Tommy Wong
Tommy Wong
Vital statistics
Name Tommy Wong
Profession Lawyer
Gender Male
Notability Lawyer of Marvin Evans
Played by Tom Choi
Appearance Silent Partner

Tommy Wong is the lawyer of One-Ten Crips leader Marvin Evans.

History Edit

Upon the death of One-Ten Crip member James Turner, the LAPD begin an investigation, as it may help deal with the lawsuit being filed against them by Peter Goldman, who blames them for the death of another One-Ten Crip member, Turrell Baylor, and whose name card was found on the body.

The LAPD come to suspect that, through James Turner, Peter received the names of Baylor's real killers.

In an effort to get Peter to admit to it, Chief Brenda Johnson contacts Marvin Evans and invites him to the precinct to be interviewed.

Marvin brings his lawyer, Tommy, with him. When Brenda tries to link Marvin to the deaths of James and Baylor, Tommy claims Marvin does not know them, but Brenda isn't convinced.

Brenda ultimately talks Marvin into wanting to hunt down Peter for possessing the names of those who killed Baylor, through cooperation with the LAPD. In truth, Brenda knows Marvin wants Peter killed, and the whole plan is a set up, however, Tommy does not object, as he is unaware.

Appearances Edit

The Closer Edit

Season 7Edit

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