Joe Meyers
Placeholder person
Vital statistics
Name Joe Meyers
Profession ICE agent
Gender Male
Notability Serial rapist/murderer
Played by Robert Neary

Joe Meyers is an ICE agent and serial rapist turned murderer who appeared in Help Wanted. He is played by Robert Neary.


Not much has been revealed about Meyers personally besides the fact that he was a ICE agent who eventually started raping women. He was in a relationship with a woman by the named of Maria Hernandez and she later bore his son Ruben. When he was six they took a family vacation were Joe left Maria in Mexico and Maria never returned home. After she left Joe started hitting his son and using him to find potential rape victims by saying he was undercover working to bring down illegals. He eventually raped a woman Adrianna Gomez and later killed her when he found out she was an American citizen, meaning his usual threat wouldn't work.

After that he was questioned after Brenda drew a connection to one of his other victims Lupo Nava. He was questioned about her deportation and later went out to find all the women he raped and tried to deport them before they could tell the police what he did to them, unaware they had his DNA. The caught up to him at the house of his last known victim named Marisol who he then held at gunpoint. After a tense showdown he was shot in the head by Special Agent Fritz Howard and all his victims were released. His son was temporarily put in with Detective Sanchez until Maria was found and Ruben was returned to his mother.

Modus OperandiEdit

Meyers targeted brunette, hispanic, attractive nannies in their 20's who lived alone and were illegal immigrants. While he took his son to the playground he would have him report to him which of the kids' nannies were illegals and target them. A few days later, Meyers would knock on the door of his victims, using his status as an ICE agent to gain entry. He would then surprise them with a stun gun and torture them for a brief period so they couldn't fight back. He then proceeds to rape them and threaten them with deportation if they ever said a word, and he would carry this out if they attempted too. Eventually he was forced to kill his last victim when she revealed she was a citizen and he beat her too death.

Known VictimsEdit

  • Presumedly raped numerous other unnamed women
  • Ruben (beaten numerous times)
  • Three unnamed women (raped and later kidnapped; all rescued)
  • Gudalupo Nava (raped and later deported)
  • Marisol Gutierrez (raped and later held at gunpoint; was rescued)
  • Adriana Gomez (raped and beaten to death)