Wade Weller
Vital statistics
Name Wade Weller
Profession Counselor at a homeless shelter
Gender Male
Notability Serial rapist/killer
Played by Augustus Prew
First appearance False Pretenses
Last appearance Return to Sender Part 2

Wade Weller is a counselor at the Angel City homeless shelter and serial rapist/killer, played by Augustus Prew. His character was introduced fully in the episode Return to Sender.


Weller was born on September 15, 1984 under the name Ryan Mills to a woman named Susan. Susan Mills was a heroin addict who worked as a prostitute to support her drug habit and her son. Then one night, by the time Ryan was almost thirteen, they met a man named Henry Jinks who took them off the streets and moved Ryan and his mom into his place at Marina Del Ray. Eventually Henry Jinks started raping Ryan without his mom knowing. After a while Henry stopped bringing drugs into the house and forced Susan to start her life over in San Francisco without Ryan. She came back on his birthday and saw Henry had moved away with her son.

Eventually Ryan grew up, changed his name to Wade Weller and started abducting, raping and killing teenage runaway boys. During the investigation into one of these boys disappearances Ryan got spooked and contacted defense attorney Phillip Stroh for advise on how to deal with the situation. Stroh gave him some advice and told him that he would eventually call in the favor one day. He was never arrested so he didn't end up in the system.

When Phillip Stroh was arrested and put on trial for rape and murder himself he contacted Wade through an inmate named Keith Mapleton and instructed him to start write threatening letters to the primary witness in the case: Rusty Beck. After which Weller killed him in the same manner he killed his victims and began writing Rusty letters over the next few months. When Rusty showed no signs of backing out of testifying Stroh sent another inmate named Russell Jackson and instructed Wade to write threatening letters to Captain Sharon Raydor in addition to the ones to Rusty. After Weller killed Jackson he wrote the letters to Sharon as instructed but neither party showed signs of backing off. Finally Stroh got impatient with Weller's progress and sent one last inmate named Jesus Mario Chavez to deliver a message: "You have one week to kill either Rusty or Sharon." After the message is delivered Weller kills Chavez and dumps his body into a pond. However, this catches the LAPD's attention as they note the three similar murders and learn that Chavez was bringing him Red Wings pencils and a notebook that matched the threatening letters sent to Rusty, causing them to realize they were hunting the letter writer as well.

Weller then begins to disguise himself and pretends to be a part of Rusty's SIS protection detail in preparation to kill him. In preparation he kills a bartender for access to his apartment and lures Rusty into his kill room under the pretext of protecting him. He then tries to stab him but Rusty dodges it at the very last minute and Weller is forced to flee as the police close in on him. At this point, along with leaving his fingerprints, he is somehow injured slightly on the neck and leaves behind DNA but he is not in the system with either his DNA or fingerprints. The LAPD are able to connect him to the murders of his other victims after Stroh's offers the LAPD information, telling them a little of what he knows about Weller but not his identity to get a deal. They don't take the deal, but the information Stroh passed on gives them a starting point to look for him. Also, his DNA leads them to his mother.

He goes back to his day job where he prepares to go on the run and asks about a boy named Tyler Lang. He eventually finds Tyler and they head back to his house where he grabs some supplies while Tyler plays a video game. They get into his car and drive off. Unfortunately the police close in on him and he tries to escape on foot and even holds Tyler at gunpoint. However Lieutenant Louie Provenza shoots him in the head and his reign of terror over Rusty and Sharon is over.

Modus OperandiEdit

Weller targeted runaway teenage boys who came to his shelter seeking help that reminded him of himself. After Weller got to know them he would invite them to his place where he would have them sit down on his couch covered in plastic. He then proceed to stab them twice in the chest and once in the neck. After killing his victims he would bury the bodies in his backyard or dump them in random locations. When Phillip Stroh started sending convicts to his house he had them sit on the couch too and stabbed them to death and dumped their bodes in public places. The exception was Gregory Boone who was dumped in the mountains so the police wouldn't find his body.

Known VictimsEdit

  • The first series of attacks (all raped and killed)
    • Fifteen unnamed teenage boys
    • Billy Pryor
    • Alex Brown
    • Andrew Collins
    • Johnny Miller
    • Gary Barton
    • Charles Perry
  • The second series of attacks (killed only on Stroh's orders)
    • Keith Mapleton
    • Russell Jackson
    • Jesus Mario Chavez
    • Gregory Boone
    • Rusty Beck (attempted)


Major CrimesEdit

Season TwoEdit

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