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Theme and SynopsisEdit

Episode List: 2007 Edit

Image Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
175px Homewrecker James Duff & Mike Berchem Michael M. Robin June 18, 2007 #301

175px Grave Doubt John Coveny and Hunt Baldwin Arvin Brown June 25, 2007 #302

303 Saving Face Adam Belanoff Michael Pressman July 2, 2007 #303

304 Ruby Story by Mike Berchem
Teleplay by Steven Cane
Michael M. Robin July 9, 2007 #304

305 The Round File Michael Alaimo Greer Shephard July 16, 2007 #305

306 Dumb Luck Duppy Demetrius Elodie Keene July 23, 2007 #306

307 Four to Eight Ken Martin Arvin Brown July 30, 2007 #307

175px Manhunt James Duff & Mike Berchem Rick Wallace August 6, 2007 #308

175px Blindsided John Coveny & Hunt Baldwin Kevin Bacon August 13, 2007 #309

310 Culture Shock Adam Belanoff Elodie Keene August 20, 2007 #310

311 Lover's Leap Steven Kane Jesse Bochco August 27, 2007 #311

312 'Til Death Do Us Part One Story by James Duff
Teleplay by Michael Alaimo
Roger Young September 3, 2007 #312

175px 'Til Death Do Us Part Two Story by James Duff
Teleplay by Duppy Demetrius
Michael M. Robin September 10, 2007 #313

314 Next of Kin, Part 1 Story by Mike Berchem
Teleplay by Hunt Baldwin & John Coveny
Scott Ellis December 3, 2007 #314

175px Next of Kin, Part 2 Story by Mike Berchem
Teleplay by Adam Belanoff & James Duff
James Duff December 3, 2007 #315

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