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Rusty Beck


Russell Thomas Beck


Sharon Beck (Mother)
Daniel Dunn (Father)
Sharon Raydor (Adoptive Mother)


Witness to a murder by Philip Stroh

First appearance

The Last Word

Played by

Graham Patrick Martin

Rusty Beck is a once-homeless teenager who witnessed Phillip Stroh burying one of his victims in Griffith Park. He is currently living with Sharon Raydor in protective placement, until he can testify at Stroh's trial.

The illegitimate child of teenage parents, Rusty lived with his mother in Los Angeles, and until recently, never knew his father. When he was 15, his mother took him to the zoo and abandoned him, leaving LA with her current boyfriend. Rusty became a male prostitute to survive, working the streets of Hollywood.

After he came to the attention of the LAPD, they located his mother, also named Sharon, in Reno, Nevada. Major Crimes provided a bus ticket, but she only got as far as Bakersfield before getting off the bus and leaving with an unknown man. Her whereabouts are now unknown. He is later united with his biological father but when he turns abusive towards Rusty, the team comes together to force him to give up his rights to Rusty for good or face criminal charges for child abuse. Rusty is then reassured that he has a family in the team even if they are not biologically related to him. In season 3 he comes to the realization that he is gay which the team takes without issue, causing him great relief. He also has a strong relationship with Louie Provenza, whom Rusty actually consulted before coming out to the rest of the team. In season 3 Sharon Raydor decided to officially adopt him. Rusty agreed and the two began the process of the adoption. In "Down the Drain," Sharon officially adopted Rusty.

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