Logo of the RACR Division

The Los Angeles Police Department's Real-Time Analysis and Critical Response (RACR) Division analyzes crime city-wide on a real-time basis to look for patterns and make deployment recommendations. It also tracks the state of the City of Los Angeles, including tracking all uniformed resources, the state of radio calls, and other indicators to constantly monitor the state of the City of Los Angeles. RACR was also designed as the Department Command Post and it is used to manage the city during major occurrences, whether they be natural or man-made.


Captain Carranza

The commanding officer of the Real-Time Analysis and Critical Response Division is Captain Armand Carranza.


Overview of the real RACR

The Real-Time Analysis and Critical Response Division is composed of the Department Operations Section, which includes the Department Operations Center Unit, Department Operations Support Unit and the Incident Command Post Unit; Detective Support Section, and the Crime Analysis Section.

RACR is housed in the Los Angeles Emergency Operations Center, which also houses the city’s Emergency Management Department, and segments of the LAPD’s Incident Management Support and Emergency Operations Division.

RACR in the Major Crimes Universe Edit

In the Major Crimes Universe, it is highly likely that RACR is under the command of the Office of Operations because of it's main job description: Tracking uniformed resources and analyzing crime city-wide.

Mini-RACR used by the Major Crimes Division Edit

For Major Crimes, Season 5, the Major Crimes Division received a miniature version of the RACR to their office. MCD can be seen using this new room extensively when going through large quantities of video material or when they are watching live-feed from surveillance operations conducted by the division and/or by the Special Investigation Section (SIS).

The room requires a thumbprint scan to enter and it features four Apple computers on the main desks to be used by the division, with additional microphones for video conferencing. It also has a control hub in the middle which features a tablet computer used mostly by Buzz Watson to control the different systems within the room. In the room are four big-screen TV's which present most of the information viewed. There is also a secondary touchscreen on the right side of the room which can be used to manipulate pictures on the fly.

Mini-RACR used by the Director of Operations Edit

The Director of Operations also has a miniature version of the RACR in his conference room. It can be used to monitor the resources used by the LAPD or information about specific types of crimes which might be of interest.

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