Title The Shame Game
Series Major Crimes
Season 1
Episode 7
Airdate September 24, 2012
Viewers 4.30 million
Written by Leo Geter
Directed by Leo Geter
Previous episode Out of Bounds
Next episode Dismissed with Prejudice
Episode list Season 1

The squad investigates a murder that has political connections. Rusty must deal with the appearance of his biological father who he doesn't want to see.

The VictimEdit

  • Derek Hansen

The SuspectsEdit

  • Charles Alvarez
  • John Jacob Felton


Closing the CaseEdit

Morales determines that the injuries on Derek were done professionally and were all fatal causing Tao and Flynn to question Derek's friend Lieutenant Angel Hayes about her connection to Derek, figuring that a soldier would have the skills to commit the murder in that way. Hayes cooperates and reveals that Derek asked her to look up someone's service record but thought their rank was Captain instead of Lieutenant. The officer was John Jacob Felton, Senator McAustin's Chief of Staff who Derek had told Hayes he wanted to help lobby the Senator for more funding for Shannon House. Checking Felton's resume, they discover that he did lie about his rank which is considered unacceptable by politicians and could've caused him serious trouble if he was exposed. Checking Derek's emails, Tao learns that Felton told Derek that he would only be able to get half of the funding he wanted for Shannon House due to budgetary issues and they figure that since Derek refused to compromise, he wanted to find something on Felton to force him to help. He found Felton's lie and Felton murdered him to cover up the secret. However, as Assistant Chief Taylor has let Felton observe the investigation, he knows they have no physical evidence tying him to the crime scene. Raydor and Provenza realize that Elena lied to them about not speaking English so maybe she knows more than she's let on and interrogate her with Felton watching and still believing they are looking at her pimp for the murder. When Flynn speaks to Elena, she confirms that Derek never tried to molest her, she came to him for help after seeing normal girls and being reminded of the life she once had. Before she can explain more, Flynn purposefully shuts off the video feed the others are watching and confirms with Elena that she will tell the story that they came up with when he turns the camera back on. As they are taking care of her pimp, Elena is happy to help. After Buzz pretends to fix the problem, Flynn switches back on the cameras and Elena claims that she saw the killer enter the house and leave as well as his car and describes Felton. She also heard his name: John Jacob. Realizing that he's going to be caught, Felton tries to fake a phone call and leave but is stopped by the squad who confront him over the murder. Felton quickly tries to claim that Elena is lying and that she killed Derek, but Raydor points out the fact that she wouldn't have had the skills necessary to commit the murder while Felton, as a former infantry officer would've. Unable to escape, Felton collapses and DDA Hobbs offers him a deal of murder two, thirty years. If he refuses, she threatens to go to murder one and the death penalty. While Felton tries to claim that he won't be executed, Taylor points out that after several years on death row, things may change and he could be. Felton takes the deal and agrees to write out in detail how and why he committed the murder.

Guest CastEdit

  • David Naughton as State Senator McAustin
  • Ray Santiago as Charles Alvarez
  • Colby French as John Jacob Felton
  • Rose Portillo as Marisol Peña
  • Marielle Young as Elena aka "Little Elena"
  • Jon Wellner as Public Defender Willis
  • Cherise Boothe as Lt. Angel Hayes, US Army
  • John Pollono as Derek Hansen



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