Missy Michaels
Vital statistics
Name Missy Michaels
Profession Amateur star
Gender Female
Notability Daughter of Bob Michaels
Played by Skyler Day
Appearance Star Turn

Missy Michaels is the daughter of Bob Michaels.

History Edit

From a young age, Missy was arranged to become a Hollywood star by her ambitious father, through the help of manager Bruno Perez.

Missy enjoyed partaking in interviews and auditions, as well as singing, and adored her father very much. She noted that her mother, father and manager did not always agree on what Missy should do. On her first visit to LA, Missy was mugged and lost her purse. In response, Bruno bought her a new bag and put pepper spray in it for Missy's safety.

Suddenly, Missy's father goes missing, and eventually shows up dead. Missy is left heart broken, but she still continues to have obligations to her work. However, the LAPD force her and Bruno to briefly postpone their trips.

During an interview with the police, Brenda searches Missy's purse and discovers her pepper spray, which was found all over her father's face, is missing. Missy is devastated, and tells Brenda her purse was in Bruno's office the entire time, since she was having "too much fun singing".

She adds that her father loved the video they were filming, but out of the blue, Bob skipped her last audition for the very first time to go up to the mountains on a hike. Missy's mother instead, drove a rental car to take her to her audition, while Bruno was the one to pick her up and take her home.

This information enables the LAPD to pinpoint Missy's mother as the murderer. During her mother's arrest, interviewers crowd around Missy to ask what she has to say to her fans. Missy professes that she loved her daddy very much.

 Appearances Edit

The Closer Edit

Season 7 Edit

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