gus. Flynn has access to better resources for his search than Rusty did. Gus agrees, and begins answering Hobbs' questions about Mariana.
  • When confronted by Rusty, Flynn confirms that he will search for Paloma as promised, but warns that he can't be held responsible for what happens when he does find her.


Episode MediaEdit

What's in a Name Pt04:47

What's in a Name Pt. 9

Identity by Rusty Beck

  • Rusty interviews Gustavo Wallace, who explains more of Mariana's history.

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