Title Leap of Faith
Series Major Crimes
Season 3
Episode 16
Airdate December 29, 2014
Viewers 4.43 million
Written by Damani Johnson
Directed by Jon Tenney
Previous episode Chain Reaction
Next episode Internal Affairs
Episode list Season 3

Tensions are high when Flynn has to talk down a man precariously holding on to the ledge of a bridge, only to find out that the jumper is a sex offender with a dead body in his car. Old wounds are opened as Rusty prepares an Impact Statement to hopefully end his involvement with the Stroh case.

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Closing the CaseEdit

Finding out that Annie was killed in her house and that Bill George had a spare key that he kept over his door, the squad confronts the mother and step-father, claiming that they have a witness who saw someone carrying the body into Bill's house after the murder and asking the step-father to go into a line-up. When he is unable to do it, his wife realizes he killed her daughter and turns on him, screaming at him. The step-father, Chris, claims it was an accident because he was trying to restrain Annie during one of her fits, but the squad knows it was premeditated given him framing Bill George for the murder. As Bill kept the rocks Chris threw through his window to find out how to get in by watching the window repairman, they tell him they will have them fingerprinted to prove it and Chris explodes, explaining that he resented having to always look after Annie and killed her out of that resentment.

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Episode NotesEdit

  • Phillip Stroh wants to make a deal to turn over information on his clients in exchange for not getting the death penalty, however, his information has to be examined before he does due to attorney-client privilege. Emma Rios asks Rusty to write an Impact Statement because she doesn't want the deal to go through as Andrea Hobbes explains to him and Sharon.


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