Peter Goldman
Vital statistics
Name Peter Goldman
Role Lawyer suing Brenda for Turrell's death
Lawyer defending Daniel Price on murder charges (Hindsight)
Gender Male
First Appearance Forgive Us Our Trespasses
Final Appearance Hindsight, Part 4
Played by Curtis Armstrong

Peter Goldman is a civil litigator who tried to hold Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson accountable for the death of Turrell Baylor.

Character Information Edit

Not much is revealed about Goldman personally except for the fact that he believes that Brenda killed Turrell Baylor and tries to hold her accountable in a civil court. He files a 20 million dollar lawsuit against the LAPD and Major Crimes with Brenda as the primary defendant on behalf of Turrell's mother.

He first appears when he serves everyone summonses except Gabriel and watches all their reactions after. When they realize he didn't leave he reveals who he is and they have security escort him out. Goldman sneaks back into the office where he tries to listen in again and is once again thrown out and telling security to have his picture plastered as a "do not allow in." Gabriel visits him at his office and he later serves Gabriel and reveals he did it so he would feel like Turrell Baylor.

After Brenda had attained her own consul they both meet with Raydor, Pope, and Goldman and have a settlement conference. Goldman then drops a supposed miracle deal which has been dropped from 20 million to 500 thousand and that the Baylor family will drop their claim against Brenda in exchange for admitting she felt indifferent to his death. He then tells them look through it with a microscope hoping they won't notice that it doesn't say that he won't refile after she signs the settlement and present that document as proof of her guilt in the murder. Brenda's lawyer, Gavin Q. Baker III, sees through this and rejects the offer.

After that they go to court where they argue their cases for a summary judgement with all the defendants and plaintiffs present. Goldman noticed Major Crimes leaving for before the judge ruled and tried to use this to anger the judge. This backfired however when Gavin revealed they were leaving because a deputy sheriff was killed and they needed to put public safety above personal interest.

He later learned that a 15 year-old boy named Kyle Hayes committed suicide in Major Crimes' custody, he asked for a continuance based on this new information. After the case is solved everyone heads back to court where the judge rules to dismiss the case but clearly states that he is not happy about it. Goldman then shows up at Major Crimes where Brenda is expecting him to feel defeated when instead he brings up several familiar names and states he is filing a federal lawsuit against her for her in custody deaths and harassment of his colleague Phillip Stroh.

He later hears about Raydor's decision to retire from his source inside Major Crimes and pays her a visit. He gives her his blessings for retirement and wishes her on her way. But she reveals that his was all a ploy to trick Goldman into revealing that he does have a source in Major Crimes and vows to him that she will find it.

Goldman later tracks down Turrell's friend Jay Rock and convinces him to come forward about who killed his friend and gives Goldman the names of Turrell's killers. He keeps this information to himself, and intends to use this information to get someone else on board his lawsuit.

He is later appointed Reggie Moses' new attorney filing for a new trial and approaches him to try and join in his lawsuit against Deputy Chief Johnson. Reggie gets angry with him over learning he is representing Turrell Baylor and describes in great detail how Turrell killed that man and his grandson. Peter refuses to listen about Turrell and only goes on to say Brenda is to blame for everything and reveals he has the names of Turrell's killers. He once again tries to convince him to join but Reggie just tells him to get him a deal or he's not saying anything.

Goldman is later called into what he thinks is an intimation act by Raydor, but realizes that Jay Rock has been killed and he is to blame. He refuses to answer questions from both Raydor and Johnson but later come back in when he learns that Marvin Evans knows he has the names. He is furious with them and tries to blame them but ends up in the hot seat when he reveals that he knew the names of Turrell's killers and withheld it from the police. They forced Goldman to give up the names and subsequently force him to settle in a way that wouldn't cover his legal fees. His one last act in this lawsuit is to put the Johnson Rule in affect, stating that no suspect will be dropped off into an area police know is hostile territory.

After a few weeks, Goldman's mole is revealed by Captain Raydor to be a woman by the name of Ann Mason who was dating and still dating Detective David Gabriel. She was a law student who was paid 70 thousand dollars for information on Major Crimes to cover her student loans.

While under investigation for several murders, Daniel Price retains Goldman as his lawyer, causing him to once again butt heads with the Major Crimes Division. Goldman is briefly arrested in "Hindsight, Part 3" after a burner phone connected to the murder is found in his car, but is released after its determined he is not involved. In "Hindsight, Part 4", the LAPD finds evidence that Goldman is actively helping Dennis Price cover up his drug trafficking operation and share the proof with Daniel. After Goldman is unable to deny the accusations, Daniel fires him and becomes open to listening to the LAPD about his brother's illegal activities.

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Appearances Edit

The Closer Edit

Season 7 Edit

  1. Forgive Us Our Trespasses
  2. Star Turn
  3. Fresh Pursuit
  4. Necessary Evil
  5. Silent Partner

Major Crimes Edit

Season 4 Edit

  1. Hindsight, Part 1
  2. Hindsight, Part 2
  3. Hindsight, Part 3
  4. Hindsight, Part 4

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