Reggie Moses
Placeholder person
Vital statistics
Name Reggie Moses
Profession One-Ten Crip
Gender Male
Notability Triple murderer
Played by Dennis L.A. White

Reginald "Reggie" Moses is a triple murderer and a One-Ten Crip who appeared twice in The Closer.


Reggie is the third-in-command of the One-Ten Crips and had the rap sheet to back it up. One day he stops by a store that is protected by his gang and sees another fellow Crip named Turrell Baylor running out of the store. Reggie runs in and and sees the owner and the kid have been shot dead. He doesn't get time to react however as Turrell calls the cops and frames Reggie for the murders. He tries to get revenge and does a drive-by shooting at Turrell but fails to kill him.

Her tries again at Club Beatz where he shouts Turrell's name and shoots at him and two army rangers he is with. However it turns out to be his twin brother Ty who was shot dead although Reggie didn't know it at the time. He is brought in for questioning in all the shootings but instantly lawyers up. Deputy Chief Johnson takes him to show him his mistake. He then confesses to the shootings he committed and Brenda arrests him for triple murder. Just as he leaves Brenda gives him two phone calls, one for his lawyer and the other for his boss, Marvin Evans, to inform him of Turrell's crimes.

A year after the murders he is visited by his new attorney, Peter Goldman, in his appeal for a new trial. Peter talks to him and tries to convince him to join his lawsuit against Brenda Leigh Johnson for Turrell's death. Reggie becomes infuriated and tells him all the circumstances of the murders committed a year ago against Peter's will. Peter tries to convince him by giving the names of Turrell's killers and he immediately asks to leave. He places a call to Marvin to warn him one of their members is a snitch.

Known VictimsEdit

  • Committed numerous other crimes
  • Turrell Baylor (attempted)
  • The Club Beatz shooting (three casualties)
    • Tyler Baylor
    • Willie Ogedi
    • Lance Riggs


The CloserEdit

Season 6Edit

Season 7Edit

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