Deputy District Attorney Ozzy Michaels is a DDA that has worked with the Major Crimes Division to ensure their cases are ready for trial. He has a good working relationship with Captain Sharon Raydor.

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He first appeared when Major Crimes apprehended Greg, the leader of a group of veterans turned robbers after two of the robbers are killed in a shootout with the police and the other two are killed by Greg. He and Captain Raydor call a meeting to discuss a plea deal with him and his lawyer. They have physical evidence connecting him to the murders but offer him a deal where the two robbers he killed will be overlooked and in exchange he must plead two counts of felony murder for the robbers the police killed. For each murder he gets thirty years and he eventually agrees to the deal.

He later appears when a apparently drunk woman ran over and killed three people and injured at least thirty more. He showed up at the hospital requesting that Major Crimes get the blood samples tested immediately and to rush it over. He later shows up where he and Major Crimes question her with her lawyer present and after another person dies making a total of four fatalities. He then helps Major Crimes and her lawyer set up a sting where they plan to trap her boyfriend. After he confesses to drugging her with some medication he stole using her name they arrest him for four counts of murder in the second degree and Ozzy prosecutes the case.

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