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The Robbery-Homicide Division (RHD) of the Los Angeles Police Department is tasked with investigating a wide variety of select crimes that are often high-profile in nature.

  • NOTE: The Los Angeles Police Department featured in the Major Crimes Universe is fictional but it's loosely based on the organization of the real LAPD from 2005, the year The Closer premiered. As such, it's presumed that the organization of the Robbery-Homicide Division is also from 2005.

Sections of the Robbery-Homicide Division Edit

Robbery Special Section Edit

The Robbery Special Section is responsible for investigating the following on a citywide basis:

  • Illegally Smuggled Aliens;
  • Extortions or threats of extortion when a prolonged investigation is required, and the extortion does not involve a juvenile as the suspect or victim and the suspect has threatened to do unlawful injury to the person or property of another;
  • Selected robberies where a prolonged investigation is required or the investigative manpower required exceed geographic Area detective divisions resources; and
  • Kidnappings when:
    • Illegally Smuggled Aliens are involved;
    • There is the potential for serious bodily injury or death; or
    • The facts indicate a connection to a major citywide problem; or
    • A prolonged investigation is required or the investigative resources required exceed geographic Area detective division capabilities.

Homicide Special Section Edit

The Homicide Special Section is responsible for investigating the following on a citywide basis:

  • Homicides involving:
    • Multiple victims (generally three or more) in one incident; or
    • Serial killers; or
    • Intense media coverage or high profile; or
    • Arson as the manner of death;
  • Illegal abortions;
  • Requests for assistance from area detectives;
  • Requests from outside law enforcement agencies;
  • Solicitation, extortion or conspiracy to commit murder.

Bank Robbery Section Edit

The Bank Robbery Section is responsible for investigating the following on a citywide basis:

  • Robberies of banks, bank employees, bank messengers, credit unions, savings and loan institutions, or armored car facility; and
  • Extortions, by any means including explosives, involving an adult or juvenile victim or suspect and the extortion is directed against a bank, bank employee, bank messenger, federally insured credit union, savings and loan institution, or armored car facility.

Rape Special Section Edit

The Rape Special Section is responsible for investigating selected sex crime investigations at the direction of the Robbery-Homicide Division Commanding Officer.

Cold Case Homicide Special Section Edit

A “cold case” homicide is defined as any unsolved homicide in the City that was committed more than five years ago, and has no significant leads, and is no longer being actively investigated by area detectives based on a lack of solvability factors and/or workload.

Robbery-Homicide Division in the Major Crimes Universe Edit

Command Edit


Cmdr. Taylor

At the end of Season 1 of The Closer, Captain Russell Taylor is promoted to the rank of Commander by Assistant Chief Pope and becomes the head of the Robbery-Homicide Division, after his predecessor, Commander Scott, retires. Before his promotion to Commander, Taylor was assigned to RHD, most likely as the assistant commanding officer. In “Hindsight, Part 1”​, Taylor mentions that he was the Captain of Robbery-Homicide in 2004 during the Reese Murders when Mark Hickman was fired for his perjury.

After Commander Taylor transferred out of RHD in Season 4 of The Closer, it is not known who assumed command of the division.

Investigations Edit

In the Major Crimes Universe, most of the high-profile investigations that would be conducted by the Homicide Special Section (HSS) are handled by the Major Crimes Division. It's not known if the existence of the Major Crimes Division has made the Homicide Special Section obsolete, or if it still remains with reduced investigative responsibilities.

It is also possible that HSS exists in its original form, handling cases that cross divisional lines or are higher profile than usual, but not high-profile enough to be handled by Major Crimes.

At times over the series, Major Crimes is mentioned asking for information on open cases from Robbery-Homicide and then effectively taking them over due to the cases tying into their own case in some manner. During season 5 of Major Crimes, Lieutenant Provenza gets Buzz Watson the Robbery-Homicide case files on the unsolved murders of his father and uncle so that he can finally get justice.

In the five part "Hindsight" arc, its revealed that in 2004, Michael Tao, Stephanie Dunn and Mark Hickman were all detectives working for Robbery-Homicide when Officer Malcolm Reese was murdered by Daniel Price. The three investigated the case, but after Hickman's perjury cost the LAPD the case and the murders of DDA Rachel Gray and her bodyguard Eric Dunn, Hickman was fired. Stephanie subsequently transferred to Narcotics.

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