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  • Yeah, first time editing, really just wanted to add the make/model of the truck. Found it difficult to navigate on my phone. If you can update the trivia about the truck would appreciate. It’s a Ford F-150 SVT Raptor.

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  • Please don't boldface the word "as" in cast lists. I think you may have seen someone else do it, but regardless, it's inappropriate. Boldface is use for emphasis; as is a connector word and is the least important part of the cast credits. The BF you've added will need to be removed. Thanks!

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    • Ah sorry about that. I simply saw it posted that way in one of the episodes on here somewhere when I was looking for the way to do the cast lists. Season 5, maybe??? I think that's where I got it from anyway. We've got a couple different ways its been done on here. I just went with what I thought was the easiest way to copy doing it.

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    • Yeah, I thought someone else did it before you. As you go, start removing the BF, and we'll find it all in time.

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    • Start with all of season 4 I've done so far then. I put more BF in the article before I saw this post and after you removed what I had put there earlier. I actually didn't notice that but I fixed the FindKaylaWebber BFing I did after you sent this message at least.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hola, WG!

    As you may have noticed, I'm working on a new set of templates that will auto-format episode titles, and reference to episodes. We built these for the Person of Interest wiki, and I also use them with Mr. Robot; they're really helpful. I'm working on Template:L right now, which is very fiddly. If you wouldn't mind, please don't alter or fiddle with anything I'm doing until I let you know they're good to roll out. One tiny incorrect change will mean a whole string of templates won't work. Thanks!

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  • Hi,

    As you might have noticed, I mostly reverted the edits you made on the Major Crimes Characters page, and I want to tell you why so that there is no misunderstandings.

    I would like to keep that page filled with relevant information (so that it's fast to read and understand everyone's role, without going too deep into their history) and spoiler free (to an extent). I'll dissect this below.

    1. Chief Taylor: No need to tell that he was murdered. That is just spoiling it for possible new viewers. Although his last episode is mentioned, it doesn't spoil his exit.
    2. Chief Mason: He couldn't have worked very closely with MCD, as he was only seen three times, and the Raydor promotion is not relevant to him, it's just trivia.
    3. Chief Howard: It is not relevant in the grand scheme of things that he was the Acting Assistant Chief, that is not the case anymore and that info can be found on his page.
    4. Cmdr. Raydor: No need to tell about Chief Johnson's departure, that was a different show, and the info about her being promoted, no need to go that deep into it, that info can be read on her page.
    5. DDA Rios: This edit I kept, that was good.
    6. Lt. Cooper: Chuck and Amy being in a relationship is not relevant to his character and main role as SIS commanding officer.
    7. Det. Oderno: About him being temporarily assigned to MCD, that is the past not at all relevant to his current job or appearances on the show. That info can also be found on his page.
    8. Chief Davis: The race to Assistant Chief is over, no need to mention it here. It's covered extensively on her page (and Raydor's and Mason's).

    I hope you see what I'm trying to say here, no hard feelings I hope, you're doing good work recently.

    - Monk

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    • LeverageGuru wrote:
      I know you do. I'm just giving you a sense of why I feel as I do, and established the policy, so you, as an administrator, can explain it later if need be. Thanks for the title fix; that's just basic American English grammar.

      As English isn't my native language, those grammar mistakes might occur, even though I'm pretty decent at it currently.

      As for my reasoning for the italics on the titles, I italicized them because I categorized them in my head to be "special" titles, so that they would pop out more, so to say. But as I said, I'll fix them when I see them.

      Thanks for your points LG.

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    • Grammar errors are never a big deal, and always fixable. Not to worry.

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