James Turner
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Vital statistics
Name James Turner
Profession Gang Member
Gender Male
Notability Witness to Turrell Baylor's murder
Murder victim
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James "Jay Rock" Turner was a member of the One-Ten Crips who appeared in "Silent Partner".

History Edit

James was a witness to the death of Turrell Baylor, who was a gang member and on the orders of Marvin Evans, their leader, he was killed by four fellow gang members.

At some point, James decided to contact Peter Goldman and provide the names of those who killed Baylor.

With these names, Peter intended to lure Reggie Moses, a One-Ten Crip member with a grudge against Chief Brenda Johnson and Baylor, to work with him in destroying Brenda's life.

Unfortunately, Reggie secretly called Marvin that there was a mole within their group. James was soon found out and killed by his own brother on Marvin's orders.

Brenda and her team investigated the murder, and discovered Peter's name card, which he had given to Reggie, on James' body.

The investigation led the team to retrieving the names from Peter himself, and to arresting those responsible for Turrell Baylor's death. Marvin, on the other hand, was charged with the murders of both Baylor and James.

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