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Julio Sanchez
Name Julio Sanchez
Rank Detective
Affiliation Los Angeles Police Department
Division Major Crimes
Gender Male
Family Ramona Sanchez (mother)
Oscar Sanchez (brother, deceased)
6 Unnamed Siblings
Spouse(s) Deceased wife
Played by Raymond Cruz
First appearance Pilot
Final appearance

Character InformationEdit

Before being assigned to the Priority Homicide Division, Sanchez worked for the LAPD's gang intelligence unit. As such, he is the unit's go-to guy for information about local gangs. As of the start of The Closer, he had been a widower for two years, but has never taken off his wedding ring. He had a brother, Oscar, who was killed in Sudden Death as collateral damage in a gang conflict.

Sanchez is known by the team as one of the most compassionate out of the group. He came back to work even after he was shot not too long before. He also has the tendency to interrogate suspects with physical force and anger, which has actually helped the unit solve crimes more often than not. Sanchez is well liked by his colleagues in spite of his aggressive interrogation tactics.

During "Internal Affairs", Julio is framed for the murder of his mother's nurse who had been stealing from her. While he was ultimately cleared of all charges, he was forced to go to anger management courses as a result of his aggressive interrogation tactics being discovered by FID. He also moved back in with his mother so she would have the support she needed.

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