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Major Crimes is the sequel to The Closer, following the activities of the Major Crimes Division and its new commanding officer, Captain Sharon Raydor, following the departure of Brenda Leigh Johnson.

Characters Edit

  • Rusty Beck (Graham Patrick Martin): Sharon Raydor's adoptive son, a former prostitute who witnessed Phillip Stroh burying a body. He has since started an investigative video blog called Identity and has started preparing for law school after finishing his journalism degree.

The Los Angeles Police Department Edit

Command Edit

  • Deputy Chief Fritz Howard (Jon Tenney): Fritz Howard was a Special Agent for the F.B.I. and the liaison officer to the LAPD (The Closer and Major Crimes, Seasons 1 and 2). Upon his retirement, he is recruited to head the LAPD's Special Operations Bureau and assumes the rank of Deputy Chief (Major Crimes, Season 3 onward). He is currently the Acting Assistant Chief of Operations until a replacement for Chief Taylor can be found.

The Major Crimes Division Edit

  • Detective Wes Nolan (Daniel DiTomasso): Det. Nolan was transferred to the division after ending his SIS undercover assignment. He will be assigned to the MCD until he can finish testifying against the Z-Brotherhood.

The Los Angeles County Department of the Coroner Edit

  • Dr. Fernando Morales (Jonathan Del Arco): A Los Angeles County Deputy Medical Examiner who coordinates with the team, conducting autopsies. Morales has a sharp medical mind and and equally sharp, sometimes sarcastic, wit. Morales is gay, and provides expertise on the gay community in Los Angeles.
  • Investigator Kendall (Ransford Doherty): Kendall is responsible for examining the body at the crime scene and taking initial measurements, as well as preparing the body for transportation to the Los Angeles County Coroner's office.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office Edit

Recurring characters Edit

Plot and Theme by SeasonEdit

Season 1Edit

The theme for season 1 is fairness. The season will explore how fair life can, or cannot be, both professionally and personally.

Season 2Edit

The theme for season 2 is identity.

Season 3Edit

The theme for season 3 is expectation.

Season 4Edit

The theme for season 4 is courage.

Season 5Edit

The theme for season 5 is balance.

Episode StructureEdit



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