Title Internal Affairs
Series Major Crimes
Season 3
Episode 17
Airdate January 5, 2015
Viewers 4.31 million
Written by Michael Alaimo
Directed by Anthony Hemingway
Guests Tom Berenger
Previous episode Leap of Faith
Next episode Special Master Part One
Episode list Season 3
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Sanchez is put under the microscope when his mother's (guest star Ana Mercedes) caregiver is found murdered... Rusty is forced to take on Jack when he shows up at Sharon's condo acting recklessly.

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Closing the CaseEdit

As Pedro's alibi checks out, the team are stumped until Sharon realizes that Mrs. Sanchez lied about what time the robbery took place because she didn't want Julio to know she was lying on the floor for two hours out of fear that he'd send her to a nursing home. While this allows them to prove that Pedro was the thief, without a confession about the murder, they can't clear Julio's name. However, when the warrant comes in for the bug in Javier's shoe, Flynn comes up with a plan: they let Javier and Pedro go, purposely leaving Pedro's car in the parking lot where they can get to it. They plant a camera in the car to watch although it has no sound as they only have a warrant for that in the bug in Javier's shoe. In the car, Javier confronts his nephew who confesses to working with Tino to rob Mrs. Sanchez, something that enrages Javier as he doesn't believe in robbing old ladies, but Pedro got nervous when he learned that Mrs. Sanchez's son was a cop. He hit Tino with a bookend that he hid in his closet at home and killed him. With the recorded confession, the team arrests Pedro and Javier while the impressed IA investigator officially clears Julio of all criminal charges. However, the investigator found out about Julio's tendency to be rough with suspects and finds that to be a problem. Sharon is able to work out a deal for Julio to attend anger management courses twice a week for a year in exchange for the matter being dropped. He agrees, saying he's going to need all the help he can get with his anger and moves in with his mother to take care of her rather than putting her in a home.

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