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Title Return to Sender Part 2
Series Major Crimes
Season 2
Episode 19
Airdate January 13, 2014
Viewers 5.43 million
Written by Adam Belanoff
Directed by James Duff
Guests Jeri Ryan, Jon Tenney
Previous episode Return to Sender
Next episode Flight Risk
Episode list Season 2
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The Major Crimes unit draws closer to finding a dangerous serial killer. Rusty faces his biggest challenge yet when he bravely takes the stand against Phillip Stroh. Complicating the case further, the team goes head to head with Linda Rothman, a tough, powerful attorney who doesn’t let morals stand in her way of winning a case.

The VictimEdit

  • Fifteen unnamed teenage boys
  • Billy Pryor
  • Alex Brown
  • Andrew Collins
  • Johnny Miller
  • Gary Barton
  • Charles Perry

The SuspectsEdit


  • Bullets from Weller's gun
  • Weller's DNA
  • Plastic couch covers
  • Weller's fingerprints
  • Connection of two of Weller's victims to Angel City Homeless Shelter
  • Weller's date of birth
  • Information from Phillip Stroh

Closing the CaseEdit

After identifying Wade Weller, the LAPD sets up a massive roadblock in the area of the city that cellphone tracking puts him in. Once Weller is trapped, Tao sends out an Amber alert for his victim Tyler Lang, causing Weller to flee without Lang when he gets the Amber alert on his cell phone. Weller is confronted by the squad in an alley, but a confused Lang follows him and Weller takes him as a hostage. Before the situation can escalate too far, Provenza shoots Weller dead.

Guest CastEdit


Episode NotesEdit

  • Wade Weller, Rusty's letter writer is killed in this episode and his protection detail is removed.
  • Rusty comes out as gay to Sharon.


Episode MediaEdit

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