Title Hindsight, Part 5
Series Major Crimes
Season 4
Episode 23
Airdate March 13, 2016
Viewers million
Written by Michael Berchem & Duppy Demetrius
Directed by Michael M. Robin
Guests Eric Garcetti
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Episode list Season 4

Season Finale. The conclusion of “Hindsight” ties all the threads of seven murders together, with the field of suspects narrowed to three. And Mark Hickman finally confronts the truth about his past as Sharon Raydor makes good use of a highly unreliable witness. Provenza and Patrice solve their wedding issues.

The VictimEdit

The Reese MurdersEdit

The worst series of unsolved murders in LAPD history committed twelve years before the present.

  • Officer Malcolm Reese
    • Off-duty buying roses for his anniversary when two men robbed a flower shop.
    • Murdered after the men discovered that he was a police officer.
    • Daniel Price and Emile Fisher were charged, but Daniel was ultimately cleared of the murder while Emile took a deal in exchange for his cooperation.
    • While held at gunpoint by Mark Hickman, Daniel confesses to killing Reese but insists he is innocent of the other murders.
    • According to Greg Mann, Daniel committed the robbery and murder due to his drug use at the time.
  • Rachel Gray
    • DDA prosecuting Reese's murder.
    • Shot dead with the same murder weapon as Reese.
    • Had an affair with Mark Hickman and multiple other influential people.
    • Ruined Sherry Hickman's career after Sherry publically confronted her about the affair.
    • Was stalked by Mark Hickman shortly before her murder to learn who she left him for.
    • Had an affair with Eric Dunn, her bodyguard.
    • Murdered by Stephanie Dunn out of jealousy and anger of her affair with her husband.
  • Eric Dunn
    • DA's investigator and bodyguard of Rachel Gray.
    • Husband of Detective Stephanie Dunn.
    • Murdered alongside Rachel Gray with the same weapon used to kill Officer Reese.
    • Caught Mark Hickman stalking Rachel shortly before their murders.
    • Had an affair with Rachel that ruined his marriage with Stephanie.
    • Murdered by Stephanie along with Rachel out of jealousy and anger over the affair.

The Current VictimsEdit

  • Tamika Weaver
    • 27 years old.
    • Shot with the same gun used in the Reese Murders.
    • Found with $2,500 in cash in her possession and $7,500 worth of heroin under her son's car seat.
    • Suspected drug dealer and an old friend of Daniel Price.
    • Received a call from an unknown person fifteen minutes before her murder. Emile Fisher received a phone call from the same person shortly before his murder.
    • Had a condolence card at her funeral addressed to "my Pretty Boy" from Emile Fisher.
    • Identified as Emile's former girlfriend and the third person in the car during Officer Reese's murder.
    • Knew where the murder weapon really was and was presumably blackmailing the killer, leading to her death.
    • Gave up the real location of the gun to Detective Stephanie Dunn in hopes of saving Emile.
    • Was aware of Stephanie murdering Rachel Gray and Eric Dunn as a result.
    • Attempted to blackmail Stephanie into getting the heroin her new boyfriend Jon Barnes was arrested with.
    • Due to Stephanie accidentally giving her the wrong heroin, Stephanie murdered her to get it back.
  • Jeremiah Barnes
    • Three years old.
    • Son of Jon Barnes and Tamika Weaver.
    • Was in the backseat when his mother was killed and was shot as well.
    • Pronounced DOA at the hospital.
    • Heroin was found under his car seat.
    • Accidentally murdered by Detective Stephanie Dunn while she was trying to get the heroin back.
    • The one murder Stephanie regrets as she didn't know he was in the car.
  • Emile Fisher
    • Aka Easy.
    • Daniel Price's accomplice in the flower shop robbery and Officer Reese's murder.
    • Took a deal for twelve years in prison in exchange for giving up Daniel Price.
    • Gave up the location of the murder weapon, but it was never found.
    • Was released from prison after serving every day of his sentence two weeks before the most recent murders.
    • Found living with Greg Mann, aka Buddha in Fontana.
    • Terrified of returning to prison and refuses to tell who the third man is or explain his relationship with Tamika Weaver.
    • Believed to be the key to finding the third man in the flower shop robbery and thus the killer.
    • Found dead in Greg Mann's house of an overdose of heroin matching the heroin in Tamika's car.
    • Received a phone call an hour after being released from LAPD custody from the same person who spoke to Tamika fifteen minutes before her murder.
    • Left a condolence card for Tamika addressed to "my Pretty Boy."
    • Tamika Weaver is identified as his ex-girlfriend and the third person in the car.
    • As Tamika was only 15 at the time of the murder, Emile was worried about statutory rape charges and thus never identified her.
    • Was so high at the time of the murder he could not remember where he actually dumped the murder weapon.
    • Murdered by Detective Stephanie Dunn to cover up her other crimes due to Tamika telling Stephanie that both she and Emile could identify her as the shooter.
  • Three Latino teenagers
    • Murdered by Jon Barnes in retaliation for the deaths of Tamika and Jeremiah.
    • When Barnes was killed by SIS Lieutenant Chuck Cooper, the murder weapon was found on him, closing the case.

The SuspectsEdit

  • Daniel Price
    • Aka Trigger and Reverend Cop Killer.
    • Current pastor of the Salvation Community Church.
    • Twelve years ago was charged for the murder of Officer Reese in a flower shop robbery, but found not guilty due to tampering of evidence and perjury on the part of Mark Hickman.
    • According to Hickman and Jesus "Lil Wheezy" Marquez, deals drugs out of his church.
    • Tamika Weaver was an old friend and had $2,500 in an offering envelope from his church on her. Also had a taco from his church in her car.
    • Murder weapon was found in the altar of his church.
    • Drug dogs went crazy around the altar as well.
    • Suspected of using his church as a cover to deal drugs and launder money.
    • Was preparing for Tamika's funeral at the time of Emile's murder.
    • While threatened at gunpoint by Mark Hickman confesses to Officer Reese's murder but insists he is otherwise innocent.
    • According to Buddha, committed the robbery and murder due to his drug use at the time.
    • Determined to be innocent in the other murders and drug trafficking.
    • Agrees to wear a camera while talking to his brother after learning of Dennis' operation.
    • Discovers that Dennis did use his church to traffic heroin, but was innocent of the murders.
  • Dennis Price
    • Aka Klip.
    • Younger brother of Daniel Price and former member of the 28th Street Bloods.
    • Three arrests for assault and one for weapons possession, no arrests since 2009.
    • Youth minister at Salvation Community Church.
    • Had family related alibis for the Reese Murders.
    • Was absent from Daniel's murder trial.
    • Seen by Mark Hickman leading several members of the Bloods into the church shortly before the heroin was removed from the church.
    • Insists that he has been out of the gang life for years and has nothing to do with the murders.
    • Was helping to prepare for Tamika's funeral at the time of Emile's murder.
    • Kept Jon Barnes in a motel room where heroin was found.
    • Entered a gunfight with Barnes before he was killed by SIS Lieutenant Chuck Cooper.
    • Revealed to have had Buddha get rid of the car from Officer Reese's murder.
    • Discovered to be using his brother's church for a drug trafficking operation.
    • Has Peter Goldman representing his drug dealers.
    • On a wire worn by Daniel, admits to using Salvation Community Church and their taco truck to traffic heroin to the Bloods and Diablos.
    • Claims innocence in all of the murders and is believed by Sharon Raydor who notes that Dennis is a lousy shot while their killer was a professional shooter.
    • Not immediately arrested in favor of being followed to learn more about his drug operation before an arrest is made.
    • After following what he told Daniel, the LAPD recovers drugs from his taco truck.
  • Greg Mann
    • Aka Buddha
    • Childhood friend of Emile Fisher.
    • No police record and "gang adjacent."
    • Had Emile living with him after Emile's release.
    • Emile found murdered in Buddha's house.
    • Runs a chop shop that adds secret compartments to cars donated to Daniel Price's church for resale.
    • Briefly suspected as the third man from the murder of Officer Reese.
    • Revealed to have gotten rid of the car in the murder of Officer Reese.
    • Confirms that Tamika Weaver was the third person in the car and Emile's girlfriend along with her knowing the location of the Uzi.
    • In exchange for full immunity and going into the Witness Protection Program, gives information on Dennis Price's drug operation.
  • Mark Hickman
    • Disgraced LAPD detective that investigated the murder of Officer Reese.
    • Former partner of Michael Tao and Stephanie Dunn.
    • Committed perjury on the stand claiming that Daniel Price spontaneously confessed, ruining the case against Daniel.
    • Fired by Sharon Raydor for his actions.
    • Was in love with Rachel Gray and had an affair with her.
    • Continuously appears around the murder investigation and drove Emile Fisher to Fontana.
    • Was told by Emile Fisher where the murder weapon was and had the opportunity to retrieve it.
    • Claimed to have been with his wife between two and five pm but lied.
    • Confronts Daniel Price at gunpoint over the murders and gets him to confess to murdering Officer Reese before being arrested.
    • Claims to just have been trying to get Daniel to confess.
    • Claims that he didn't kill anyone and if he had the Uzi, Daniel would've been convicted twelve years before.
    • It is discovered by "Firearms" Francine that someone using his ID ran a search on the Uzi's serial number twenty days before the murder trial.
    • Revealed by Sherry Hickman to never log out of his work computer, allowing Stephanie Dunn to use it for the serial number search.
    • Was stalking Rachel to learn who she left him for but failed to realize that it was Eric Dunn, her bodyguard.
  • Sherry Hickman
    • Wife of Mark Hickman.
    • Lost her job after publically confronting Rachel Gray about Mark's affair.
    • Suspected of killing Rachel over the affair.
    • Reveals that she learned of the affair from Mark's work email aided by the fact that he never logged out of his computer.
    • Cleared of any wrongdoing.
  • Jon Barnes
    • Boyfriend of Tamika Weaver and father of Jeremiah Barnes.
    • Charged with dealing heroin.
    • Released on a $10,000 bail thanks to Daniel Price.
    • Murdered three Latino teenagers in apparent retaliation for Tamika and Jeremiah's murders.
    • Believed to know the name of the person Tamika was blackmailing and thus the killer.
    • After a gunfight with Dennis Price, was shot dead in self-defense by SIS Lieutenant Chuck Cooper.
    • Found with the murder weapon for the three dead teenagers on him.
    • Determined to have been part of Dennis Price's drug operation.
    • Was represented in court by Peter Goldman on Dennis' orders.
  • Peter Goldman
    • Defense attorney with a hatred for the LAPD, Major Crimes in particular.
    • Represents Daniel and Dennis Price.
    • The killer's burner phone was found in his car.
    • Revealed to have been working for Dennis Price protecting his drug trafficking operation and his dealers.
  • Stephanie Dunn
    • LAPD Narcotics Detective and former partner of Michael Tao and Mark Hickman.
    • Husband of Eric Dunn, the bodyguard of Rachel Gray murdered twelve years before.
    • Found the Uzi during Daniel Price's murder trial with Tamika Weaver's help.
    • Murdered her husband and Rachel Gray out of jealousy and anger over their affair.
    • Was blackmailed by Tamika Weaver in an attempt to get back the heroin Jon Barnes was arrested with.
    • Murdered Tamika to get the heroin back after giving her the wrong one, her son Jeremiah's death was an accident.
    • Murdered Emile Fisher as Tamika stated that Emile could also identify her as the shooter.
    • The corn starch found around the crime scenes came from her gloves.


  • 9mm Uzi used to kill Officer Reese, DDA Gray, Detective Dunn, Tamika Weaver and Jeremiah Barnes.
  • Heroin syringe used to kill Emile Fisher.
  • Black tar heroin
  • Corn starch. Found on the drug packages, grip of the Uzi, altar of the Salvation Community Church, syringe used to kill Emile Fisher, in Tamika Weaver's vehicle and on the phone used to call Tamika Weaver and Emile Fisher before their murders.

Closing the CaseEdit

Daniel demands to know what's going on from Dennis who at first insists that Daniel doesn't need to know, then agrees that maybe he should. Dennis tells Daniel that all the money Daniel is making isn't coming from collections but he is "living off my tithe." Dennis states that he makes sure Daniel and Jesus "get your ten percent" and all Daniel has to do is keep smiling at the food truck on Taco Mondays and feeding the poor and the oppressed. Hearing this, Stephanie Dunn speculates that the taco truck is how the heroin is being distributed. Tao passes on the information to Sharon that Stephanie thinks they should follow the taco truck.

Daniel confronts Dennis about the murders, but he insists that he had nothing to do with the murder of Tamika. Daniel demands to know how the Uzi got into the altar, but Dennis states that he's not stupid enough to move the drugs and leave behind the gun. Dennis insists that the police planted the Uzi and he had nothing to do with it. Sharon notes that she wondered about the same thing from the beginning: why take the heroin and not the gun? Daniel questions if while he was on trial for murdering Officer Reese, Dennis went back, got the Uzi and used it to murder Rachel Gray and Eric Dunn.

"Now why would I kill those people? Hmm? To save your sorry ass? You really don't get it, do you? You being in jail was the best thing that ever happened to me. It gave me control of our boys. I've been in charge ever since. And you finding Jesus... that was just a miracle. You wanna know why Tamika's death never brought no real gang war until you were stupid enough to bail Jon Barnes out of jail?! My God, I'll tell you why: its because I am the cartel Daniel. And this church? This church is the cartel. The Bloods, the Diablos, they're all me. I cut the dope and I send it out to both gangs. And there's money, there's peace, there's love for everyone. If you would just let me handle Barnes we wouldn't have this problem!" explodes Dennis.

Watching, Sharon states that Dennis Price may have been trafficking drugs, but he did not kill any of their victims. Sharon explains that her reasoning is that Dennis shot at Jon Barnes several times at close range in a small motel room and missed. Their killer would've never done that. Though Dennis tells Daniel that the big brother he grew up with would be proud of him, Daniel tearfully tells his brother that he pities him. "You're going to Hell," states Daniel. Dennis warns that if Daniel causes him any problems, he'll guarantee that Daniel gets there first before leaving.

The detectives are shocked by the revelations of the conversation, particularly that neither one of the Price brothers is their killer. Though they could arrest Dennis now, Andy suggests that since Dennis is deep into the cartels, they follow him for awhile instead and check his finances. Provenza agrees, stating that they should also have Lieutenant Cooper's people follow the taco truck for awhile and see where it leads them. Sharon agrees and orders Cooper to keep an eye on the taco truck and Dennis Price "every second." Sharon tells Assistant Chief Taylor that while they are no closer to an arrest in the murders, they have to rethink how the heroin links everything together and hope their witness comes through for them. Questioned as to what Sharon means, Andy explains that there was a kid, Lil' Wheezy who might've been hanging out on the street when Tamika was murdered, but he didn't see anything. Andy then reports to Stephanie, Tao and Sykes that there will be no arrest and they should head back.

As she leaves an interrogation of Gary Lewis, Sharon gets a two text messages from "Firearms" Francine. In her messages, Francine states that she has found two searches on the Uzi's serial number and one of them might solve the murders. In a meeting with Francine and Sharon, Tao notes that one of the searches is him after they found the gun. Looking over Francine's report, Sharon notes that Francine identified the gun by its shell casings first and entered it into the NIBIN Database a full five hours before reporting it to the detectives and demands to know why. Francine is forced to admit that in her excitement over the resurfacing of the gun, she pushed Sykes to visit Mark Hickman who she knew never stopped working the case and had theories he wouldn't share with Sharon or Tao. Francine claims that in the meantime, she was double-checking her results.

Sykes is forced to admit that she spoke with Hickman based off of what Francine said. To the surprise of Sharon and Tao, Sykes tells them that she recorded all of her conversations with Hickman on her cell phone and transcribed them by hand. "He may have come up with some wrong answers, Captain, but he had a lot of the right questions," Sykes states. Sharon points out that Hickman had too many of the right questions, causing Francine to add that it makes the other search she turned up especially odd. Francine has discovered that Uzi's serial number was run eleven years before despite them just finding the gun. Francine tells Sharon that she had one of her people, Norma, search for anything on the Uzi's serial number from the day Officer Reese was shot. While Francine didn't expect to find anything, the search turned up someone running the Uzi's serial number twenty days before Daniel Price's trial. The person who ran the search was LAPD Detective Mark Hickman.

Sykes and Tao confront Hickman who insists that he never had the Uzi and never ran the search eleven years before. Hickman asks them what his motive could be for killing Tamika even if he had killed Rachel Gray and Sykes explains that Emile couldn't remember where he had ditched the gun, but Tamika knew. Sykes and Tao explain how Tamika was the third person in the car when Officer Reese was murdered and was Emile's girlfriend. Sharon accuses Hickman of learning the location of the gun from Tamika who thought he'd use it to help Emile which he did by killing Rachel Gray during the trial.

Tao suggests that twelve years later, Tamika's boyfriend Jon Barnes is in the County Jail for drug dealing and can't make bail so Tamika went to see Hickman again to blackmail him into helping her. As Hickman angrily denies the accusations, Sykes goes on to accuse Hickman of murdering Emile since Tamika had told him that Hickman was the one behind Rachel's murder so Emile had to die as well to cover it up. Facing one of the hidden cameras in the room, Hickman tells Sharon that they have come up with a terrific theory, but it doesn't apply to him. Hickman continues to insist that he never found the gun or murdered Tamika and states that if Tamika told anyone, it was Dennis Price. Provenza points out that they do have a good circumstantial case against Hickman, but they don't know where he got the heroin he used to kill Emile.

Ordering Hickman to sit down, Tao shows him his ID number and the Uzi's serial number on the search from eleven years before. Tao demands that Hickman explain it, but Hickman can't. Hickman admits to being an asshole, but insists that he could never commit cold-blooded murder. When confronted with threatening Daniel Price's life, Hickman claims that it was a tactical move to get Daniel to confess and he was drunk at the time. Though Hickman claims that his wife Sherry can confirm his alibis for the time of Tamika, Jeremiah and Emile's murders, Sykes tells him that they have already spoken to Sherry who has no idea where Hickman was during the murders.

Calling Sherry a "stupid bitch", Hickman admits that she is not wrong that Sherry wasn't with him at the time of the murders. Hickman shows a belief that they have mocked up evidence to go after Sherry for the murders while Sharon admits that while they knew Sherry wouldn't lie for Hickman, they didn't know that Hickman wouldn't lie for Sherry. Sharon tells Julio and Stephanie to follow up on the taco truck and if they find the wrong kind of heroin and Sherry Hickman tries to cooperate, she thinks they will be making an arrest. In interrogation, Hickman insists that if they use what he said to go after his wife, they will never solve the case.

After following up on the burner phone found in Peter Goldman's car, Deputy Chief Fritz Howard determines that it can't be connected to any drug investigation by the LAPD or LA Clear. Sharon insists that the phone has to be connected and Fritz points out that just because it was covered in corn starch like so many other things in the investigation, doesn't mean that its connected. Sharon admits that she has no idea what the corn starch means, but it has to be connected to the investigation like the phone which the killer used to call Tamika and Emile just before they were both murdered. Sharon admits that while they have eliminated Dennis Price as a suspect, they haven't eliminated the heroin. Someone knew that Dennis hid his drugs in the altar of the church and purposefully hid the Uzi there for them to find.

Considering this, Fritz admits that it may have taken days, but anyone could've illegally searched the church and found where the drugs were hidden. However, Fritz is still confused about the phone's connection. Sharon remembers that they had found a box of unused burner phones when they arrested Buddha's. Fritz points out that unused phones don't make calls that show up in LA Clear's database, but Sharon suggests that the burner phone was part of a bulk purchase of such phones.

Sharon gets a call from Stephanie that the taco truck has returned with what they think is a full load of heroin. Cooper and his men have Dennis' people under surveillance and Sharon orders Stephanie not to wait for her. Fritz warns Sharon that even if he can connect the phone to another drug case, he can't prove that a specific person was using it. Sharon acknowledges this, telling Fritz to leave that part to her and Fritz realizes that Sharon likely has someone in mind.

Sherry Hickman is brought in for questioning, though she refuses to talk to Sykes. Tao asks Sherry what Mark told her about his investigation into the murder of Officer Reese and she claims that he didn't tell her as much as they might think. As Provenza questions Sherry about her possibly wondering about Mark's behavior at the time, Assistant Chief Taylor wonders if they really think that Sherry, who was an excellent detective in the Fraud Division, really committed the murders. Sharon points out that their killer is familiar with how the police work, is an excellent shot and has serious issues with at least one of their victims which fits Sherry.

Sherry realizes that they are asking how she knew about her husband being in love with Rachel Gray. Telling Sherry that the answer could be important to solving the murders, Provenza asks her what gave Mark and Rachel away. "Well I certainly didn't hear about it from his partner, my good friend Michael Tao," Sherry pointedly says to Tao. Tao apologizes, stating that he didn't think it was his place. Sherry accuses Tao and the LAPD of choosing a side in the matter. "How many people knew what was going on and watched me come in here to work everyday with whispers behind my back? Rachel took everything from me: my self-respect, my job, my husband. I know you won't believe it, but I loved that son of a bitch. I loved him!" As Sherry makes her accusation, the detectives watch with sympathy.

Sherry admits that she didn't trust Mark anymore, so she started looking around everywhere for a reason why. Finally, in Mark's work email, Sherry found letters to and from Rachel confirming the affair. Sherry is upset as she describes reading the emails which made it obvious that Rachel had moved on to someone else before she died. Provenza asks if Sherry had the password to Mark's work email and she admits that she had all of his passwords. "Because it was our wedding day if you guys can appreciate the irony of that! I mean that's what everybody longs for isn't it? A wedding day you never forget," Sherry notes bitterly which Provenza notes is hard to argue with. However, Sherry never needed Mark's password: she used his work computer which Mark never bothered to log out of despite it being policy.

Taylor is surprised that Sherry set herself up and then took herself off the hook again. Appearing to have realized something, Sharon admits that Sherry certainly had the right motive. "I'm almost there Chief, I'm almost there," Sharon promises.

At the same time Sherry is questioned, Julio and Stephanie lead a police raid of the garage containing the taco truck. Finding the garage empty of people, they bring in drug dogs to see if they react to the truck. As the drug dogs search the garage, Julio and Stephanie discuss their date the night before which led to Julio forgetting his gloves and tie at Stephanie's house. Stephanie returns Julio's tie and provides him with a pair of her regular latex gloves moments before a dog alerts at the taco truck. As he watches Stephanie pick the lock on the truck door, Julio plays with the gloves which release a cloud of powder when he snaps them. Julio's attention is suddenly drawn by the powder the gloves release when they are snapped with Julio seeming to realize something from it.

Some time later, Tao reports to Sharon that Andy has the witness in her office, Julio and Stephanie are bringing up the heroin, Fritz is on his way and he has briefed everyone on how everything is supposed to go. Sharon orders Buzz to transfer the video feed of Sherry Hickman in the interrogation room to the big monitor on Tao's desk so that their witness can clearly see it. Sharon also requests to have Assistant Chief Taylor brought in so that she can walk him through what's about to happen.

Tao tests the heroin that Stephanie and Julio removed from the taco truck and finds corn starch on the outside packaging similar to the corn starch found everywhere else. Stephanie tells Sharon that they knew that the drugs were being delivered to the church on a weekly basis and that it came on Taco Monday with the current day being a Monday. Taylor points out that they had just gotten the heroin and wonders how they can connect it to everything else so quickly and if its the corn starch he keeps hearing about.

Sharon tells Taylor that they will walk him through their theory of what happened after Officer Reese was murdered twelve years before. Andy explains that they believe that when the Uzi couldn't be found where Emile said after the murder, Tamika worried that her boyfriend's deal wouldn't take as a result with Provenza adding that Tamika could've been afraid that Emile would snitch on her as he did Daniel Price. Sharon goes on to state that as a result, Tamika told a detective where the gun had actually been dumped. Tao explains that as a result, the gun is almost turned in which they know was a consideration from someone running the serial number of the Uzi twenty days before the trial began.

Sykes picks up the story to explain that there was a problem named Rachel Gray that caused the gun to be held back. Rachel had an affair with Mark Hickman so intense that it pushed Sherry Hickman into publically confronting her. Julio notes that its easy to understand Sherry's reaction since its hard to learn that your spouse has been lying to you. Provenza picks up with the fact that Rachel told Sherry that the affair was over and she'd moved on, but Mark Hickman hadn't moved on. Instead, Hickman followed Rachel. While Hickman claimed that he was checking on Rachel's security, Sharon recognizes that the real reason was to find out who Rachel left him for. Unlike Dennis Price, their killer was a professional shooter and Sherry was a cop.

As Fritz enters with the killer's phone, Sharon admits that the problem comes when they try to explain the heroin and the phone. Buzz states that according to LA Clear, someone had called Emile and Tamika right before they died which Sharon acknowledges was likely to schedule their deaths. However, more frustrating still is where the phone was found: at the church in Peter Goldman's car during Tamika's funeral. While they originally thought the now-Reverend Daniel Price left it behind in Goldman's car, in hindsight they now know that Daniel couldn't have done it as he had nothing to do with any of the murders after Officer Reese or the heroin. Sherry was also nowhere near the church at the time of the funeral. Stephanie points out that Hickman was at the church during the funeral and he knew that heroin was flowing out of it as well.

Sharon states that there is a big problem with the theory that Mark Hickman committed the murders and she hopes that their witness will help sort it out. When Taylor expresses confusion about the witness, Sykes explains that they came across a young man who was standing in the doorway of his house when Tamika and her son were shot. Buzz states that he filmed the witness right by where they found the casing and he hadn't wanted to talk at the time with Andy, Provenza and Sharon adding that he changed his mind after they promised him protection. As a result, they started focusing "really hard" on Sherry Hickman because their witness, Jesus "Lil Wheezy" Marquez has stated that their killer was a woman. Lil Wheezy is brought in front of the monitor displaying Sherry and asked if he can identify her as the woman who shot up Tamika's car. After a moment, Lil Wheezy states that Sherry Hickman was not the shooter.

As he is led back to Sharon's office, Lil Wheezy spots Stephanie Dunn and stops dead in shock. "Holy shit. What the hell, man? Its her. She did it, she did it! She's the shooter," Lil Wheezy exclaims to the detectives while staring directly at Stephanie. The detectives quickly surround Stephanie as Lil Wheezy is led away. Sharon states that this leads them to their alternate theory of the crime: Rachel Gray ended her affair with Mark Hickman to sleep with Eric Dunn, her bodyguard and Stephanie's husband. Stephanie claims that its a lie, but Sharon states that she doesn't believe so, that Mark Hickman was a good detective but he just couldn't figure out who Rachel was seeing. "Because he was looking for someone other than the person she was letting into her apartment every night. Her bodyguard. Your husband." Stephanie tearfully insists that its a lie and that her husband loved her. Stephanie states that she won't even dignify the accusation with a real response and that they have no proof.

Fritz confronts Stephanie with the killer's burner phone. Fritz has managed to track the phone to a bulk confiscation that Stephanie made after a drug bust two months before. Stephanie realizes that they are serious and Julio points out that he just watched her break into a garage and a truck meaning that she could've planted the phone in Goldman's car "no problem." Tao and Sykes point out that Stephanie works in Narcotics which gives her access to all kinds of drugs and she has also stated multiple times that she knew that drugs were being dealt out of Daniel Price's church. Tamika also knew who Stephanie was and likely felt it easier to talk to her than Tao or Hickman. She was also by Hickman's desk enough to run the Uzi, taking advantage of the fact that Hickman never logged out of his computer. "And there's the corn starch," Julio points out. "No fingerprints on the Uzi or the syringe that shot up Emile or the dope that we found at the church but corn starch everywhere. Its from the powder in your stupid gloves Steph! Its from your gloves!" yells Julio picking up Stephanie's gloves.

As Sharon points out that their witness saw Stephanie kill Tamika and her baby, Stephanie, having grown more and more tearful during the confrontation orders Sharon to stop. "We all know. We all know," Sharon tells Stephanie. Looking at Rachel Gray's picture on the murder board, Stephanie finally breaks down completely, crying and tells the truth. "That bitch Rachel, I am not sorry about her at all. She destroyed my marriage. Well no, I was not gonna let what happened to Sherry happen to me. No! But Tamika's baby was... You gotta understand. I never thought she would have that baby in the car that late. When I realized I gave her the wrong heroin, I had to get it back. She just... when she started arguing with me on the phone about it and.. and she told me that she or Emile could turn me in at any time... I... had..."

Stephanie sees that she is not inspiring any sympathy in the detectives around her and retrieves her gun from her desk, demanding at gunpoint that they stand back. However, no one moves to comply. Telling Julio that she's sorry, Stephanie attempts to commit suicide only to find that the gun is empty. Julio reveals that he had discreetly switched out Stephanie's gun earlier and tells her that "I'm sorry isn't gonna cut it." Sykes arrests Stephanie for the murders of Rachel Gray, Eric Dunn, Tamika Weaver, Jeremiah Barnes and Emile Fisher. As Stephanie is led away, Lil Wheezy is revealed to have been acting all along to help catch Stephanie and Provenza promises him police protection. Taylor congratulates Sharon on solving the biggest outstanding unsolved case in LAPD history.

In the aftermath of Stephanie's arrest, Mark Hickman is released from police custody. Sykes privately admits to Hickman that she recorded their conversations and copied them to her boss so he shouldn't be surprised if they turn up at Stephanie's murder trial. Though Sykes disobeyed orders, Sharon gave Tao a pass for assaulting Hickman so she had to do the same for Sykes' actions. Sykes suggests that Hickman take the opportunity to let go of his bitterness and finally move on with his life, but Hickman suggests that someday she will be put on the stand during a trial against him and will be asked if she ever withheld information from her commanding officer. "Maybe then you will realize that we're not really friends," Hickman comments. Though Sykes states a belief that this is not who Hickman really is, Hickman insists that it is as he leaves.

Guest CastEdit

  • Julie Ann Emery (Detective Stephanie Dunn, whose husband was murdered along with DDA Gray. Dunn is a Narcotics detective temporarily assigned to the Weaver/Barnes murders.)
  • Jason Gedrick (Mark Hickman, former LAPD detective who committed perjury on the stand during the trial following Officer Reese's murder. Was having an affair with DDA Gray who he was in love with.)
  • Brigid Brannagh (Sherry Hickman, wife of Mark Hickman. Retired LAPD detective.)
  • Cheryl White ("Firearms" Francine)
  • Tarik Lowe (Daniel Price, shot caller of the 28th Street Bloods, 12 years ago. Currently the pastor of Salvation Community Church.)
  • Arjay Smith (Dennis Price, brother of Daniel Price. Used to be a member of 28th Street Bloods. Currently youth minister at Salvation Community Church.)
  • Adam Irigoyen (Jesus "Lil Wheezy" Marquez, lives at the street where Tamika Weaver and her son were shot.)
  • Daniel Buran (Gary Lewis, Sharon Beck's ex-boyfriend.)



Episode NotesEdit

  • Patrice and Provenza are married by Eric Garcetti, the current Mayor of Los Angeles, who also plays fictional Mayor Ramon Quintero. But who married them? The real mayor or the fictional one? The show never identifies which role Garcetti plays.

Sharon Beck's caseEdit

  • Gary Lewis claims that Sharon Beck masterminded the armed robbery and offers to help put her in prison for a deal less than a third strike for himself. He also claims to have never abused or abandoned Rusty, that it was always Sharon.
  • Unable to believe his mother guilty and at Sharon Raydor's suggestion, Rusty visits Gary in jail where Rusty gets Gary to admit to planning the robbery. Gary's reasoning is that after he got out of prison, he'd expected to return to a life of crime with Sharon who had turned her life around and wanted nothing to do with him. The robbery was blackmail to force Sharon back into a life of drugs and prostitution. He also confesses to abusing Rusty and shows no remorse for it nor the fact that he's now trying to send an innocent woman to jail.
  • Satisfied with the conversation, Rusty leaves Gary with a parting shot and alerts Major Crimes and DDA Andrea Hobbs. Due to Gary refusing a lawyer, their conversation is admissible in court and Hobbs can make a deal with Sharon Beck to put Gary in prison for life while exonerating Sharon at the same time.

Provenza and PatriceEdit


  • During Rusty and Gary's conversation, Gary repeatedly states that he and Sharon were arrested together three years before. However, Sharon's arrest happened shortly before the events of "Flight Risk" which was at most two years before.


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