Michael "Mike" Tao
Name Michael "Mike" Tao
Rank Lieutenant Lieutenant
Affiliation Los Angeles Police Department
Division Major Crimes
Gender Male
Family Kevin Tao (Son)
Two unnamed sons
Spouse(s) Kathy Tao (wife)
Played by Michael Paul Chan
First appearance "The Closer (Pilot)"

Lieutenant Michael "Mike" Tao is assigned to the LAPD's Major Crimes Division on The Closer and Major Crimes.

Character InformationEdit

Tao is the Priority Homicide Division's and later Major Crimes Division's forensic specialist and often leads the processing of the crime scenes.

At some point in his career, he worked at the LAPD's Scientific Investigation Division and has been described by Taylor as a "technical genius". He is apparently also the MCD's unofficial liaison with the SID. After his time in the Scientific Investigation Division, he has held detective assignments in homicide and vice, but it is not known if these were at the geographical area level, or in a specialized division of the Detective Bureau.

During “Risk Assessment” he explains to Rusty Beck that he originally wanted to be a doctor but found that doctors spent too much time protecting themselves. He instead joined the LAPD who protect each other and others.

In “Open Line”, Tao is forced to fatally shoot a suspect and it clearly affects him greatly.

In the 5-part story arc "Hindsight" of Season 4, Mike came in contact with his old partner Mark Hickman. Hickman is a disgraced former detective who committed perjury on the witness stand and lost them the murder case of an LAPD police officer. He had protected his partner during an IA investigation which was handled by Captain Raydor when she was still in FID, by not telling her about Hickman's extramarital relationship with a murdered LA County DDA, but he had no problem "throwing him under the bus" when he lied on the stand.

When Hickman later gained access to the MCD murder room with a visitors badge he was supposed to have returned, Mike got very angry at him, something that is nearly never seen in him. Even when Hickman was most likely drunk and acting aggressively, Capt. Raydor ordered that it was not a use-of-force situation and told every detective to calm down, Mike disobeyed that order, something he has never done before, and forcefully attacked Hickman to remove his visitors badge. He later apologized to Raydor in her office and told her that he won't cause anymore problems. He has been a man of his word as that kind of behavior has not been seen since.

Officer-involved shootingsEdit

  • The Sniper (alongside Flynn, Julio and Sykes) (“Long Shot”)
  • Felix Kosta (“Open Line”)


  • Mike's badge number is 2641.
  • Tao is married to a Japanese-American woman, Kathy, and has children, one of them a teenage boy named Kevin.
  • When Mike was seen in uniform in Season 7 of The Closer, episode "Repeat Offender", he was wearing 4 service stripes on his left arm, indicating that he had at the time served for 20 to 24 years with the LAPD. Given the time that has elapsed since then, Tao has therefore served as an LAPD officer for 26 - 30 years.
  • Tao still has friends in the SID and sometimes gives them Kahlua as gifts to expedite their processing of evidence in cases he works.
  • While not as close to Rusty Beck as Sharon Raydor or Buzz Watson, Tao is shown to be fond of the boy. At the beginning, he is also shown to not dislike Rusty as much as Andy Flynn and Buzz did, giving up money to bring Rusty's mother to town but not saying anything bad about him as the other two did. When Rusty faces down Daniel Dunn, Tao stands with him with the rest of the squad and signs on as a witness to Dunn giving up his parental rights to the boy. He is later clearly unsurprised when Rusty admits to being gay, showing how well he knows Rusty and is very proud of him graduating high school. At Rusty's graduation party, Tao pulls Rusty aside and tells him that he hopes that everything the squad has done for him has impacted him well and moments like Rusty graduating are why they help him so much. Tao congratulates Rusty on how far he's come since they met and shakes hands with him. He later aids Rusty in his search for Alice Herrera's identity by giving him advice on hacking her voicemail and is immensely proud of Rusty when he succeeds, telling him proudly "you did it Rusty. You did it."
  • In “Do Not Disturb”, Tao is shown to be amused though he tries to hide it when a missing girl's friend flirts with a taken-aback Rusty.
  • He is the only person who knows that Fritz Howard has had a heart attack and wears a pacemaker (having taken him to the hospital after blindly promising not to tell others, including Brenda, what Fritz is about to tell him).
  • Mike has started a second career in Hollywood as a technical advisor for a show called Badge of Justice. He has even won a story credit award for his work on the show. It is indicated that he makes a great deal of money from this job and often references Badge of Justice and things done on the show. On at least one occasion, he used Badge of Justice equipment to help solve a case (“Hostage to Fortune”).
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