Martin Vasquez
Placeholder person
Vital statistics
Name Martin Vasquez
Profession Commandante
Gender Male
Notability Murderer by proxy
Played by David Barrera

Martin Vasquez is a murderer, a corrupt Mexican cop and a Ochoa Drug Cartel associate who appeared in Tijuana Brass. He is played by David Barrera.


Martin Vasquez is an Internal affairs officer for the Mexican police who became a hit man for a local mexican drug cartel that bought the loyalties of the local authorities. So as not to arouse suspicion he created a false identity for himself in America and stored his money there under the name Raul Llamas. When one of his colleagues, Manuel Rivera, fled Mexico and turned over enough information to the FBI to shut down half of the Ochao Cartel's American operations, Martin was called to kill him. He started his hunt for Manuel by finding his nephew and having him tortured for Manuel's location. When the nephew gave up Manuel's location Martin's two hitmen and fellow officers, Jancito Gonzales and Carlos Gomez, bludgeon him to death. They then traveled to LA and Martin ordered his two men to go in his truck under his fake name to find Manuel and kill him. His two men try to kill Manuel but he kills them instead and drives them off in Martin's truck under the name Raul Llamas.

When a local priest calls the dead bodies in and the identities of the two men are revealed Priority Homicide is called in. When Manuel is asked about his truck he lies and says it was stolen and later spreads the word around local county jails that he is offering fifty-thousand dollars to the person's family who kills Manuel. Vasquez arrives at Priority Homicide under the guise of helping them in their investigation. Vasquez says he knew Manuel and throws the victims under the bus. He says he wants to believe it was self-defense on Manuel's part and asks for the coroner to say it is. They visit Dr. Morales, who confirms self-defense and tells Brenda the reason he didn't report it is because Manuel told them he warned them about his nephew but didn't believe him and eventually leads them down the church where Manuel is hiding. He is however discovered when they find out the truck is his and find him on surveillance crossing the border the same time as his two accomplices. They pat him down and find two passports confirming this theory but Vasquez remains calm saying they have nothing on him. Brenda then arrests him under the name Manuel Rivera and demands he confess. He refuses and attacks the officers trying to escape but it doesn't work. He screams for his life and offers them money to let him go but they simply bring him down to county lock-up. He is later found dead in lock-up and Manuel is officially dead.

Known VictimsEdit

  • Presumedly had numerous unnamed people killed for the Ochoa Cartel
  • Ramon Camacho (beaten to death by Carlos and Jancito)
  • Manuel Rivera (attempted to have killed)