Thomas "Tommy" Delk
Name Thomas "Tommy" Delk
Rank DeputyChief Deputy Chief (The Closer, Season 6)
Chief Chief of Police (The Closer, Seasons 6-7)
Affiliation Los Angeles Police Department
Division Counter-Terrorism Division
Office of the Chief of Police
Gender Male
Played by Courtney B. Vance
First appearance Executive Order
Final appearance Unknown Trouble
Thomas "Tommy" Delk is the Deputy Chief of the Counter-Terrorism Division who is eventually promoted to Chief of Police on The Closer.

History Edit

Deputy Chief Delk first appears in helping to find Kevin Mason, the man who murdered two paramedics and two years ago attempted to bomb an IRS building. He initially appears on the FBI's side by arranging the transfer of all the evidence until he tells Deputy Chief Johnson that he didn't reveal Kevin's true motive for the murders and suggested investigating that on their own. They later find out that Kevin intends to bomb the funeral and this eventually leads to Brenda shooting Mason. Because of this, Tommy is called into the Mayor's office and is appointed as the Chief of Police.

He later assigns Major Crimes a series of medical marijuana robberies he suspects will eventually turn deadly. He also takes time to offer Brenda Pope's job and leaves her to it. His suspicions eventually prove correct as another robbery is committed and this time, it has a body count. Delk arrives on the scene and apologizes for not responding sooner, Brenda comforts him by saying it's not his fault and they eventually find the robbers. They confess to the robberies but not to the murder and they eventually find out the murder was committed by the victim's business partner.

He is last seen when a lawsuit is filed against Deputy Chief Johnson for the death of Turrell Baylor and Delk authorizes an audit of Major Crimes. He is later going to announce his changes in the department when he suddenly dies of a brain aneurysm.

Appearances Edit

The Closer Edit

Season 6 Edit

  1. Executive Order
  2. High Crimes

Season 7 Edit

  1. Unknown Trouble

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