Title White Lies, Part 3
Series Major Crimes
Season 5
Episode 13
Airdate September 19, 2016
Viewers 3.10 million
Written by Carson Moore
Directed by Michael M. Robin
Previous episode White Lies, Part 2
Next episode Heart Failure
Episode list Season 5

Summer finale. Major Crimes hurtles forward toward the mysterious and elusive mastermind in the Dwight Darnell murders while Buzz and Rusty's investigation into the murder of Buzz's father comes to an unexpected end.

The VictimEdit

The SuspectsEdit

  • Patrick Cox
    • Member of the Zyklon Brotherhood
    • His fingerprints were on the bag containing the food that poisoned Hai Sun
    • Gives up the Zyklon Brotherhood in exchange for immunity and witness protection
  • Jordan Graff
    • Leader of the Zyklon Brotherhood
    • Drug and weapons trafficker
    • Ordered the murder of Hai Sun
  • Marco Calderon
    • Dwight Darnell's court-appointed attorney
    • Worked for the Zyklon Brotherhood and Martin Borja
    • Murdered in the courtroom shootout as a loose end
  • Martin Borja
    • Developer dealing with the condemned Zyklon Brotherhood buildings.
    • Father of Dwight Darnell.
    • True mastermind behind the courtroom shooting.


Closing the CaseEdit

Guest CastEdit

  • Jaime Ray Newman (Wildred Darnell)



Episode NotesEdit

Buzz's InvestigationEdit

  • Using a program to age Bill Jones' high school picture and running a search on social media, Buzz is able to locate what is likely the right man. However, the program he used is inadmissible in court and they need Bill's fingerprints to confirm his identity.
  • Rusty is able to use Bill's Facebook page to locate the car dealership Bill works at and goes undercover as a prospective car buyer to successfully obtain Bill's fingerprints.
  • After the fingerprints Rusty obtained match the fingerprints on file from Bill's juvenile record, Buzz and Provenza go to arrest Bill Jones. After discovering Bill has a family, Buzz hesitates but ultimately places Bill under arrest for the murders of his father and uncle. Bill goes without a fight and is allowed to say goodbye to his family.
  • Buzz later informs Rusty and Gus who watched the arrest from a distance that Bill Jones confessed to the murders and will take a deal of life without parole. However, Buzz is left troubled that he left two children fatherless by arresting Bill Jones.

Andy's HealthEdit

  • At the end of the episode, Andy Flynn suffers a heart attack.

Continuity ErrorsEdit

  • On the board at the beginning Dwight Darnell is listed as DOA or Dead On Arrival. In “White Lies, Part 1”, Provenza stated that Darnell died on the operating table a few minutes before rather than being pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital.

Job ChangesEdit


Episode MediaEdit

The Long Shadow Pt

The Long Shadow Pt. 13

Identity by Rusty Beck

Buzz and Rusty discuss the closing of the case and the impact it has had on them both.