The Professional Standards Bureau (PSB) provides supervision and leadership to all of the department's internal investigations and reports directly to the Chief of Police.


Chief McCarthy

The commanding officer of the Professional Standards Bureau of the Los Angeles Police Department is Deputy Chief Debra McCarthy.

Divisions and Sections of the Professional Standards Bureau Edit

Internal Affairs Group (IAG) Edit

Internal Affairs Group (IAG) is the investigative arm of the Chief of Police to identify and report corruption and employee behavior that discredits the LAPD or violates a department policy, procedure or practice.


Commander Hyams

The commanding officer of the Internal Affairs Group is Commander Michael Hyams.

Support Section Edit

Support Section is comprised of eight distinct entities that administratively support IAG investigative divisions.

Administrative Investigation Division Edit

Administrative Investigation Division is responsible for investigating complaints of misconduct that are primarily administrative in nature.

Criminal Investigation Division Edit

CID is responsible for investigating complaints of misconduct that have potential criminal elements associated with them.

Avocate Section Edit

The Avocate Section is primarily responsible for representing the Department’s interests in the Department’s administrative hearings. The Advocate Section is also tasked with preparation, service, and tracking of documents related to sustained complaint investigations.

Force Investigation Division (FID) Edit


Commander Lopez

The commanding officer of the Force Investigation Division is Commander Robert Lopez.

FID is responsible for the investigation of all incidents involving the use of deadly force by an LAPD officer as well as all use of force resulting in an injury requiring hospitalization. Investigative responsibility of FID also includes all deaths while the arrested or detained person is in the custodial care of the LAPD, accidental shootings as well as animal shootings and other investigations as directed by the Chief of Detectives.

Special Operations Division Edit


Captain Nordquist

The commanding officer of the Special Operations Division is Captain Timothy Nordquist.

SOD provides support for internal investigations. SOD also provides support for the Ethics Enforcement Section which conducts operations audits as required by the Consent Decree.

Professional Standards Bureau in the Major Crimes Universe Edit

The current command of PSB or its divisions is unknown.

Force Investigation Division (FID) Edit


Captain Raydor

Captain Sharon Raydor was the commanding officer of the Force Investigation Division (FID) during The Closer. She later transfers to command the Major Crimes Division, but still possesses her knowledge of FID policies, many of which she comments in “Reloaded” that she created herself. It is unknown who took over the division following Sharon's transfer to commanding Major Crimes. Due to her time commanding FID and her numerous contacts there, Lieutenant Provenza often calls the FID officers "your friends at FID" when discussing an investigation by FID with Sharon.

In several episodes, FID is mentioned, mostly when the squad is forced to use deadly force on a suspect. When Julio shoots at Slider in “Jane Doe #38” even though he doesn't hit or kill him, it's shown that FID investigates that too, meaning they investigate all police related shootings even if they aren't fatal. FID is mentioned to investigate the shootings when the squad is forced to kill a suspect but the squad has always been cleared. The actual interviews and investigations are never shown and are always just briefly mentioned. In “Return to Sender Part 2”, Provenza briefly mentions FID when he turns over his weapon to Sharon Raydor after killing Wade Weller, telling her that he'll wait for "her friends at FID" and get his union representative, indicating that FID may require the person to have a lawyer despite the fact that Provenza was clearly in the right in the shooting or it was simply a precaution on Provenza's part as getting a lawyer is never mentioned in other situations. Provenza, possibly after talking to FID, tells Sharon he thinks they'll clear him if her after-action report agrees with his which Sharon assures him it will. The situation is not discussed further, but Provenza is apparently cleared.


Sergeant Staples

During “Internal Affairs”, Sgt. Staples, who worked under Sharon's command for many years, is assigned to investigate Julio after he apparently murders his mother's caregiver who was robbing her. Staples observes the investigation into the murder closely and is disturbed when he learns of Julio's history of excessive force incidents which he looks deeper into. Though Julio is ultimately exonerated both legally and by FID for the murder, the revelation of Julio's past actions has consequences. Sharon is able to make a deal with Staples where Julio will attend anger management and avoids other trouble for his actions in return. After Julio violently assaults serial killer Markos Christakis for shooting at the police in “Special Master Part Two”, shortly after his deal with FID, he is suspended for five months without pay as a result and is forced into counseling during that time.

In “Hindsight, Part 4”, after killing Jon Barnes in self-defense, SIS Lieutenant Chuck Cooper complains that he will have to wait for an hour for FID to arrive to interview him. Cooper is surrounded by two patrol officers at the time, though its unclear if its because he's waiting for FID or due to the crime scene he's at. FID appears to quickly clear Cooper as he shortly returns to work, coordinating SIS's help with the investigation into Dennis Price's drug trafficking operation.


Lieutenant Camacho

In "White Lies, Part 1", Lieutenant Hector Camacho from the Force Investigation Division questioned Sharon Raydor about the shooting of Dwight Darnell. Lieutenant Provenza also comments that per FID policy, which Sharon created, she can not continue to investigate the case before she has been questioned by FID about the shooting. Sharon's questioning is helped by the fact that she in fact created both the questions she is asked and all of the answers as well while leading FID and she is cleared.

In “By Any Means, Part 4”, Lieutenant Michael Tao is forced to wait for FID after killing Dylan Baxter in self defense, leaving him in a potentially dangerous situation due to a possible bomb. Tao states that if he leaves before FID arrives, FID will take him and the stuff they may need away. Tao's determination that it is not a bomb is proven correct and he is cleared of the shooting by FID without trouble. After Rusty Beck kills Phillip Stroh and Provenza takes credit, Provenza is investigated by FID who determines that Stroh's death was a justified shooting.

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