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  • Hi!

    It is pretty obvious that our stand points on the subject of Julio's and David's ranks are completely opposite.

    Do you think it would be possible to have another chat session in the near future to discuss this through, rather than spamming the Season 6 Character forum with them? I know you are the primary admin and you are free to do what you think is best and right, but I would like to talk this out before we make any more edits concerning this topic.

    I also acknowledge that we are working on this from completely different backgrounds, you with being a local and having contacts in the production crew, and me with just the info I have studied from the internet. On the course of being involved in this wiki, I have spent hundreds of hours studying the LAPD, and I consider myself quite knowledgeable of their operations as much as I just possibly can from the other side of the Atlantic.

    So that is about it, I hope you can understand my point-of-view on this subject and I would really like to talk this through, as the edits you made to the rank page is not something I fully agree with.

    - Monk

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    • Once my grades are in, let's talk. It's a tough week right now. Please bear with me, and we'll find a compromise.

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    • Hello again!

      Now that Wikia has rolled out the new user interface (at least for me), do you mind if I change some of the theme colors to dark-ish blue, as the current bright red is quite "aggressive" on the eyes, and blue would fit the LAPD theme a little better?

      I hope we can have the chat about the ranks soon!

      - Monk

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    • I've restored the original red. Please don't alter it. I'd like to have at least something of the site I set up remaining.

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