Title The Jumping Off Point
Series Major Crimes
Season 4
Episode 15
Airdate November 30, 2015
Viewers million
Written by Leo Geter & Michaela Zara
Directed by Nzingha Stewart
Previous episode Taking the Fall
Next episode Thick as Thieves
Episode list Season 4

Sharon and the team investigate the murder of a young man pushed off the top of a parking structure who was somehow able to afford a high-end apartment without any visible means of support. Meanwhile, Lt. Andy Flynn suffers through the ministrations of an overly cheerful physical therapist.

The VictimEdit

The SuspectsEdit


Closing the CaseEdit

Guest CastEdit



Episode NotesEdit

  • Rusty's past as a teenage prostitute is briefly touched upon by his instantly recognizing the site the victim used and his knowledge of it. He is also shown to be uncomfortable with the reminder of his past.

The Other Side of the CoinEdit

  • Rusty visits Slider, now going by Greg once more in prison at his request. The two discuss Greg's interview and how he came off in it before Greg asks if Rusty will be at his trial. Rusty confirms it as he is covering Greg's story causing Greg to ask if he can wave to Rusty and Rusty will wave back which Rusty, surprised by this, agrees. Greg admits that he doesn't have anyone who will be there for him besides Rusty and Rusty caring about him like that means a lot to him. Rusty is left stunned at this revelation.

Andy's HealthEdit

  • Andy continues his recovery from his successful surgery, doing breathing treatments and therapy though he remains dizzy. He later calls Provenza, believing that his hair is falling out. Provenza refuses to come see him, telling Andy that Patrice will be there in about an hour and not to irritate her. Provenza tells Sharon he believes Andy is doing much better, but Sharon believes Andy is a bit depressed. Provenza reassures her that Patrice will take care of it.
  • Patrice visits Andy who has been trying to diagnose himself online and fears his dizziness may indicate a coming stroke. Patrice tells him he needs to stop diagnosing himself online and his dizziness is likely from the pillows he's using. Giving Andy a shake she created for him, Patrice checks Andy's chart and finds that his clot is completely gone following the surgery and the DNR Provenza signed. Patrice jokingly asks if someone is trying to kill him and when informed that Provenza did it, the two joke about how Provenza is not a very good caregiver. Patrice checks Andy's pulse while discussing Provenza and informs him that he's improving and could possibly go home the next day. Andy shows reluctance to go home with Sharon, but Patrice tells him that his only other option is to go to a convalescent center for at least another week. Andy then lets slip that Provenza wants to propose to Patrice and quickly changes the subject when she questions him on it.
  • The next day, Sharon and Rusty visit Andy who has not gotten dizzy and can leave if he can maintain his balance for the rest of the day. While Andy jokes about being happy that he can turn in a circle without falling over, Rusty and Sharon tell him they are just happy that he's much better now. The two return that night to pick up Andy and inform him of the conclusion of their case. Andy agrees to go home with Sharon and cheers her up with jokes about how the case turned out while Rusty seems to be uncomfortable though he hides it.

Provenza and PatriceEdit

  • While talking to Andy about his health, Provenza asks Andy not to irritate Patrice as if he can get out of the station in time, "tonight's the night."
  • After being asked by Andy about how she puts up with Provenza, Patrice explains that her late husband was also a homicide cop who was better at taking care of strangers than those closest to him though she feels Provenza is improving. While speaking with Patrice, Andy lets slip that Provenza is planning on proposing. Patrice is shocked, realizing that the big dinner Provenza is planning is to propose. Andy claims he just inferred that and doesn't know for sure and quickly changes the subject.
  • When Andy informs Provenza of his slip-up, Provenza is angry with him as he wanted to surprise Patrice and not have Andy spoil it. Provenza then proceeds to avoid Patrice, using the murder to cancel their dinner, ignore her calls and not come home that night.
  • As Provenza cleans the murder board after the case is solved, Patrice arrives to tell him she remade their dinner reservations for that night and came to pick him up to save time. Provenza tries to claim he's busy with paperwork, but Patrice realizes that he's been avoiding her as Andy told him what he'd said to her about Provenza's plans. Provenza admits that he got nervous after Andy blurted out something he shouldn't have and she never addressed it. Patrice tells Provenza that she wasn't sure whether to take Andy seriously or not and that she's looking forward to the dinner she never got with him. She has prepared for it for that night and even set it up so that its in a place that would be perfect if the dinner turned out to be "memorable" for them. Provenza asks if she's ready for the "dinner" which Patrice tells him she definitely is if he still is. Patrice asks if Provenza still wants to go to the big dinner and he tells her "I do" before emphasizing it. The two then happily embrace.


Episode MediaEdit

The Other Side of the Coin Pt03:23

The Other Side of the Coin Pt. 5

Identity by Rusty Beck

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