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Captain Hayes

The commanding officer of the Los Angeles Police Department's Robbery-Homicide Division (RHD) is Captain William Hayes.

Established in 1969 by combining the Robbery Division and the Homicide Division, today’s Robbery-Homicide Division is comprised of approximately 110 sworn and civilian personnel. RHD is comprised of five sections, each under the command of a lieutenant and tasked with investigating or providing surveillance support for a wide variety of select crimes that are often high profile in nature and incidents that result in injury or death to an officer, and threats against officers.

Sections of the Robbery-Homicide DivisionEdit

Robbery Special Section (RSS)Edit

The Robbery Special Section is responsible for investigating the following on a City-wide basis:

  • Extortions or threats of extortion when:
    • a prolonged investigation is required, and
    • the extortion does not involve a juvenile as the suspect or victim, and
    • the suspect has threatened to do unlawful injury to the person or property of another;
  • Extortions by any means, including explosives, involving an adult or juvenile victim or suspect and the extortion is directed against a bank, bank employee, bank messenger, federally insured credit union, savings and loan institution, or armored car facility;
  • Kidnappings when:
    • There is the potential for serious bodily injury or death; or
    • The facts indicate a connection to a major Citywide problem; or
    • A prolonged investigation is required, or
    • The investigative resources required exceed geographic Area detective division capabilities, or
    • A ransom demand is anticipated or has been made
  • Incidents involving human trafficking;
  • Incidents involving smuggled, undocumented persons when kidnaps and extortions are involved;
  • Selected robberies where a prolonged investigation is required or the investigative personnel required exceed geographic Area detective divisions resources;
  • Robberies of banks, bank employees, customers followed from banks, bank messengers, credit unions, savings and loan institutions, or armored car facility and the investigation of ATM Robberies;
  • Robberies of banks, bank employees, bank messengers, credit unions, savings and loan institutions, or armored car facilities.
  • The Robbery Special Section also coordinates all live line-ups.

Homicide Special Section (HSS)Edit

The Homicide Special Section is responsible for investigating the following on a City-wide basis:

  • Threats against sworn employees resulting from the course and scope of their duties;
  • Homicides involving:
    • Multiple victims (generally three or more) in one incident;
    • Serial killers;
    • Intense media coverage or high profile;
    • Arson as the manner of death;
  • Assaults against on-duty police officers in the City limits wherein:
    • Serious bodily injury or death results;
    • Officers are shot at and do not return fire;
  • The criminal aspect of an Officer-Involved-Shooting requiring a prolonged, complex investigation;
  • Incidents involving death or serious injury to a Department employee that are:
    • Non traffic related and officer involved;
    • The result of suicide or an attempted suicide
  • Outside law enforcement agency shootings that occur on and off duty, in the City limits.
  • Solicitation, extortion or conspiracy to commit murder;
  • Illegal abortions;
  • Any special investigation assigned by the Chief of Detectives;
  • Requests for assistance from area detectives;
  • Requests from outside law enforcement agencies;
  • The Gang Homicide Unit (GHU) targets specific gangs and their involvement in criminal activity including, but not limited to, murder and other associated gang related crimes. 

Special Assault Section (SAS)Edit

The Special Assault Section is notified when any of the following crimes are committed in the City, but only assumes command at the discretion of the RHD Commanding Officer.

  • Sexual assault related homicides;
  • Sexual assaults during:
    • Hot prowl burglary;
    • Business burglary;
    • Home invasion robbery;
  • Sexual assaults committed by a stranger when a firearm is seen;
  • Sexual assaults committed by a stranger where the victim is admitted to a hospital due to injuries sustained during the assault;
  • Sexual assaults committed by a stranger where the victim is kidnapped by being forced into a vehicle and transported to a secondary location;
  • Sexual assaults where the identity of the victim or suspect is of a high profile nature;
  • Serial sexual assaults;
  • “Cold case” sexual assaults.

Cold Case Homicide Special Section (CCSS)Edit

A “cold case” homicide is defined as any unsolved homicide in the City that was committed more than five years ago, and has no significant leads, and is no longer being actively investigated by area detectives based on a lack of solvability factors and/or workload.

Special Investigation Section (SIS)Edit

The Special Investigation Section (SIS) is LAPD's tactical surveillance unit. The primary mission of SIS is to determine if the suspects under surveillance are connected to the crimes under investigation, and, if needed, to locate and arrest the suspects. Although assigned to RHD, SIS is available to any division seeking surveillance on active criminals/crimes.

Robbery-Homicide Division in the Major Crimes UniverseEdit

At the end of Season 1 of The Closer, Russell Taylor is promoted to the rank of Commander by Assistant Chief Pope and becomes the head of the Robbery-Homicide Division, after his predecessor, Commander Scott, retires.

  • In the real LAPD, the Robbery-Homicide Division is headed by a Captain, rather than a Commander.

After Commander Taylor transferred out of RHD in Season 4 of The Closer, it is not known who assumed command of the division.

  • Lieutenant Chuck Cooper is the commanding officer of the Special Investigation Section during Major Crimes.
    • Amy Sykes was a SIS Detective in the Major Crimes premiere "Reloaded". At the end of that episode, she transferred to the Major Crimes Division.
    • Wes Nolan is a SIS Detective who was undercover in the Zyklon Brotherhood for nearly six years. He later transferred to the Major Crimes Division where he will be assigned until he can finish testifying against the Z-Brotherhood.

In the Major Crimes Universe, most of the high-profile investigations that would be conducted by the different sections within the Robbery-Homicide Division are being investigated by the Major Crimes Division.

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