Title Out of Bounds
Series Major Crimes
Season 1
Episode 6
Airdate September 17, 2012
Viewers 4.87 million
Written by Ralph Gifford & Carson Moore
Directed by Rick Wallace
Previous episode Citizen's Arrest
Next episode The Shame Game
Episode list Season 1
You have a partner, you have a gun, you have a camera, you have SIS, and a vest and dogs and patrol cars out the ass and people still get hurt.

— Lt. Provenza

The squad's investigation of a possible gang murder puts Sykes in danger. Sharon tries to convince Rusty to meet his father.

The VictimEdit

  • Anthony Lewis

The SuspectsEdit

  • Lamar Lewis
  • Diego Alvarado
  • Mr. Alvarado


Closing the CaseEdit

Believing that Anthony has no gang connections and that his murder doesn't seem like a gang killing, Julio shows the evidence to Anthony's gang banger brother Lamar, convincing him that its not a gang murder and then letting him go. Figuring Lamar may know who the killer is, Julio follows Lamar to Anthony's school where he chases the starting quarterback, Diego Alvarado. Sykes intercepts him and Lamar pulls a gun and savagely beats Sykes before being stopped by Julio. Sykes is seriously injured but survives while Lamar is arrested for his attack on her and Diego is arrested as a suspect. Julio learns that Diego and Anthony had a fight in the locker room two weeks before and Anthony had taken Diego's spot as starting quarterback which he had regained with Anthony's death. However, they are unable to find any 2002 Kia Sedona vans owned by his family and Diego denies the charges. During Diego's denial, they learn his grandparents own a Kia Sedona and get a search warrant to check the van for damage. As they prepare to book Diego, his father presents a grocery store receipt as proof that he couldn't have committed the murder, however, this draws Raydor's suspicions as he has no other receipts in his wallet. Raydor realizes that Mr. Alvarado had as much reason to murder Anthony as his son and the same opportunity. Mr. Alvarado quickly claims that he chased Anthony down to confront him over his fight with Diego, but Anthony caused the crash and then reached for what he thought was a gun so he shot him in self-defense. However, as Anthony had no gang connections and Mr. Alvarado purposely set his son up to have an alibi, they realize he's lying and point out the receipt proves premeditated murder. Finally, in exchange for Raydor keeping Diego from getting kicked off the team for this, Mr. Alvarado agrees to confess to the murder. Sykes will recover from her injuries and Diego announces at a press conference that it wasn't a gang murder and his father did it.

Guest CastEdit

  • Clifford McGhee as Lamar Lewis aka "Bones"
  • Benito Martinez as Coach Javier Ramirez
  • Alberto De Diego as Diego Alvarado
  • Gabriel Salvador as Mr. Alvarado
  • Lucia Sullivan as Karen Alvarado
  • Gabriel Benitez as SIS Officer



Episode NotesEdit


  • On the coach's desk is a mug with the words "keep calm and carry on" written on it.

Episode MediaEdit