Title The Ecstasy and the Agony
Series Major Crimes
Season 1
Episode 4
Airdate September 3, 2012
Viewers 5.87 million
Written by Adam Belanoff
Directed by Arvin Brown
Guests Michael Weatherly
Dylan Minette
Previous episode Medical Causes
Next episode Citizen's Arrest
Episode list Season 1

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The VictimEdit

  • Alon Strauss

The SuspectsEdit

  • Illya Blume
  • Thorn
  • Roma Strauss
  • Avi Strauss


  • Bullet that killed Alon
  • Thorn's screenplay
  • Argument between Thorn, Illya and Roma
  • Open peephole
  • Desert Eagle murder weapon

Closing the CaseEdit

After learning that Illya Blume has a Desert Eagle like the murder weapon, Raydor decides to bring him, Thorn and Alon's wife Roma together in the murder room and let them have it out in hopes that when they argue, they let something slip while at the same time, Julio and Sykes search Illya's house for the gun. During the argument, its revealed that Roma was having an affair with Thorn who was also sleeping with all of the wives in Illya's operation. However, Illya doesn't seem to be the killer and Julio and Sykes find his gun missing. Illya, Thorn and Roma are then interviewed separately and Roma admits she wanted a divorce from her husband to be with Thorn but it was ruined by them having to go into witness protection. Meanwhile, Thorn admits to the affairs but had no intention to be with Roma permanently. Illya claims no knowledge of the murder and when he mentions how Roma was at his house two weeks before, Tao finally realizes what about the murder scene had been bugging him and has Buzz pull up a picture to demonstrate it: the peephole in the victim's door was open meaning he recognized the killer and opened the door for them which he wouldn't have done for Illya as he wanted him dead for ratting him out to the FBI. The killer was someone Alon knew and trusted and Tao suggests it was one of his family and the gun is still in his house. As part of a plan, Tao and Sykes drive Roma and her 14 year old son Avi home and tell Roma they will be back with a warrant later to check to make sure the killer and the gun still aren't in the house. However, they really hide around the corner and monitor the house, believing the killer will try to get the gun out before they return. Sure enough, that night, Avi leaves, supposedly to go to a friend's house and is confronted by the squad outside after trying to run. Inside his backpack, they find the murder weapon. Avi confesses to murdering his father, explaining that he has a life in LA and his father's criminal activities were about to ruin it by forcing him into witness protection. He wanted to stay in LA with his friends and school. Raydor shows the confession to Roma and they offer her a deal: with the confession they can charge Avi with murder as an adult and send him to prison for life, however, if Roma tells them what she knows about the apparent murder of Alon's cousin Yossi Hersch by Illya and give them a good enough reason, they will charge Avi as a juvenile and he will be out of prison by the time he is 25. Roma tells them that after the viewing of one of the family's movies they make to cover up their drug trade, Illya confronted Yossi about a big scene that was missing from the movie. Yossi had spent all the money on clothes and he and Illya left in a car and Yossi never returned, presumably murdered. Roma agrees to testify to what she knows and tells them she believes Avi killed Alon to protect her from having to leave the life she built for a new one she hated. The FBI's drug bust goes down and Illya is arrested for his illegal drug activities and Yossi Hersch's murder. Meanwhile, Roma goes into witness protection and Avi to prison. While Thorn is cleared of all involvement, the FBI seize his screenplay as evidence as it contains information on the drug operation given to him by the company's wives. Provenza warns him that the people that have been arrested will want revenge on him for his part in their arrests and suggests he go find a new life with the $60,000 he has collected in a Latin American country which he agrees to somewhat reluctantly.

Guest CastEdit

  • Michael Weatherly as Arthur 'Thorn' Woodson
  • D.B. Sweeney as FBI Special Agent Morris
  • Necar Zadegan as Roma Strauss
  • Ivo Nandi as Ilya Blum
  • Dylan Minnette as Avi Strauss
  • Rob Nagle as Father



Episode NotesEdit

  • Actor Michael Weatherly is best known to audiences as "Very" Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo on NCIS.


Episode MediaEdit