Title White Lies, Part 1
Series Major Crimes
Season 5
Episode 11
Airdate September 5, 2016
Viewers 4.14 million
Written by James Duff
Directed by Michael M. Robin
Previous episode Dead Zone
Next episode White Lies, Part 2
Episode list Season 5

Calling him a hero doesn't help us today, but that's how we'll end up remembering him.

— Deputy Chief Howard

In attempting to clear up loose ends from their investigation of a gang of White Supremacists, Major Crimes detectives audit the trial of serial killer Dwight Darnell, and end up facing their most deadly case ever while Rusty’s psychologist, Dr. Joe, faces an unexpected confrontation that leaves his life in jeopardy.

The VictimEdit

  • Assistant Chief Russell Taylor
    • Assistant Chief of the LAPD.
    • Shot multiple times and died of his injuries.
  • Doctor Joe Bowman
    • Psychologist assigned to profile Dwight Darnell.
    • Shot multiple times. Survived but death was faked to protect him.
    • Believed to be the target of the shooting.
  • Deputy Sheriff Aaron Simms
    • Sheriff's deputy shot and killed by Dwight Darnell.
    • Believed to be a conspirator in the courtroom shooting.
  • DDA Barry Rosen
    • Prosecutor trying the Dwight Darnell case.
    • Shot and killed by Darnell in the courtroom shooting.
  • Marco Calderon
    • Dwight Darnell's court-appointed attorney
    • Shot and killed in the courtroom shootout.
  • Hai Sun
    • Court clerk believed to be a conspirator in the courtroom shooting.
    • Found dead in a housing block belonging to the Zyklon Brotherhood.

The SuspectsEdit

  • Dwight Darnell
    • Serial killer on trial for eight racially-motivated murders.
    • Opened fire in a courtroom, killing several people including Assistant Chief Russell Taylor.
    • Shot by Sharon Raydor and later died of his wounds.
  • Deputy Sheriff Aaron Simms
    • Believed to be a conspirator in the courtroom shooting.
  • Jan Adams
    • Judge Richwood's court clerk.
    • Briefly suspected but ultimately cleared.
  • Hai Sun
    • Court clerk who had access to the evidence
    • Was having an affair with Deputy Simms
  • Jordan Graff
    • The "Father" of Zyklon Brotherhood


Closing the CaseEdit

Guest CastEdit

  • Jason Kravits (Deputy District Attorney Barry Rosen)
  • Jamie Martz (Jordan Graff)
  • Justin Matthews (Henry Colson)



Episode NotesEdit

Buzz's InvestigationEdit

  • Buzz interviews Jennifer Edwards, Gene Hecht's alibi witness. Jennifer not only breaks Gene's alibi, but she further implicates him in the murder as she tells Buzz Gene wore a Swiss Army Watch like the one stolen from his uncle the next day. Buzz has Jennifer make both a written and video statement after speaking with her.


Episode MediaEdit

The Long Shadow Pt03:20

The Long Shadow Pt. 11

Identity by Rusty Beck

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