Deputy District Attorney Janet Powell is a DDA that worked with the Priority Homicide Division to try and keep Bill Croelick imprisoned.


In her years as a DDA she was assigned the Anna Tandy case and worked with Andy Flynn and Anthony Easton to try and convict Bill Croelick for the murder. A friend of his alleged victim told them that Croelick had confessed everything to her while drunk, leading to Croelick's arrest. The case was looking promising, until the witness overdosed four days into the trial and Croelick was acquitted. Two years later they got another chance when another charred up body matching Croelick's MO showed up. They prosecuted him and this time convicted him of the murder.

Things however took a turn for the worse when it was shown that they had misidentified the body. Powell caught the Priority Homicide Division up on the case so they could identify the body and prosecute Croelick again. During this time Brenda often interrupted Powell and pointed out her mistakes which irritated her. When the body was identified and it is revealed that Anthony was the one who killed the second victim she presumedly prosecuted Anthony for murder while watching Croelick escape again.

After a complaint was filed against Deputy Chief Johnson, Powell was one of two witnesses called to support that claim. Pope got her and the FBI agent into his office to try and stop them but would only back if Brenda apologized. Brenda was called in, but did the exact opposite but didn't matter as Pope was able to make the complaint go away.