Robert "Robby" Oderno
Name Robert "Robby" Oderno
Rank Detective1 Detective
Affiliation Los Angeles Police Department
Division Missing Persons Unit
Gender Male
Played by Brandon Barash
First appearance Zoo Story

Robert "Robby" Oderno is a Detective in the Missing Persons Unit of the LAPD's Detective Support and Vice Division on Major Crimes.

Character InformationEdit

He was introduced in "Zoo Story" when he was investigating the disappearances of a string of young girls from a popular nightclub and then he was seen again in "Leap of Faith" when he was investigating the disappearance of a 16-year-old autistic girl.

During "A Rose is a Rose", Oderno was temporarily transferred to Major Crimes when Detective Sanchez was on suspension for the beating of Markos Christakis.

He was also featured in episode two of What's In a Name?, Rusty's blog about his efforts to identify Alice Herrera, where Oderno discussed how the LAPD's Missing Persons Unit operates.

He assisted the Major Crimes Division on the disappearance of a teenage girl from a homeless shelter in "Present Tense" and during that investigation, saved Det. Sykes from a near lethal impact with a vehicle.

Appearances Edit

Major Crimes Edit

Season 3 Edit

  1. Zoo Story
  2. Leap of Faith

Season 4 Edit

  1. A Rose is a Rose
  2. Sorry I Missed You
  3. Wish You Were Here

Season 5 Edit

  1. Present Tense

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