Title Thick as Thieves
Series Major Crimes
Season 4
Episode 16
Airdate December 7, 2015
Viewers million
Written by Kendall Sherwood
Directed by Jon Tenny
Previous episode The Jumping Off Point
Next episode #FindKaylaWeber
Episode list Season 4

With Flynn on desk duty as he recovers from injuries, Sharon and the team investigate the murder of a fugitive diamond thief whose body was found by his bail bondsmen. Rusty is put in a tight spot when his relationship with Slider is discovered by Marianna's brother.

The VictimEdit

The SuspectsEdit


Closing the CaseEdit

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Episode NotesEdit

  • Buzz Watson states that he is now going for Reserve Detective, not just Reserve Officer anymore.

The Other Side of the CoinEdit

  • Rusty is left with a moral dilemma as Gus is flown in by Hobbs for Slider's trial in the murder of Mariana Wallace. He knows that Gus will think he's there for Mariana's sake while Slider will think Rusty is there for him. Rusty is worried Slider will wave at him as he did the day before and Gus will see it. When Sharon asks whether Gus has kept up with Identity, Rusty admits he doesn't know and has only "mostly" texted Gus back when Gus texted him. Sharon suggests that Rusty wait for Gus before the trial resumes and catch him up on everything.
  • Gus testifies at the trial about how Mariana had run away from the shelter in Las Vegas before he got there, but as she was given a prepaid cell phone by the church she ran away from, he was able to call her and try to get her to get their family back together. He explains about how when Mariana learned he visited the shelter, she ran away to Los Angeles where she was murdered, glaring at Slider as he states this. Slider's attorney, Bobby Munroe brings up how Gus comes from a violent family and has a criminal history, implying that Gus may have killed Mariana himself as he doesn't remember the day of her murder. However, when he goes too far with his questions, Judge Grove shuts him down. Hobbs questions Gus on the breaking and entering and assault with a deadly weapon charges and Gus explains that after his mother tried to tell him where she'd left Mariana and Paloma, his step-father pushed him out the door and started beating his mother. Gus had broken in and attacked his step-father with a cutting board to save his mother. As Rusty listens to Gus' testimony, he is shown to be conflicted while Gus' story about breaking the law to save his mother gains sympathy from everyone including Judge Grove, Hobbs and Munroe.
  • During a break in the trial, Gus approaches Rusty and thanks him for being there, having believed Rusty had moved on with his life. Rusty just tells Gus he's still "very involved," not telling him about his connection to Slider. Rusty claims he's bad with his phone and that's why he never responded to Gus who believes his texts may have been a little "forward." Rusty agrees to let Gus sit with him and discreetly waves back when Slider waves at him, unnoticed by Gus.
  • Andy is called to testify by Hobbs who questions him about Justine Pinkman's testimony that she witnessed Slider start drowning Mariana in a swimming pool. Andy testifies that the police found a little barrette in Mariana's hair and a matching one in the pool skimmer of the pool where she was drowned. When asked if a minute, as Justine described, would be enough for Mariana to have drowned, Andy says yes and demonstrates just how long ten seconds would be and states the multiplying it by six would be how long Mariana would've been held underwater, unable to breathe. Hobbs points out its also how long Slider had to change his mind, causing Munroe to object. Listening to Andy's testimony on his sister's murder, Gus starts crying and takes Rusty's hand to Rusty's shock.
  • The next morning, Sharon asks Rusty about the trial and he tells her that after Andy's testimony, he's sure the jury will convict Slider, but is unsure if they will be unanimous about the death penalty. When asked how he'd vote, Rusty tells Sharon he'd go for life in prison, not because he thinks Slider deserves to live, but because he wants it all to be over and knows Bobby Munroe would appeal a death sentence. When Sharon asks, Rusty admits he hasn't told Gus yet and Sharon questions whether Rusty hasn't told Gus because Rusty doesn't want to be friends with him. Rusty tells Sharon he feels bad enough about everything already, but Sharon is angry, telling him that without Gus he never would've identified Mariana and is now ignoring him because its inconvenient. Sharon tells Rusty that its not a good way to maintain a serious relationship and Rusty promises to tell Gus about his story on Slider while they wait for the jury to come back.
  • While closing their case, Andy gets a text that the jury is coming back, surprising everyone with the speed of their decision. Andy rushes to the courthouse and after the case is closed, so does the rest of the squad. Rusty tells Sharon he hasn't gotten the chance to tell Gus yet but will after the verdict. Slider is found guilty of every crime he was charged with to Gus' relief and Slider's shock. Judge Grove cautions the jury not to speak to anyone about the trial until a sentence has been passed and sets a date for the penalty phase of the trial. Seeing this, Rusty tells Sharon he understands why she likes deals: with trials, it just goes on and on.
  • Rusty goes to tell Gus the truth finally. Gus tells him that he was relieved by the verdict for a second, but it still won't bring Mariana back and its not over yet. Andy reassures him that the jury will do the right thing and Julio tells him he can get on with his life now. As Rusty goes to tell Gus the truth, Munroe serves him with a subpoena to testify on Slider's behalf. Rusty points out that their deal was that Munroe can't call him for the trial, but Munroe tells him that the trial is over and he's calling Rusty for sentencing. Munroe wants Rusty to talk about his relationship with Slider so that the jury will see him as a person. Gus is shocked by this news, demanding to know what Munroe means by relationship. Rusty tells him he will explain in a second and its not what it sounds like before asking what he could possibly say to help Slider. Munroe tells Rusty that he can talk about Slider's childhood, his inability to read and his disconnected view of reality. Munroe tells Rusty that Rusty is Slider's only friend on Earth and he has no choice but to testify anyway. Gus is left enraged by the news that Rusty is Slider's friend, having believed Rusty was there for him and Mariana, not Slider. Telling Rusty that Rusty really had him fooled, Gus storms out. Upset, Rusty asks Sharon what he's going to do and she tells him he will be a witness for Slider's defense.

Andy's HealthEdit

  • While still on desk duty, Andy has now moved back into his own place and insists he's ready to go back into the field. However, his doctor doesn't agree so he's stuck on desk duty.

Gus and RustyEdit

  • Rusty has avoided speaking to Gus since he is doing a story on Slider and hasn't told him. He promises Sharon to tell Gus the truth, but repeatedly avoids it leading Sharon to accuse him of dumping Gus' friendship now that its no longer convenient and tells him its not a good way to maintain serious relationships.
  • During the trial, Gus approaches Rusty and thanks him for being there, having believed Rusty had moved on as he hadn't spoken to him in so long. Rusty assures Gus that he's still involved, but neglects to tell him about his connection to Slider. Gus suggests that Rusty was really busy with college and his texts may have been "too forward", but Rusty lies that he's bad with his phone. Rusty allows Gus to sit with him during the trial and during Andy's testimony about Mariana's death, a visibly emotional Gus takes Rusty's hand to Rusty's visible discomfort.
  • After the trial, Rusty finally attempts to tell Gus the truth, but Bobby Munroe interrupts them to serve Rusty to testify in Slider's defense and Gus is left enraged, believing Rusty had fooled him and was not the good guy he'd believed.


Episode MediaEdit

The Other Side of the Coin Pt03:46

The Other Side of the Coin Pt. 6

Identity by Rusty Beck

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