Title Thick as Thieves
Series Major Crimes
Season 4
Episode 16
Airdate December 7, 2015
Viewers million
Written by Kendall Sherwood
Directed by Jon Tenny
Previous episode The Jumping Off Point
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With Flynn on desk duty as he recovers from injuries, Sharon and the team investigate the murder of a fugitive diamond thief whose body was found by his bail bondsmen. Rusty is put in a tight spot when his relationship with Slider is discovered by Marianna's brother.

The VictimEdit

  • Cory Hewett
    • 20 years old.
    • Has a record for petty theft including hotwiring a car and shaking down a vending machine.
    • Robbed a jeweler for three million dollars in diamonds and was caught.
    • Refused to identify his accomplice.
    • Had a one million dollar bail bond.
    • Found murdered a week after he was bailed out in an abandoned house.

The SuspectsEdit

  • Selma Hewett
    • Cory's mother.
    • In a relationship with Avery Cook.
    • Accomplice of Cory and Avery in the diamond robbery.
  • Avery Cook
    • Con man with four known stolen identities.
    • In a relationship with Selma Hewett.
    • Planned the diamond heist and executed it with Cory Hewett.
    • Seduced and used Dolly Bowen to get the information used in the robbery.
    • Was buying a used car in Morro Bay at the time of the murder.
  • Carmen Tamayo
    • Bail bondsman that has bailed Cory Hewett out several times.
    • Found Cory's body in an abandoned house belonging to a man she bailed out.
    • Was given two of the diamonds from the robbery to pay for bail by Selma Hewett.
    • Abducted Cory Hewett, forced him to give up the location of the diamonds and murdered Cory.
    • Got around two million dollars from selling the stolen diamonds.


Closing the CaseEdit

By running the phone number Cory called when he got out of jail, the detectives find that he contacted a man named Bryce Fowler. However, Bryce died a long time ago at the age of six and only recently resurfaced to get an Oregon's driver's license. The detectives realize that Cory's accomplice is not only a diamond thief but an identity thief as well. By running the fingerprint Bryce supplied for his Oregon driver's license, they discover that Bryce is connected to three more fake identities, all under investigation for various cons.

Sharon notes that while Bryce has committed various crimes, violence is not one of them. However, Provenza points out that three million dollars would be a great motivator. Sharon decides that despite it being a long shot, they will check to see if any of the fake identities are currently active in the LA area. Sykes offers to do so while Sharon orders Julio to see if Selma Hewett recognizes the man. Selma is surprised to see that the man has four identities and that he is presumably Cory's accomplice in the diamond robbery, but claims not to know the man.

After searching through Bryce identities, Sykes finds something: a missing person's report filed four weeks before for the Marvin Niel identity in LA by Dolly Bowen. However, she withdrew the missing person's report just three days after filling it which is why it didn't come up in their initial search.

Called in for questioning, Dolly tells Provenza and Tao that Marvin lied to her and stole from her so they parted on less than amicable terms. Dolly explains that Marvin as she knew him was staying at the hotel where she works as a concierge and wining and dinning investors and they met four months before. Upon prompting, Dolly explains that Marvin claimed he was opening a restaurant and she started going out with him. Using what she now figures is warmed up take-out from a nearby French place, Marvin had Dolly convinced he really was opening a restaurant and she even invested $20,000 and created a business plan for Marvin.

Dolly admits that while in bed with Marvin, she let it slip about the jeweler and his car service just before the robbery. She filed the missing person's report while she was still concerned for Marvin, but finally put the truth together when the police came to the hotel asking about the robbery. Worried that her bosses could find out and that she would get blackballed from the concierge service, Dolly quickly withdrew her missing person's report. Dolly searched for Marvin, but his phone number had been disconnected and he wasn't at the restaurant he had supposedly been trying to open. After realizing that there is an actual physical location for the restaurant, Provenza has Dolly tell them where it is and Sharon orders Sykes, Julio and Buzz to check it out even though Marvin is probably long gone.

Outside of the restaurant, the detectives hear smashing noises. Entering, they find Selma Hewett, Cory's mother smashing a hole in the wall. She is ordered to drop her sledge hammer at gunpoint and Julio questions Selma on what she is apparently looking for.

In interrogation, Sharon and Provenza angrily confront Selma. They accuse her of planning for her son to commit the jewelry robbery and then killing him for getting caught. Although initially silent, Selma speaks up after Provenza tells her that its felony murder if Cory died as a result of her "get rich quick scheme." Selma finally bursts out that it was never about getting rich and that she's not the kind of mother that would trade her son for money. When Sharon questions why Selma was looking for the diamonds instead of the man who murdered her son, Selma explodes that it was because she had to be sure. When asked what she had to be sure about, Selma tells them that she had to "be sure he killed Cory! I had to be sure that he had stolen the diamonds! I had to be sure that I wasn't another mark to him! That he didn't love me! I mean my God I trusted him and my son is dead because of it!"

Sharon realizes that Selma and "missing Marvin" were together. Selma states that Marvin's real name is Avery Cook and she has been in a relationship with Avery for over a year. Upon being prompted, Selma confirms that she, Avery and Cory were all in on the robbery together. Selma explains that the robbery was all Avery's idea and she guesses Avery was just using them but is shocked that "we didn't see him coming." "Words on Mr. Avery's tombstone: they never saw me coming," quips Sykes. After Cory's disappearance, Avery claimed that he visited the stash spot and found the diamonds gone. Avery had claimed that Cory ran off with the diamonds and left Selma and Avery with $900,000 of bail to make up for.

Watching the interrogation, Buzz notes that he actually feels kind of bad for Selma. Looking up the name Selma gave them, Julio states that if Avery Cook is his real name, Avery is from Camden, New Jersey. Selma now believes that Avery killed Cory and took the diamonds for himself. While Selma suggests that Avery is halfway around the world with a new identity, she tells them that for what its worth, Avery is supposed to be at the Affiliate Motel in Burbank under his Marvin Niel alias. Selma was supposed to wait at home in case Cory called and Avery had told her not to call and not to show up. Selma was supposed to be ready for all of them to go as soon as she found Cory. Crying, Selma realizes that "he probably just wanted a huge head start." Sharon has Selma write it all down while Tao sends Julio and Sykes to the motel to see if they can find Avery. Tao promises to get them a warrant en route and warns them to go "quietly" in case Avery is out so that they can ambush Avery when he returns.

The detectives are able to find and arrest Avery Cook at the motel. As he's brought to Major Crimes, Avery proclaims his innocence in the diamond robbery, claiming that Selma is just trying to protect her son who Avery states is "a great kid." Avery is placed in an interrogation room with Sharon and Sykes with Provenza noticing that Avery thinks it will be easy for him since he is talking to two women. Avery tries to talk his way out of the robbery, attempting to blame Selma while at the same time not denying that he was a part of it. Avery calls his planning of the robbery not a lie but "a huge exaggeration." Avery claims that he talked about his "friend" Dolly's work over dinner, including arranging the limo service for the jeweler that Cory robbed. Avery continues to try to claim that Cory took his "anecdote" and ran with it in a way that Avery never expected.

Sykes tells Avery that they have already met Dolly who thought that she and Avery were romantically involved. Sharon brings up how Dolly told them that Avery tricked her out of $20,000 and then disappeared. Avery states that he didn't disappear and after a moment to invent a story, claims that Dolly told him that she had "these feelings" and he didn't know what to say so he was just giving Dolly some space and was never planning on taking Dolly's money. Avery claims to feel bad about Dolly, so Sykes tells him he must also feel bad about all the identities he's stolen and all of the other women he's conned out of their money.

After another moment to think, Avery suggests that they not dwell on the past and he can probably help them find where Cory has run to. "He's not running. He's dead," Sharon informs Avery. Avery refuses to believe that Cory is dead and thinks that Cory took the diamonds, skipped town and that they are trying to trick him. Sharon points out that Avery would likely recognize if they were trying to con him and passes Avery a picture of Cory's dead body.

His entire demeanor changing, Avery asks why someone would kill Cory and Sharon and Sykes suggest that it was for the three million dollars in diamonds and to stop Cory from naming Avery as his accomplice. Realizing that they suspect him as the killer, Avery insists that he never harmed Cory and had been looking all over for him. Avery acknowledges that Cory called him as soon as he got out of jail, but that was because Avery, Cory and Selma were all planning to flee to Canada with new identities and a clean car. Before they could, Cory skipped bail and disappeared, apparently with the diamonds. Avery tells them that when Cory called him after Selma put up the bond, Avery was at a used car dealership in Morro Bay buying a pre-owned Buick Regal. Avery insists that he's telling the truth and Sharon signals Sykes to check Avery's story out.

After checking out Avery's story, Flynn tells the other detectives that Avery may not be telling the complete truth, but he's also not lying. Avery is confirmed to have been buying the used car in Morro Bay in cash at the same time that Cory was released. Avery drove the car back from Morro Bay and checked into the Affiliate Motel, but Cory was already dead by this point according to their timeline. Sharon and Provenza realize that someone may have managed to "con the con men" and the police. Sharon admits that she is starting to wonder about the house where Cory's body was found and the prisoner who owns it.

The next morning, the detectives go over their suspects, attempting to determine who could've killed Cory. Cory's murder must've happened between the time Selma dropped him off and when she returned home from work to find Cory gone. Selma couldn't have committed the murder during that time as her coworkers all confirm she was at work that day. Avery was also hours away and could only have gotten back in time by flying. However, they know for a fact that Avery drove the Buick he bought back from Morro Bay, ruling Avery out as the killer. While Dolly Bowen knew about the stolen diamonds and knew Avery, she contacted Missing Persons', making it unlikely she was involved in Cory's murder.

On Sharon's prompting, Julio reveals that the owner of the house Cory's body was found in belongs to Jose Vasquez, a man locked up for the past two years on vehicular manslaughter. Jose won't get out until 2018 and has no criminal connections to Cory, Selma or Avery and his various identities. Jose also has no social media connections to any of the three. "So how our killer knew that he could leave Cory's body in Vasquez's basement while Cory's wrecked car is in the driveway for all to see... is hard to figure out," notes Provenza. Sharon admits that she thinks that Selma can explain it and states that they should look into Jose's finance as they might need them to make a deal.

Sykes and Flynn inform a greatly relieved Selma that Avery Cook did not kill her son. However, they still have to find her son's real killer. Sykes tells Selma that the DA's office has agreed to knock down the charges against Selma to aiding and abetting in the robbery if she will answer one question truthfully. They assure Selma that it will allow them to find Cory's killer, but only if she answers them truthfully. Flynn reminds Selma that after everything she has been through, the person who killed Cory will walk away with the diamonds as well.

Selma agrees to cooperate and Sykes asks how she was able to pay Cory's bail. Selma's house is "mortgaged to the hilt", she has less than $10,000 in the bank and Selma not only didn't sell her car, Avery bought them another one. Selma asks if Avery will get a reduced charge too, but Flynn admits that he won't. However, Selma will be able to visit Avery wherever he ends up and Flynn promises that she can even talk to Avery when they are done with her. However, this is all contingent on Selma answering their question truthfully.

Agreeing to cooperate, Selma explains that she tried to give her house as collateral to bail bondsman Carmen Tamayo. However, Carmen stated that the bail was too high this time and Selma grew desperate as Cory was going to go away to jail for years and the robbery was her and Avery's idea. Without Avery's knowledge, Selma took a few of the diamonds from the robbery. As she didn't know how to sell the diamonds, Selma put them into a chocolate candy box and gave the diamonds to Carmen in lieu of the bail she owed. "Cory didn't just fall into a bad crowd, he was born into one," observes Provenza. Tao brings Sharon the news that she was right: before his trial, Jose Vasquez was released on bail after putting his house up for collateral.

Sharon and Tao bring Carmen in for interrogation. Carmen, who had also put up the bail for Jose Vasquez, claims not to remember Jose and that a lot of her clients put up their houses as collateral. Carmen calls people's houses as her favorite form of guarantee next to cash. When Carmen wonders if she needs her very expensive lawyer, Sharon questions if Carmen wants to invoke her rights or see what the police have. Carmen agrees to see what they have first and then go from there.

Tao puts a bag on the table and removes what he describes as about two million dollars in cash from it. The police had removed it from Carmen's office safe after serving a search warrant while she was waiting to talk to the detectives. "Two million dollars is a lot of money, even for someone in your profession to keep in a work safe," notes Sharon. They also recovered the chocolate box Selma stated she gave Carmen some of the stolen diamonds in. The box has both Selma and Carmen's fingerprints on it.

Sharon and Tao lay out their theory of Cory's murder: Selma gave Carmen two of the stolen diamonds to bail her son out of jail. Carmen knew where the diamonds came from, why Cory was in jail and where Cory and Selma lived from using Selma's house as collateral in a previous time she bailed Cory out of jail. After Selma left for work, Carmen went to her house, knocked on the door and forced Cory at gunpoint to take her to the rest of the stolen diamonds in his damaged car.

Carmen claims that she never saw Cory again until she found Cory's body after he missed court by following the tracking device on his car. Sharon points out that the tracking device led Carmen to a house "your favorite guarantee" for a bail Carmen had funded three years before. Carmen continues to insist that she doesn't remember Jose Vasquez and points out that she is the one that called the police about Cory's body in the first place. Sharon reminds Carmen that if they hadn't found Cory's body, Carmen would be out a million dollars in bail. "You must've been really irritated when no one else noticed Cory's vehicle from the robbery parked in plain sight," notes Tao.

Carmen admits that she appreciates all of the work that goes into scaring someone into confessing to a crime that they didn't commit and that she sees "a lot of shadows of doubt in this pile of circumstantial crap." As a result, Carmen asks for her lawyer. While Sykes is disappointed, Provenza reassures Sykes that they still have a move left. Sharon agrees, stating that she hopes Carmen has another way to pay for her very expensive lawyer. Sharon then orders Tao to book the cash into evidence. Carmen's employee Eddie has given the police a statement suggesting that the cash is the proceeds of illegal sales so they are seizing it.

Carmen insists that the two million dollars is operating cash for her business. "Eddie disagrees. He not only remembered Jose Vasquez, he also recalls all the high-end jewel thieves and fences you've bailed out over the years. And in the past week you've met with two of them even though they're not in jail or facing trial. And you recently misplaced your gun, which I bet we will find along with the diamonds," states Tao.

Carmen agrees to revoke her rights again and asks what will get her out of trouble. Sharon tells Carmen that if she brings in her lawyer, DDA Hobbs has cleared her for a deal of murder two with a parole date. Tao and Sharon further state that it depends on Carmen telling them who she sold the diamonds to. If they have to find out on her own "then your sentence could end with a drug cocktail." Carmen tells them that she wants her lawyer and the offer in writing "and then we'll see." Provenza notes that Carmen appears to have agreed to the deal they offered her.

"Who even cared about Cory Hewett?! He was.. he was scum!" yells an enraged Carmen. "I think you'll be surprised to know that there are a couple of con artists who care about Cory very, very much." Carmen dismisses Selma and Avery as "criminals and possible fugitives" that were about to take Cory and skip town on her. "Takes one to know one," mocks Tao as he leaves with the money. Sharon promises to personally see to it that Carmen is held without bond.

Sharon later tells Flynn and Julio that Carmen's lawyer is helping her make a statement of facts in exchange for a deal of second degree murder and a parole hearing in twenty years.

Guest CastEdit


  • Zac Badasci as Cory
  • Leslie Thurston as Bailiff
  • Jennifer Jalene as Court Clerk



Episode NotesEdit

Buzz WatsonEdit

  • Buzz Watson states that he is now going for Reserve Detective, not just Reserve Officer. Buzz has become a Reserve Detective by the time of season 6's “Sanctuary City, Part 1”.

The Other Side of the CoinEdit

  • Rusty is left with a moral dilemma as Gus is flown in by Hobbs for Slider's trial in the murder of Mariana Wallace. He knows that Gus will think he's there for Mariana's sake while Slider will think Rusty is there for him. Rusty is worried Slider will wave at him as he did the day before and Gus will see it. When Sharon asks whether Gus has kept up with Identity, Rusty admits he doesn't know and has only "mostly" texted Gus back when Gus texted him. Sharon suggests that Rusty wait for Gus before the trial resumes and catch him up on everything.
  • Gus testifies at the trial about how Mariana had run away from the shelter in Las Vegas before he got there, but as she was given a prepaid cell phone by the church she ran away from, he was able to call her and try to get her to get their family back together. He explains about how when Mariana learned he visited the shelter, she ran away to Los Angeles where she was murdered, glaring at Slider as he states this. Slider's attorney, Bobby Munroe brings up how Gus comes from a violent family and has a criminal history, implying that Gus may have killed Mariana himself as he doesn't remember the day of her murder. However, when he goes too far with his questions, Judge Grove shuts him down. Hobbs questions Gus on the breaking and entering and assault with a deadly weapon charges and Gus explains that after his mother tried to tell him where she'd left Mariana and Paloma, his step-father pushed him out the door and started beating his mother. Gus had broken in and attacked his step-father with a cutting board to save his mother. As Rusty listens to Gus' testimony, he is shown to be conflicted while Gus' story about breaking the law to save his mother gains sympathy from everyone including Judge Grove, Hobbs and Munroe.
  • During a break in the trial, Gus approaches Rusty and thanks him for being there, having believed Rusty had moved on with his life. Rusty just tells Gus he's still "very involved," not telling him about his connection to Slider. Rusty claims he's bad with his phone and that's why he never responded to Gus who believes his texts may have been a little "forward." Rusty agrees to let Gus sit with him and discreetly waves back when Slider waves at him, unnoticed by Gus.
  • Andy is called to testify by Hobbs who questions him about Justine Pinkman's testimony that she witnessed Slider start drowning Mariana in a swimming pool. Andy testifies that the police found a little barrette in Mariana's hair and a matching one in the pool skimmer of the pool where she was drowned. When asked if a minute, as Justine described, would be enough for Mariana to have drowned, Andy says yes and demonstrates just how long ten seconds would be and states the multiplying it by six would be how long Mariana would've been held underwater, unable to breathe. Hobbs points out its also how long Slider had to change his mind, causing Munroe to object. Listening to Andy's testimony on his sister's murder, Gus starts crying and takes Rusty's hand to Rusty's shock.
  • The next morning, Sharon asks Rusty about the trial and he tells her that after Andy's testimony, he's sure the jury will convict Slider, but is unsure if they will be unanimous about the death penalty. When asked how he'd vote, Rusty tells Sharon he'd go for life in prison, not because he thinks Slider deserves to live, but because he wants it all to be over and knows Bobby Munroe would appeal a death sentence. When Sharon asks, Rusty admits he hasn't told Gus yet and Sharon questions whether Rusty hasn't told Gus because Rusty doesn't want to be friends with him. Rusty tells Sharon he feels bad enough about everything already, but Sharon is angry, telling him that without Gus he never would've identified Mariana and is now ignoring him because its inconvenient. Sharon tells Rusty that its not a good way to maintain a serious relationship and Rusty promises to tell Gus about his story on Slider while they wait for the jury to come back.
  • While closing their case, Andy gets a text that the jury is coming back, surprising everyone with the speed of their decision. Andy rushes to the courthouse and after the case is closed, so does the rest of the squad. Rusty tells Sharon he hasn't gotten the chance to tell Gus yet but will after the verdict. Slider is found guilty of every crime he was charged with to Gus' relief and Slider's shock. Judge Grove cautions the jury not to speak to anyone about the trial until a sentence has been passed and sets a date for the penalty phase of the trial. Seeing this, Rusty tells Sharon he understands why she likes deals: with trials, it just goes on and on.
  • Rusty goes to tell Gus the truth finally. Gus tells him that he was relieved by the verdict for a second, but it still won't bring Mariana back and its not over yet. Andy reassures him that the jury will do the right thing and Julio tells him he can get on with his life now. As Rusty goes to tell Gus the truth, Munroe serves him with a subpoena to testify on Slider's behalf. Rusty points out that their deal was that Munroe can't call him for the trial, but Munroe tells him that the trial is over and he's calling Rusty for sentencing. Munroe wants Rusty to talk about his relationship with Slider so that the jury will see him as a person. Gus is shocked by this news, demanding to know what Munroe means by relationship. Rusty tells him he will explain in a second and its not what it sounds like before asking what he could possibly say to help Slider. Munroe tells Rusty that he can talk about Slider's childhood, his inability to read and his disconnected view of reality. Munroe tells Rusty that Rusty is Slider's only friend on Earth and he has no choice but to testify anyway. Gus is left enraged by the news that Rusty is Slider's friend, having believed Rusty was there for him and Mariana, not Slider. Telling Rusty that Rusty really had him fooled, Gus storms out. Upset, Rusty asks Sharon what he's going to do and she tells him he will be a witness for Slider's defense.

Andy's HealthEdit

  • While still on desk duty, Andy has now moved back into his own place and insists he's ready to go back into the field. However, his doctor doesn't agree so he's stuck on desk duty.

Gus and RustyEdit

  • Rusty has avoided speaking to Gus since he is doing a story on Slider and hasn't told him. He promises Sharon to tell Gus the truth, but repeatedly avoids it leading Sharon to accuse him of dumping Gus' friendship now that its no longer convenient and tells him its not a good way to maintain serious relationships.
  • During the trial, Gus approaches Rusty and thanks him for being there, having believed Rusty had moved on as he hadn't spoken to him in so long. Rusty assures Gus that he's still involved, but neglects to tell him about his connection to Slider. Gus suggests that Rusty was really busy with college and his texts may have been "too forward", but Rusty lies that he's bad with his phone. Rusty allows Gus to sit with him during the trial and during Andy's testimony about Mariana's death, a visibly emotional Gus takes Rusty's hand to Rusty's visible discomfort.
  • After the trial, Rusty finally attempts to tell Gus the truth, but Bobby Munroe interrupts them to serve Rusty to testify in Slider's defense and Gus is left enraged, believing Rusty had fooled him and was not the good guy he'd believed.


  • The missing persons' report on "Marvin Niel" is stated to have been filed four weeks before the episode began and then pulled three days later. Dolly Bowen states that she filed it and then pulled it when she realized Marvin was involved in the robbery. However, the robbery was two weeks before, not four.


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