Title Jump the Gun
Series The Closer
Season 6
Episode 7
Airdate August 23, 2010
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Written by Leo Geter
Directed by David McWhirter
Previous episode Off the Hook
Next episode War Zone
Episode list Season 6
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While Major Crimes tries to identify a team of bank robbers, Fritz is named FBI liaison for the LAPD, and chief Pope and Brenda find out who's on the short list for police chief.

The VictimEdit


The SuspectsEdit

  • Jason Macdonald as a bank robber killed in robbery attempt.  usually part of a five man team.
  • Theo Kypri as Dennis Bailey: A bank robber killed in robbery attempt. usually part of a five man team.


Closing the CaseEdit

Brenda's StoryEdit

Guest CastEdit

  • Craig Zimmerman as Jed Bailey: Brother of robber Dennis Bailey. Head of the robbery crew.
  • Deena Dill as Heather Bailey:  Wife of Jed Bailey. 
  • Tom Veric as Det. Steve Hayward:  Hostage negotiator.  His car’s license plate was on car in the parking lot during the robbery.  He was there later as part of police presence.   
  • Drew Seeley as Boyd Martin:  Man at car rental place who drove away after misdirecting the squad.  Robbery crew getaway driver.
  • Andray Johnson:  FBI agent #1, Fritz’s partner at bank robbery.   
  • Theo Kypri as Dennis Bailey:  Bank robber killed.  Usually part of a five man team.
  • Grace Nassar as a bank teller.  


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