Ramon Quintero
Vital statistics
Name Ramon Quintero
Role Mayor of Los Angeles
Gender Male
First Appearance Executive Order
Final Appearance Hindsight, Part 5
Played by Eric Garcetti

Ramon Quintero is the fictional mayor of Los Angeles during The Closer and Major Crimes, who is loosely based on Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. Quintero first appears in the episode Executive Order, announcing the retirement of the then-Chief of the Los Angeles Police Department.


He is first mentioned when he asks Will Pope to have Major Crimes investigate the disappearance of a nanny employed by his personal friends, the Diskins. This later evolves into a serial rapist/murder case and Chief Johnson helps find him and the resulting shootout kills the suspect.

His first appearance occurs on TV when he is announcing his choice for the new Chief of Police, with the current Chief Thompson to his right, and the future Chief Tommy Delk to his left. He gives his thanks to Thompson for his years of service and introduces Tommy to the press and lets him take the stand. He is later seen speaking at Chief Delk's funeral when passes away due to an aneurysm. In his place, he appoints Will Pope as the Interim Chief of Police.

In "Hindsight, Part 5", DDA Andrea Hobbs enlists Quintero to marry Lieutenant Provenza and his fiancé, Patrice Perry, to add a special touch to what was going to be an otherwise unremarkable courthouse wedding. Quintero is surprised but amused to learn that Provenza and Patrice met when Provenza arrested her granddaughter for murder and conducts the wedding ceremony which is attended by the Major Crimes Division, Dr. Morales, Rusty Beck, Gustavo Wallace, DDA Hobbs, and Lt. Chuck Cooper.

Character NotesEdit

  • Quintero is played by former Los Angeles City Councilman and current Los Angeles mayor, Eric Garcetti. Prior to his election to the city council, Garcetti was an academic, with expertise in international relations, and a Rhodes Scholar. Garcetti is the son of former Los Angeles County District Attorney Gil Garcetti, who serves as a consulting producer for both The Closer and Major Crimes. The elder Garcetti made a cameo appearance as the outgoing Chief of the LAPD in Executive Order, in the same scene as his son.