Marvin Evans
Marvin Evans
Vital statistics
Name Marvin Evans
Profession Gang leader
Gender Male
Notability Leader of the One-Ten Crips
Played by Jason Winston George

Marvin Evans is the leader of the One-Ten Crips, who appeared once in "Silent Partner".

History Edit

Following the death of Ty Baylor, the LAPD investigate the case and find out the real target was Ty's brother, Turrell.

Turrell helps the police arrest Reggie Moses, the man responsible for Ty's death. Before Reggie goes to prison, he makes a phone call to his lawyer and Marvin.

This leads to the death of Turrell Baylor at the hands of fellow gang members, who came to avenge the death of Charlie Niles and his grandson, whom Turrell himself killed.

Peter Goldman blames this on Brenda Johnson, and proceeds to organize major lawsuits to have her job ruined. He also set up a spy in the department in order to keep watch.

James Turner later approaches Peter with the names of Turrell's murderers. Peter intends to use Reggie to help fight against Brenda, but the plan is unsuccessful and Reggie ends up calling Marvin.

Soon after, James turns up dead with Peter's name card on him. The police investigate the case and eventually trick Peter into giving them the names and dropping his lawsuit. Marvin is then arrested for the deaths of both James and Turrell.

Appearances Edit

 The Closer Edit

Season 7 Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Marvin owns two dogs, which he claims to be capable of detecting hand guns by smell.

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