Lucas Cordry
Placeholder person
Vital statistics
Name Lucas Cordry
Role Defense attorney
Gender Male
First Appearance 'Til Death Do Us Part One
Final Appearance 'Til Death Do Us Part Two
Played by Steven Culp

Lucas Cordry is Jonathan Schafer's defense attorney. He is played by Steven Culp


When Jonathan Schafer went to the police station the second time for questioning in the Oliver Henry murder, he brought his attorney Lucas with him to defend him. Even afterdog hair was found in Schafer's car that tied him to the body, Lucas managed to get that evidence excluded based on a typo.

When the trial began he aggresively questioned each one of the prosecuter's witnesses providing reasonable explanations for all the evidence they found. When he came to questioning Deputy Chief Johnson he did the same but was tricked into allowing the dog hairs back into evidence. He was then given a piece of paper and he announced that Jonathan's alibi witness, Topper Barnes, has been found.

After this he is in good spirits until the police arrest both Jon and Barnes for drug manufacturing and argues with the police about their arrest. He is later speechless as Jon's wife takes the stand and confesses to murdering Oliver Henry and that her husband was the one who convinced her to do it.


  • Steven Culp also played a defense attorney in an episode of Criminal Minds.

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