Luis Navarro
Placeholder person
Vital statistics
Name Luis Navarro
Profession Doctor
Gender Male
Notability Serial killer
Played by Bruno Campos

Doctor Luis Navarro is a doctor and serial killer who appeared in Heart Attack. He is played by Bruno Campos.


Doctor Navarro was just a doctor at a local medical clinic when a twelve year-old girl came into his operating table where he witnessed the effects of a gang-rape six people committed. He watched her head swell to twice it's normal size and after treating her, tried looking for DNA on her but couldn't find any. Later when she left a young boy named Pedro came into his clinic limping and realized he was one of the rapists. After finding that out he sedated him and got him to give the names of the other five rapists.

After that a homicide victim came into his operating table, Navarro tried but couldn't save him, he did however harvest his organs to give to another one of his patients and felt inspired. He started by using some people he knew to prepare the transport of more organs of homicide victims. Little did they know he was committing homicides and started with Pedro. He continued doing this with the other gang-rapists, including a boy who committed a robbery and killed a security guard. He was later questioned by Deputy Chief Johnson about Pedro and realized he had less time then he thought.

He decided to go out with one last victim and one last transplant courtesy of a little boy named Miguel. He called Miguel and told him he could have an STD. While he was complaining about the neighborhood whores he struck a needle in his arm and killed him and harvested his organs. However Major Crimes got to him first and surrounded his operating table where Brenda then told him to confess or she would let Mary Witten, Miguel's recipient, die. He agrees and tells Brenda about the other rapists and his very first victim and why he did it. The organs went to Mary and he was arrested for murder.

Modus OperandiEdit

He targeted the six boys who participated in the gang-rape of a twelve year-old girl and beat her. He would stick a needle in their arms to sedate them and then put them under his operating table where he harvested their organs. He would then ship out the organs of each of his victims and us his hospital contacts to make sure they were given to good people. He would then chop up their bodies with an axe to make it like like they were Mexican Cartel victims.

Known VictimsEdit

  • Unnamed homicide victim (dead on arrival; kept alive long enough to harvest his organs)
  • Pedro Mota
  • Two unnamed boys
  • Miguel
  • Two unnamed boys (intended)

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