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Thanks for tuning in for the Major Crimes, Season 5 finale, Shockwave, Part 2, on Wednesday, April 12, 2017!

We'll see you when Major Crimes returns for Season 6!


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Shockwave, Part 2
Broadcast date: April 12, 2017
Season Finale. After discovering the identity of the bomber the division has been searching for, the Major Crimes Division struggles to determine his next target as Major Crimes heads for an explosive season finale. -- READ MORE

Season 6 premiere
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Major Crimes S5 Winter Promo

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Kyra SedgwickMary McDonnellJK SimmonsRobert GossettLeonard RobertsJon TenneyGW BaileyAnthony DenisonMichael Paul ChanCorey ReynoldsRaymond CruzGina RaveraKearran GiovanniDaniel DiTomassoJessica MerazPhillip P. KeeneGraham Patrick MartinJonathan Del ArcoKathe MazurRansford Doherty

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5/15/17 - Jessica Meraz casted as a series regular for Season 6 of Major Crimes

Chasing Life star Jessica Meraz has been casted as a series regular for Season 6. Meraz will play Det. Camila Paige, who’s still recovering financially from having to raise all five of her younger siblings after the death of her parents in a car accident almost fifteen years ago. A favorite of Chief Mason, she made a name for herself inside Criminal Intelligence before her transfer to Missing Persons. She has a personal relationship with Lt. Provenza from before her time on the LAPD.

2/16/17 - Major Crimes Season 5 DVD

Warner Bros Home Entertainment has announced that Major Crimes: The Complete Fifth Season will be released on DVD on May 30, 2017. Featuring all 21 episodes of the fifth season, plus DVD extras including deleted scenes and the ever-popular gag reel.

1/18/17 - Major Crimes Renewed for Season 6

TNT has renewed Major Crimes for it's sixth season with 13 new episodes, although in past seasons, this order has been increased, so this may also happen again for Season 6. Season 6 will also welcome Major Crimes' 100th episode, a welcome milestone for the series.

12/20/16 - Major Crimes Returns for Winter Season on Wednesday, February 22, at 9 pm!.

This winter, the squad moves inexorably to fill the vacant post of Assistant Chief that Fritz Howard has been occupying on a temporary basis. Along the way, Sanchez tries once again to become a father; Flynn and Sharon move closer toward the path to matrimony; Provenza considers retirement; Rusty interns for DDA Hobbs as he looks toward attending law school when he graduates from UCLA; Buzz attempts to help out the family of the man who murdered his father; Sykes confronts an old foe, Mark Hickman; Lt. Mike Tao is instrumental in solving a case dealing with plastic explosives; and Dr. Morales joins the squad for the entire investigation of a very personal mystery.

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