Mikki Mendoza
Name Mikki Mendoza
Rank Detective1 Detective
Affiliation Los Angeles Police Department
Division Special Investigation Section
Gender Female
Played by Paola Turbay
First appearance Blood Money
Final appearance Heart Attack

Detective Mikki Mendoza is assigned to the Special Investigation Section (SIS) of the LAPD's Special Operations Bureau on The Closer.

Character History Edit

She first appears investigating the claim that Alan Summers had been kidnapped while he was on trial for embezzlement and being sued. She then calls in Major Crimes as the kidnapping was legitimate and worked with them to find Alan before he was killed.

She later appears alongside the entire LAPD in finding the men who killed two uniform officers. She helped Major Crimes launch a sting on the two perpetrators when they tried to go back for the car. She later helps in searching the house for the weapons and are eventually found and both shooters are arrested.

She is last seen informing Major Crimes of three homicides that look similar to a series of Mexican Cartel murders. After hearing Brenda was in the running for Chief of Police she started offering Deputy Chief Johnson help and compliments with even the smallest tasks. She also suggested the local gang, the Six Points, as possible suspects. When Commander Taylor arrived on the scene, he berated Mendoza for calling the Major Crimes Division directly, rather than informing him and have him transfer the investigation over to MCD if it was deemed necessary. Brenda was able to calm him down after assuring him that the case was major enough to warrant the extra resources of MCD.


The CloserEdit

Season 5Edit

Season 6Edit

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