Detective Robert "Robby" Oderno is assigned to the Missing Persons Unit of the LAPD's Detective Support Division on Major Crimes.

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He was introduced in “Zoo Story”​​​ when he was investigating the disappearances of a string of young girls from a popular nightclub and then he was seen again in “Leap of Faith”​​​ when he was investigating the disappearance of a 16-year-old autistic girl.

During “A Rose Is a Rose”​​​, Oderno was temporarily transferred to the Major Crimes Division when Detective Sanchez was on suspension for the beating of Markos Christakis.

He was also featured in episode two of What's In a Name?, Rusty's blog about his efforts to identify Alice Herrera, where Oderno discussed how the LAPD's Missing Persons Unit operates.

In “Wish You Were Here”​​​, Oderno interviews Gustavo Wallace, Alice's older brother. Afterwards, he tells Sharon that Gus had tried to report his sisters missing in Baltimore and Las Vegas, but was told that he didn't have the standing to do so. Oderno concurs with that, stating that unless he has proof that Paloma has gone missing in LA, there's nothing that he can do. Oderno later assists in the case by identifying two murdered men as missing persons for the past several months. Sharon also decides to have Oderno handle the notifications to the men's families.

In “Thick as Thieves”​​​, a woman named Dolly Bowen who had filed a missing person's report on the man she knew as Marvin Niel mentions to the Major Crimes Division that she spoke to Oderno when she filed the report.

He assisted the Major Crimes Division on the disappearance of a teenage girl from a homeless shelter in “Present Tense”​​​ and during that investigation, saved Det. Sykes from a near lethal impact with a vehicle.

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  • Robby's badge number is 40225.

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