Title Episode 110
Series Major Crimes
Season 1
Episode 10
Airdate October 15, 2012
Viewers 5.13 million
Written by Michael Alaimo
Directed by Sheelin Choksey
Previous episode Cheaters Never Prosper
Next episode Final Cut
Episode list Season 1

The Major Crimes Division works with the FBI to catch a sniper who kills a judge during a ceremony and may be on the hunt for an eyewitness who can identify him.

The VictimEdit

  • Judge Howard Cully
  • Gustavo Reyes

The SuspectsEdit

  • The sniper


Closing the CaseEdit

The killer visits the Reyes house and kills Angel's father Gustavo when he refuses to cooperate, suspicious of the killer's story. The killer finds one of Angel's pay stubs and learns where he works and heads off to kill him. At the same time, Tao manages to clear up the ATM footage of the license plate of Angel's car and they are able to identify him. The squad arrives at his house moments after the killer leaves and finds Angel's uniform and realize he's at work. Raydor calls in the FBI for help and they set up a sting operation with Julio and Sykes working as valet at the restaurant and Raydor, Flynn, Provenza, Tao, Fritz Howard and Agent Goodwin acting as customers, knowing that the front seat of Angel's car is the one place the killer can be sure of him being and knowing he will target it. Fritz and Goodwin make clear that they want the killer alive to turn on his bosses in the cartel in hopes of catching high-ranking members. After identifying Angel, Fritz, Provenza, Flynn and Raydor confront him and he explains he was at the apartment in hopes of setting it up for a romantic date with his girlfriend and found the killer who shot at him. Angel is able to provide a good description of the killer and explains that he didn't come to the police as he and his father are illegal immigrants from Mexico. His father used to be a police officer in Mexico and after his enemies murdered the rest of their family, they fled to the United States for safety, giving up everything in the process. Fritz promises Angel they won't deport him, but fail to tell him of his father's death. As the restaurant is getting full and the killer isn't coming out, Raydor has Sykes and Julio move the employees' cars under the pretense of making more room in the parking lot to move Angel's car into a less open spot. It works and when Angel goes to his car, the hidden killer shoots him before being confronted by the squad and Fritz. When the killer points his weapon at them, Flynn, Tao, Sykes and Julio are forced to fatally shoot him. Raydor tries to get his name from him but he refuses to give it up before dying. The man the killer shot was actually Agent Goodwin in disguise to draw him out and he survives unharmed due to a bulletproof vest. They aren't able to identify the shooter though Fritz believes they will eventually figure it out. Angel is also taken into Witness Protection for his own safety.

Guest CastEdit

  • Mark Semos as Mysterious Sniper
  • Ramon Franco as Gustavo Reyes
  • Anthony Del Rio as Angel Reyes
  • Cas Anvar as Dr. Aamil Massoud, Superintendent of Schools
  • David Hoflin as FBI Special Agent Goodwin
  • William C. Mitchell as Judge Howard Cully
  • Nadia Shazana as Mrs. Massoud



Episode NotesEdit


  • At 22:25, moments after Buzz Watson enters Sharon's office with the cleaned-up image of Angel Reyes' license plate, Buzz's computer is shown still trying to clean up the image.
  • At about 28 minutes in, Lieutenant Tao calls Sharon Raydor "Chief" instead of "Captain."


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