Deputy District Attorney Martin Garnett is a DDA that often works with the Major Crimes Division to ensure their cases are ready for trial. He often butted heads with Deputy Chief Johnson and they disagreed on who ran the investigations.

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He first appears when Brenda brings him a case where two doctors pretended to stitch a little boy up after surgery and left him to die. Brenda gets them both to admit this and built a decent manslaughter case but he refused to move forward citing he doesn't move forward on cases he can't win.

Garnett later called Priority Homicide when a defense witness, whose testimony was grounds for a new trial, was shot to death outside his house. Garnett arrives at Priority Homicide explaining he wants them to investigate the murder and to see if Gerald Curtis really is the guy who killed the store owners he was convicted of killing. Eventually it is proven that Gerald did indeed kill the store owners and manipulated events so that his partner in the heist would kill the witness and get him freed from prison, which failed.

He later prosecuted Jonathan Schafer for the murder of Oliver Henry but was forced to leave behind some critical evidence due to a bad warrant. The trial went as expected until Brenda was able to get the evidence back into play, but that victory did not last long as Jonathan's alibi witness had just shown up.

Brenda tried to break the alibi but only made it stronger and Martin was furious. His mood later changed when Brenda discovered that Jonathan's wife Kristen killed Oliver on Jonathan's orders and cut a deal with her for her testimony against her husband.

He later appeared when a serial rapist killed his latest victim and Major Crimes found his partner Chris Dunlap. Martin forced Brenda to make a deal with the man's defense attorney, Phillip Stroh, and turned over all the evidence. He was later horrified to discover the defense attorney was the partner and tricked them into revealing all the evidence they had on him. With nothing to hold him on Phillip Stroh was set free.

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