Tom Blanchard
Placeholder person
Vital statistics
Name Tom Blanchard
Role Lawyer
Gender Male
First Appearance Out of Focus
Final Appearance The Other Woman
Played by Ray Wise

Tom Blanchard is an arrogant lawyer who often smiles all the time and often represents celebrities.


He first appeared representing Whit Coleman who was a suspect in a murder investigation. He went to Deputy Chief Johnson's office and threatened to bring a harassment suit against them if they didn't leave Whit Coleman alone. This didn't affect Brenda and she continues to investigate Whit Coleman and later brings his body guard in and he goes with him. He tries to stop the bodyguard but he fires Tom and tells Brenda everything he knows about Whit Coleman's affair with Jose.

He is later hired by Will Pope to defend Brenda during a deposition for Pope's divorce proceeding when they discover their affair. He questions her and she reveals the gift Pope gave her and she never opened it. She gives it to him and he sees it but doesn't tell her what it it. During the deposition Tom turns the opposing lawyer's questions against her by saying that Pope didn't leave his wife for Brenda and never committed adultery like her client did. After it was over Brenda asked what the gift was but he refused to tell, loving how the not knowing was torturing her.

Blanchard's ClientsEdit

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