Turrell Baylor
Placeholder person
Vital statistics
Name Turrell Baylor
Profession One-Ten Crip
Gender Male
Notability Double murderer
Played by Ace Gibson
Appearance War Zone

Turrell Baylor is a murderer and a One-Ten Crip who appeared in War Zone on The Closer. He is played by Ace Gibson.


Turrell grew up with his mother and his two siblings. His sister stayed with their mother and his twin brother, Ty, joined the army while Turrell chose the gang life. He became a member of the One-Ten Crips when he was fifteen and committed numerous crimes. When he was a kid he robbed an unnamed store and served two years for it. As an adult he served ninety days for a gun possession and arrested twice for narcotics but the charges never stuck.

He later started taking beers from a store under his gang's protection, figuring they owed them that much. One day the owner told him to stop it and that he was going to tell the other Crips. Turrell took out his pistol and shot the owner dead. He later heard crying and saw the owner's grandson and, knowing he could identify him, shot him once in the head. He ran out just as another Crip, Reggie Moses, was entering the store and took advantage of the situation and framed him for the murders.

He later was shot at by Reggie and ducked behind some trash cans escaping unscathed. A few days later, after his brother was shot dead by Reggie (who didn't know he had a twin), he got scared and finally went to the police. He told them about the previous shooting and the double murder but led them to believe Reggie committed all the murders. He then asks for immunity and protection for his family. Once he got all that he confessed to the double murder he committed and wrote it all down and signed it. He was then returned home where his fellow gang members were waiting for him. After the police left he tried running out the back but was caught there and later beaten to death by four of his fellow Crips.

Known CrimesEdit

  • Presumedly committed numerous other crimes
  • Unspecified armed robbery
  • The Shootin' Newton murders (two casualties):
    • Charlie Niles (shot)
    • Chris Niles (shot once in the head)