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Chief Moore

The Office of Operations (OO) is headed by the Director of Operations, currently Assistant Chief Michel Moore. He is also designated as the First Assistant Chief, which means he will assume the duties of Chief of Police Charlie Beck in his absence.

The Office of Operations oversees the four geographical bureaus of the Los Angeles Police Department. These bureaus are the Central Bureau, West Bureau, Valley Bureau, and South Bureau, including their Patrol Divisions and Detective Divisions, although the Detective Bureau maintains functional responsibility of the detectives assigned to geographical detective divisions.

The Office of Operations also oversees the departments COMPSTAT (computer statistics) process.

Office of Operations personnel in the Major Crimes Universe Edit

Director of Operations Edit

The position of Director of Operations is currently vacant, but it has been permanently held by two people:

Currently the Acting Director of Operations is Deputy Chief Fritz Howard (Jon Tenney) until a replacement for Chief Taylor can be appointed.

Other Personnel Edit

Office of Special Operations Edit

In 2010, Chief Charlie Beck reorganized the department after he was sworn in as the new Chief of Police, during which he created the Office of Special Operations (OSO), which began to oversee the departments specialized functions, meaning the Detective Bureau and the new Counter-Terrorism and Special Operations Bureau.


Chief Girmala

The Office of Special Operations is headed by the Director of Special Operations, currently Assistant Chief Beatrice Girmala.


Commander Palazzolo

Chief Girmala is assisted by Commander Vito Palazzolo, who is in an unique assistant position, having extra oversight over the departments security and inmate detention, something the other directors assistants do not have.

Commander Palazzolo has oversight of the Security Services Division, which provides security to the Historic Los Angeles City Hall, Los Angeles Central Library, Los Angeles Zoo, Los Angeles Convention Center as well as city parks, recreation centers, senior centers and beaches located in the city of Los Angeles; the Custody Services Division, which maintains all of the jails used by the department; and the Property Division, which maintains and handles all items in the custody of the department including the personal effects of LAPD prisoners.

Office of Special Operations in the Major Crimes Universe Edit

In the Major Crimes Universe, the reorganization that created the Office of Special Operations has not happened, even though it was suggested in Season 7 of The Closer when Tommy Delk was promoted to Chief of Police. He created a new organizational chart of the department which would have promoted Russell Taylor to Assistant Chief of the Office of Special Operations.


Taylor in Delk's organizational chart.

Before Tommy Delk could make these changes public, he died of a sudden brain aneurysm. After this, Assistant Chief of Operations Will Pope was appointed as the Interim Chief of Police, and after being permanently promoted to Chief, he did not make any changes to the organization of the Major Crimes Universe LAPD, as the recently promoted Assistant Chief Taylor was also appointed as the Assistant Chief of Operations, rather than Assistant Chief of Special Operations.

Because of this, in the Major Crimes Universe's LAPD, the Office of Operations still oversees all specialized functions of the department and the Office of Special Operations has not been created.

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