Wes Durant
Wes Durant
Vital statistics
Name Wes Durant
Profession {{{profession}}}
Gender Male
Notability Father-in-law of Bob Michaels
Played by Ken Howard
Appearance Star Turn
Wes Durant is the father-in-law of Bob Michaels.

History Edit

Wes met Bob sometime in the past, and noted he was also a dreamer who sought to become a Hollywood star, a trait he also shared with Wes' daughter, Beth. Wes tells Chief Brenda that the couple also dragged his granddaughter Missy into pursuing the same dream, in what he described as Bob "wanting to live through Missy".

This did not please Wes, and he even berated Missy's manager Bruno Perez, to the point that he accused Bruno of not only being the cause of much of the family's drama, but also the death of Bob.

Unfortunately, and much to Wes' distress, his own daughter Beth was proven to be the one responsible. He found out by being the interview room with her, where evidence of her involvement in Bob's 5-day disappearance to him was presented by the police.

 Appearances Edit

The Closer Edit

Season 7 Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Actor Ken Howard, who portrayed Wes Durant, was billed as a Special Guest Star.

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