Dr. Joe Bowman
Vital statistics
Name Dr. Joe Bowman
Role Psychologist
Gender Male
First Appearance Jailbait
Final Appearance By Any Means, Part 2
Played by Bill Brochtrup

Dr. Joe Bowman is a psychologist who works primarily with under-aged patients but who also occasionally consults for the Los Angeles Police Department. He also does evaluations for the court system, notably evaluating whether a person is able to represent themselves in court.


He treated Rusty Beck before and during the trial of Phillip Stroh.

Dr. Joe is a chess player, a passion of Rusty's, and often uses a game in order to center Rusty as they work in sessions. It also gave him a way of reaching Rusty when he was less able to open up. He also has a habit of ending sessions with Rusty being led to think of a question he wants the answer to, leaving Rusty to have to think about it himself rather than being given an answer or an important point he needed to consider, such as when he asked Rusty if he would chose to go with his mother if the opportunity arrived or remain with Raydor.

Following the trial, Rusty continued visiting Doctor Joe whenever he needed advice. Rusty and others also regularly waylay him in the hall when Dr Joe visits the precinct, which he is always receptive to, often repeating his technique of stepping into the elevator or otherwise leaving the person who came to him in the hall with a new question whose answer ultimately helps them.

In “Two Options”, Doctor Joe is called in on Sharon's suggestion to help deal with the kidnapped young children Henry and Mandy Collier who Sharon is aware will be traumatized after they are rescued. While preparing for the rescue mission, to pacify Deputy City Attorney Gloria Lim, Sharon asks Doctor Joe's opinion on whether they should try to negotiate with Paul Collier or catch him by surprise with a rescue mission. After hesitating to offer an opinion, Doctor Joe reminds the officers that Paul has had several years in prison to plan his revenge, was able to get an accomplice and has nearly succeeded in his plan already. Doctor Joe also states that he is worried that Paul has no apparent escape plan and implies that Paul may be on a suicide mission as a result.

During the trial of Slider, Doctor Joe was called in to evaluate him and testified at his sentencing hearing about Slider's lack of remorse in killing Alice Herrera. As part of his Identity story The Other Side of the Coin, Rusty interviewed Doctor Joe about the factors that could've led to Slider's life of crime.

While testifying in the case of serial killer Dwight Darnell in “White Lies, Part 1”, Doctor Joe was shot several times with Doctor Morales stating his prognosis to be 50/50. Believing him to possibly be the target of the attack, the Major Crimes squad and Doctor Morales reported him dead to the press to protect him. Rusty was deeply affected by the news of his "death," and Provenza could not reassure him when Rusty first arrived at the squad room, in part because he did not want to tell him that Dr Joe was alive when they did not know if he would live. Sharon Raydor, arriving to find her son waiting in her office, and Provenza getting the call that he would live, is able to reassure him.

After Doctor Joe regains consciousness, he tells Amy Sykes about his sessions with Darnell and points her to his recordings and notes on his sessions as well as potentially important parts. During this time, Doctor Joe is extremely loopy from morphine.

When a member of the White Supremicist gang responsible for the shooting spree (in which Russel Taylor and another person were killed) is given the list of victims, he gives reasons why they were considered targets by the gang; he says his "justification" for Dr Joe's death was that he is a homosexual.

In “White Lies, Part 2”, both Rusty and Provenza visit Doctor Joe who is much more coherent and jokes with Rusty about his condition. Doctor Joe tells Provenza more about his talks with Dwight and what he knows of Deputy Aaron Simms and Dwight's father. Gus later expresses worry that Rusty is not upset at Doctor Joe's death as Rusty is unable to tell him that Doctor Joe is in fact alive.

In “White Lies, Part 3”, after the case is closed, Sykes states that she is now going to announce that Doctor Joe is in fact not dead, something that will make his family happy. Its also revealed that Doctor Joe was targeted because he learned that Dwight's father was not dead and the man learned of it since Dwight's court-appointed attorney was working for him and had access to Doctor Joe's confidential notes on his sessions with Dwight.

In “Sanctuary City, Part 4”, Doctor Joe is called in to treat Ryan Rojas, one of the St. Joseph's Three who is emotionally vulnerable due to his abusive step-father and the fact that he is still coming to terms with the fact that he's gay. While Doctor Joe has recovered from Dwight's shooting, he now requires a cane to walk. Doctor Joe makes it clear that his job is to help Ryan, not the detectives. Doctor Joe succeeds in getting Ryan to open up about his experiences, making him very emotional, before Doctor Joe is pulled out of the meeting. After discovering that the detectives were using him as a ploy to get Ryan emotional in hopes of learning something and were watching his session, Doctor Joe is left angered. After Ryan talks to his mother, Doctor Joe's request to return to his patient is granted.

In “By Any Means, Part 2”, Doctor Joe is called in to help speak with Phillip Stroh's mother who has dementia at the suggestion of Detective Camila Paige. Doctor Joe agrees to have Camila join him in talking to Gwendolyn and gives advice on how to properly elicit the needed information from the woman. Doctor Joe is reminded by Tao that his conversation with Gwendolyn is not bound by confidentiality and will be monitored. During the conversation with Gwendolyn, Doctor Joe silently reprimands Camila at times and at others gives her silent nods of approval. Together, Doctor Joe and Camila are able to learn the story of Stroh's presumed first victim Mary Wellington and two possible others while he was in law school.

While later observing the tape of the conversation, Doctor Joe admits that dementia is a convenient excuse, but Gwendolyn is not lying about her mental state. Doctor Joe suggests that Gwendolyn's guilt brought on her current state.

In “By Any Means, Part 4”, appearing to know that Rusty killed Stroh instead of Provenza, a departing Julio urges Rusty to continue his sessions with Doctor Joe as Rusty will need them.


  • While unconfirmed, Doctor Joe may be gay. When coming out to Sharon Raydor in “Return to Sender Part 2”, Rusty states that he's like Wade Weller, Doctor Morales "and maybe Doctor Joe" in that he's gay. In “White Lies, Part 1”, when listing why the people shot in the courtroom deserved to die, Henry Coulson called Doctor Joe homosexual.
  • In his appearance on Identity, Doctor Joe states that he often works for both the prosecution and the defense as an expert witness.
  • The events of the episode “Do Not Disturb” are presented mainly in the form of a story Rusty is telling Doctor Joe during a therapy session. Only the final scene of the episode appears to happen after the session.

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