Jesse Ray Moore
Placeholder person
Vital statistics
Name Jesse Ray Moore
Profession Car carrier driver
Gender Male
Notability Serial killer
Played by Geoff Meed

Jesse Ray Moore is a serial killer who appeared in Waivers of Extradition. He is portrayed by Geoff Meed.


Not much is revealed about Jesse personally other then the fact he is left-handed and kills women by stabbing them to death. He suggested during a conversation that he had also killed several dogs and cats as "practice". He worked as a car delivery man for Mejores Motors for an unknown number of years. He started killing women in 2008 for unknown reasons used his job and the various cars at his disposal to help find his victims. He killed his first victim in Arizona and continued killing at least thirteen women along the south border. He eventually killed a woman named Juanita Jimenez who put up a fight and scratched him getting his DNA under her fingers.

He then continued along his route and killed a woman named Lisa Price in California, which caught the attention of Major Crimes. They called a Texas detective who helped them find and track down Jesse to a nearby truck stop where they tried to arrest him. Unfortunately he was too quick for Gabriel and Sanchez and got to his truck and drove away. Detective Sanchez however was able to get on to the truck and after a lengthly car chase pulled the brakes on his truck and arrested him for assault. Brenda entered the interrogation room where she used the threat of the death penalty to get him to confess to all sixteen murders. Afterwards he started to relax knowing he was going to prison, but Brenda changed the deal after seeing what he did to his victims and sent him to Texas to die.

Modus OperandiEdit

Moore targeted attractive women while wearing a black outfit that closely resembles a ninja outfit. He would stab his victims 25-30 times with a knife on the right side of their body. He would use his job as a car delivery man for people at airports to travel country-wide and kill women in different cities and states. He would travel on the I-10 and when he makes a stopover he would find a woman follow them to their homes in one of the cars he is transporting for his job and wait until nightfall and kills his victims at approximately midnight.

Known VictimsEdit

  • Six unnamed women
  • Ginberly Rogers
  • Miss Evans
  • Miss Hernandez
  • Arizona
    • Amy Morris (1/14/09)
  • New Mexico
    • Crystal Collins (12/18/08)
  • Texas
    • Stephanie Stewart (12/21/08)
    • Joann Hosey (April 2009)
    • Juanita Jimenez (6/10/09)
    • Michelle Ward (7/2/09)
  • California
    • Lisa Price

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