Title Hindsight, Part 4
Series Major Crimes
Season 4
Episode 22
Airdate March 6, 2016
Viewers million
Written by Michael Alaimo
Directed by Leo Geter
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As more information pours in about victims from the past, and how they tie to the murders of the present, Lt. Cooper and Amy Sykes get caught in an unexpected gun fight. Sharon finally finds the pressure point she needs for leverage against both Rev. Price and his attorney and Mark Hickman as she forces her way forward to the truth.

The VictimEdit

The Reese MurdersEdit

The worst series of unsolved murders in LAPD history committed twelve years before the present.

  • Officer Malcolm Reese
    • Off-duty buying roses for his anniversary when two men robbed a flower shop.
    • Murdered after the men discovered that he was a police officer.
    • Daniel Price and Emile Fisher were charged, but Daniel was ultimately cleared of the murder while Emile took a deal in exchange for his cooperation.
    • While held at gunpoint by Mark Hickman, Daniel confesses to killing Reese but insists he is innocent of the other murders.
    • According to Greg Mann, Daniel committed the robbery and murder due to his drug use at the time.
  • Rachel Gray
    • DDA prosecuting Reese's murder.
    • Shot dead with the same murder weapon as Reese.
    • Had an affair with Mark Hickman and multiple other influential people.
    • Ruined Sherry Hickman's career after Sherry publically confronted her about the affair.
    • Was stalked by Mark Hickman shortly before her murder.
  • Eric Dunn
    • DA's investigator and bodyguard of Rachel Gray.
    • Husband of Detective Stephanie Dunn.
    • Murdered alongside Rachel Gray with the same weapon used to kill Officer Reese.
    • Caught Mark Hickman stalking Rachel shortly before their murders.

The Current VictimsEdit

  • Tamika Weaver
    • 27 years old.
    • Shot with the same gun used in the Reese Murders.
    • Found with $2,500 in cash in her possession and $7,500 worth of heroin under her son's car seat.
    • Suspected drug dealer and an old friend of Daniel Price.
    • Received a call from an unknown person fifteen minutes before her murder. Emile Fisher received a phone call from the same person shortly before his murder.
    • Had a condolence card at her funeral addressed to "my Pretty Boy" from Emile Fisher.
    • Identified as Emile's former girlfriend and the third person in the car during Officer Reese's murder.
    • Knew where the murder weapon really was and was presumably blackmailing the killer, leading to her death.
  • Jeremiah Barnes
    • Three years old.
    • Son of Jon Barnes and Tamika Weaver.
    • Was in the backseat when his mother was killed and was shot as well.
    • Pronounced DOA at the hospital.
    • Heroin was found under his car seat.
  • Emile Fisher
    • Aka Easy.
    • Daniel Price's accomplice in the flower shop robbery and Officer Reese's murder.
    • Took a deal for twelve years in prison in exchange for giving up Daniel Price.
    • Gave up the location of the murder weapon, but it was never found.
    • Was released from prison after serving every day of his sentence two weeks before the most recent murders.
    • Found living with Greg Mann, aka Buddha in Fontana.
    • Terrified of returning to prison and refuses to tell who the third man is or explain his relationship with Tamika Weaver.
    • Believed to be the key to finding the third man in the flower shop robbery and thus the killer.
    • Found dead in Greg Mann's house of an overdose of heroin matching the heroin in Tamika's car.
    • Received a phone call an hour after being released from LAPD custody from the same person who spoke to Tamika fifteen minutes before her murder.
    • Left a condolence card for Tamika addressed to "my Pretty Boy."
    • Tamika Weaver is identified as his ex-girlfriend and the third person in the car.
    • As Tamika was only 15 at the time of the murder, Emile was worried about statutory rape charges and thus never identified her.
    • Was so high at the time of the murder he could not remember where he actually dumped the murder weapon.
  • Three Latino teenagers
    • Murdered by Jon Barnes in retaliation for the deaths of Tamika and Jeremiah.
    • When Barnes was killed by SIS Lieutenant Chuck Cooper, the murder weapon was found on him, closing the case.

The SuspectsEdit

  • Daniel Price
    • Aka Trigger and Reverend Cop Killer.
    • Current pastor of the Salvation Community Church.
    • Twelve years ago was charged for the murder of Officer Reese in a flower shop robbery, but found not guilty due to tampering of evidence and perjury on the part of Mark Hickman.
    • According to Hickman and Jesus "Lil Wheezy" Marquez, deals drugs out of his church.
    • Tamika Weaver was an old friend and had $2,500 in an offering envelope from his church on her. Also had a taco from his church in her car.
    • Murder weapon was found in the altar of his church.
    • Drug dogs went crazy around the altar as well.
    • Suspected of using his church as a cover to deal drugs and launder money.
    • Was preparing for Tamika's funeral at the time of Emile's murder.
    • While threatened at gunpoint by Mark Hickman confesses to Officer Reese's murder but insists he is otherwise innocent.
    • According to Buddha, committed the robbery and murder due to his drug use at the time.
    • Determined to be innocent in the other murders and drug trafficking.
    • Agrees to wear a camera while talking to his brother after learning of Dennis' operation.
  • Dennis Price
    • Aka Klip.
    • Younger brother of Daniel Price and former member of the 28th Street Bloods.
    • Three arrests for assault and one for weapons possession, no arrests since 2009.
    • Youth minister at Salvation Community Church.
    • Had family related alibis for the Reese Murders.
    • Was absent from Daniel's murder trial.
    • Seen by Mark Hickman leading several members of the Bloods into the church shortly before the heroin was removed from the church.
    • Insists that he has been out of the gang life for years and has nothing to do with the murders.
    • Was helping to prepare for Tamika's funeral at the time of Emile's murder.
    • Kept Jon Barnes in a motel room where heroin was found.
    • Entered a gunfight with Barnes before he was killed by SIS Lieutenant Chuck Cooper.
    • Revealed to have had Buddha get rid of the car from Officer Reese's murder.
    • Discovered to be using his brother's church for a drug trafficking operation.
    • Has Peter Goldman representing his drug dealers.
  • Greg Mann
    • Aka Buddha
    • Childhood friend of Emile Fisher.
    • No police record and "gang adjacent."
    • Had Emile living with him after Emile's release.
    • Emile found murdered in Buddha's house.
    • Runs a chop shop that adds secret compartments to cars donated to Daniel Price's church for resale.
    • Briefly suspected as the third man from the murder of Officer Reese.
    • Revealed to have gotten rid of the car in the murder of Officer Reese.
    • Confirms that Tamika Weaver was the third person in the car and Emile's girlfriend along with her knowing the location of the Uzi.
    • In exchange for full immunity and going into the Witness Protection Program, gives information on Dennis Price's drug operation.
  • Mark Hickman
    • Disgraced LAPD detective that investigated the murder of Officer Reese.
    • Former partner of Michael Tao and Stephanie Dunn.
    • Committed perjury on the stand claiming that Daniel Price spontaneously confessed, ruining the case against Daniel.
    • Fired by Sharon Raydor for his actions.
    • Was in love with Rachel Gray and had an affair with her.
    • Continuously appears around the murder investigation and drove Emile Fisher to Fontana.
    • Was told by Emile Fisher where the murder weapon was and had the opportunity to retrieve it.
    • Claimed to have been with his wife between two and five pm but lied.
    • Confronts Daniel Price at gunpoint over the murders and gets him to confess to murdering Officer Reese before being arrested.
    • Claims to just have been trying to get Daniel to confess.
    • Claims that he didn't kill anyone and if he had the Uzi, Daniel would've been convicted twelve years before.
  • Sherry Hickman
    • Wife of Mark Hickman.
    • Lost her job after publically confronting Rachel Gray about Mark's affair.
    • Potentially killed Rachel over the affair and losing her job.
  • Jon Barnes
    • Boyfriend of Tamika Weaver and father of Jeremiah Barnes.
    • Charged with dealing heroin.
    • Released on a $10,000 bail thanks to Daniel Price.
    • Murdered three Latino teenagers in apparent retaliation for Tamika and Jeremiah's murders.
    • Believed to know the name of the person Tamika was blackmailing and thus the killer.
    • After a gunfight with Dennis Price, was shot dead in self-defense by SIS Lieutenant Chuck Cooper.
    • Found with the murder weapon for the three dead teenagers on him.
    • Determined to have been part of Dennis Price's drug operation.
    • Was represented in court by Peter Goldman on Dennis' orders.
  • Peter Goldman
    • Defense attorney with a hatred for the LAPD, Major Crimes in particular.
    • Represents Daniel and Dennis Price.
    • The killer's burner phone was found in his car.
    • Revealed to have been working for Dennis Price protecting his drug trafficking operation and his dealers.


  • Prepaid cellphone tied to the murders of Tamika Weaver, Jeremiah Barnes and Emile Fisher, found in Peter Goldman's car. Had residue of corn starch on it.

Closing the CaseEdit

Following his arrest, Mark Hickman is booked on charges of attempted murder. In interrogation, Hickman claims that he just wanted to "have a man to man" with Daniel Price and he has a permit for his gun. Though Hickman managed to get Daniel to confess to murdering Officer Reese and recorded it, the confession was at gunpoint and is thus inadmissible. Daniel also cannot be tried again for the murder even if the confession was admissible. Sharon points out how it was Hickman's perjury that got Daniel off in the first place, but Hickman places the blame on Tao for not backing up his lies.

Sharon questions Hickman on why he hadn't disclosed his affair with Rachel Gray following her murder. Sharon and Provenza remind Hickman that he was in love with Rachel and she broke with him shortly before being murdered. Though Provenza suggests that Hickman murdered Rachel and Eric Dunn as Rachel just saw him as someone she was sleeping with, Hickman insists that the third person in the car was the killer. Provenza suggests that Hickman picked up Emile from prison as Emile knew that Hickman found the murder weapon and used it to kill Rachel and Eric and Hickman thus needed to warn him not to tell anyone. Provenza suggests that Hickman murdered Emile because he knew Emile might talk. Annoyed, Hickman realizes that their theory of the crime is that he murdered Tamika and her son to frame Daniel Price with the Uzi after Emile was released from prison and made a great alternative suspect.

Provenza brings forth the cell phone that they had found planted in Peter Goldman's car that was used to call Tamika and Emile right before their murders. The phone, while wiped clean of fingerprints, was covered in corn starch like the murder weapon, the drugs in Tamika's car and the syringe next to Emile's body. After learning that the phone was found in Goldman's car, Hickman suggests that Daniel simply left it in the car and cuts his drugs with corn starch as an explanation for the corn starch. Provenza points out that once again, they have found evidence pointing to Daniel Price as the killer with Hickman just a few feet away. Hickman reminds the two that he was trying to kill Daniel when they found him, not frame Daniel. "Look, I know this might hurt your tiny heads, but try thinking for a minute. If I had located the Uzi years ago, Daniel Price never would've gotten away with murder." Tao admits that Hickman is right since the gun would've confirmed Emile's statement and they would've been able to make their case against Daniel.

Hickman goes on to explain that Rachel left him because he couldn't find the Uzi. As a result, according to Hickman, Rachel felt that he had failed her. Tearfully, Hickman tells Sharon and Provenza that he never would've killed Rachel because if she had lived, she would've eventually come back to him. Sharon asks Hickman to write down where he was at the time of all the murders so that they can check out his alibis. "This isn't getting us anywhere," notes Tao watching the interrogation.

On the phone with Julio, Stephanie Dunn notes that its a shame that they had to release Goldman as he knows something about Daniel Price's drug business. While Stephanie is continuing to watch Jon Barnes' house, she suspects that Barnes knows that they are watching it and is not going to return. Stephanie decides to wrap up her stakeout since its unlikely that Barnes will return.

After being joined by the other detectives, Julio reveals that he found an interesting condolence card at Tamika's funeral: "to my Pretty Boy, RIP, love always, Easy." Easy is the gang nickname of Emile Fisher and its quickly realized that Emile must've ordered the flowers before his murder, likely using the money he borrowed from Buddha. The detectives interest is drawn by the nickname Emile used on the card: Pretty Boy. Jeremiah was too young to have been Emile's son so the detectives realize that the nickname must refer to Tamika. Sharon remembers that gang nicknames are often ironic so as Tamika was a cute girl, the nickname Pretty Boy would've been perfect for her. More than that, Pretty Boy is one of the gang names of the known associates of Daniel and Emile during the flower shop robbery. "So the third guy at the car was not a guy at all. It was Tamika Weaver," realizes a shocked Sharon.

After looking into Tamika's past, Tao determines that Tamika was likely Emile's girlfriend at the time of the murder of Officer Reese. However, Tamika was just fifteen and in high school at the time. If Emile had admitted to having a relationship with her, he could've been charged with statutory rape as Emile was twenty at the time. Sykes points out that if Tamika had been in the car during the murder, she also could've been there when Daniel and Emile dumped the murder weapon. Sharon points out that as well, Daniel Price paid $10,000 to bail Jon Barnes out of jail which the combined worth of the money and heroin found in Tamika's car when she was murdered. Andy realizes that Tamika could've been blackmailing the person who ended up with the Uzi and it got her killed.

Of the three people in the car when Officer Reese was murdered, Daniel Price is currently the only one still alive, but he has an airtight alibi. Sykes points out that Tamika was at the church shortly before she died for Taco Monday and Daniel was as well. However, Sharon points out that Daniel bailed out Jon Barnes on his own. Sharon remembers that the car used in the flower shop robbery and murder was never found, with Sykes quickly covering up her knowledge of it by claiming she read it in the murder book. Sharon points out that Buddha runs a chop shop that could've taken the car apart and he is connected to the case.

Julio, Andy and DDA Hobbs bring Buddha into interrogation to question him about the car from the murder of Officer Reese. Though Buddha denies doing anything illegal, claiming that the parts he's putting into the cars in his shop come from junkyards, the detectives point out that they look too new for that, as if they came from stolen cars. They threaten to arrest Buddha and his crew for the auto part theft and to send him to prison if he doesn't cooperate with them. Hobbs offers full immunity from prosecution on all charges past and present if Buddha didn't commit murder and tells them what they want to know about the getaway car. After consulting with his lawyer, Buddha accepts the deal as long as they promise to protect him, stating that he will need "serious protection."

After being asked to start at the beginning, Buddha explains that Daniel, who they called Trigger in the past, was doing a lot of drug dealing at the time of the Reese Murders, but was also using a lot of drugs. Daniel's drug use prompted the flower shop robbery and subsequently the murder of Officer Reese. After Daniel's arrest, he wanted the evidence in the case to disappear so Daniel's brother Dennis brought the getaway car to his shop. Alongside Dennis came Emile and Tamika Weaver who Buddha confirms as both Emile's girlfriend and the third person in the car at the time of the robbery and murder. Tamika was concerned about getting arrested with Daniel already in jail and the cops searching for Emile.

Buddha explains that the night Emile and Tamika came to his shop, Tamika and Emile argued about where Emile had dropped the murder weapon. Tamika claimed that due to how high Emile was, he couldn't remember the correct location that they dumped the gun. As they argued, Dennis arrived and stated that they would recover the gun in their own time. Dennis then threatened Buddha at gunpoint to force him to tear apart the getaway car.

Buddha wraps up his story by telling the detectives and Hobbs that once he started working for Dennis Price, he couldn't just quit. Julio asks if Buddha knows anyone else working for Dennis such as Jon Barnes, but is interrupted by Buddha's lawyer who states that if they want to discuss accusations of drug trafficking, Buddha will need dual immunity from all federal charges. Buddha admits that he doesn't know if Dennis ever recovered the gun or not. Sharon realizes that Tamika knew where the gun was ditched and may have told Barnes the story. If she did, Barnes could know the name of the killer.

Based on Buddha's story, Tao suggests that Daniel was continuing to run things from jail and Dennis recovered the Uzi, waited until the right moment during the trial and used it to murder Rachel Gray and Eric Dunn. Sharon agrees that its a credible theory and suggests that if they catch Jon Barnes, they can use his potential knowledge of who Tamika was blackmailing to deal him down from the death penalty in the three teenagers he murdered. However, Provenza points out that if Barnes knew what Tamika did, Daniel and Dennis may have murdered him also.

Stephanie suggests that if they are right about Dennis Price and he moved the heroin out of Daniel's church, he may have moved Barnes somewhere too. Stephanie suggests that she "rattle Dennis' chain a little" by calling Dennis and Daniel and asking them to give up Barnes' location if they know it because the police believe Barnes knows something about why Tamika was shot. She suggests that they also tell them that they have enough to get Barnes to talk about the heroin suppliers in their neighborhood and then place a tail on Dennis in the hopes that he will lead them to Barnes.

After getting the phone call from Stephanie, an apparently panicked Dennis goes to a room at the Secret Gardens Motel, followed by Sykes and SIS Lieutenant Chuck Cooper. As Cooper attempts to get a young couple to leave for their own safety, shots are suddenly fired from within the room that Dennis entered. As Sykes and Cooper call for backup and move towards the room, Barnes dives through the window in the middle of a gunfight with Dennis. Barnes opens fire on the two officers when they call for his surrender. With Barnes refusing to surrender, Copper is forced to shoot him in self-defense, killing Barnes. As Cooper checks on Barnes, Sykes orders Dennis, who had been in a gunfight with Barnes, out of the room and places him under arrest. Dennis claims that the gunfight was self-defense, but refuses to answer Sykes when she questions who was defending themselves in the fight.

In the aftermath of the shooting, Sykes is confirmed to be unharmed despite Barnes shooting at her. While they have Dennis in custody, he is claiming self-defense in his role in the shooting. While they can't know for sure who fired first, Dennis was carrying a .40 caliber handgun and the first shots were really loud, indicating it was Dennis. Barnes was carrying a Beretta, the same kind of gun used in the murders of the teenagers that Barnes committed. If Barnes' gun matches the murders, they can close that case so Provenza orders Sykes to take Barnes' gun to Francine in ballistics for testing. While searching Barnes' room, Buzz and Tao locate forty bricks of heroin taped under the dresser. As Julio takes Barnes to jail, Tao takes the heroin to Narcotics to see if it matches the heroin found in Tamika's car.

An hour and a half later, Tao brings the analysis on the heroin from the motel room. It is an exact match for the heroin Barnes had on him when he was arrested two months before. Stephanie has also spoken to the officer that arrested Barnes originally and has learned that Barnes had Peter Goldman as his lawyer. Goldman also showed up to represent six other drug dealers. Sharon has Stephanie try to find out who contacted Goldman in those cases. However, while the heroin is a match for the heroin Barnes was arrested with, that heroin was cut with baby laxative and is thus not a match for the heroin in Tamika's car. This means that they have two kinds of heroin with Tamika's not linking back to Dennis and the church.

Provenza suggests that they arrest Dennis for the attempted murder of Barnes and then have Hobbs and Goldman get Dennis to plead to the murders of everyone else. However, legally the gunfight was a mutual combat situation and Dennis can't be arrested for it. While Sykes believes Dennis fired first, she can't prove he drew first and Goldman can claim that Barnes did and that Dennis was just defending himself. Sharon suggests that there is another angle, one that requires them to believe someone who in the past has proven untrustworthy. Sharon orders Julio to call in Daniel Price with the news that they have had a break in the case that requires his attention. Though Goldman will show up immediately, Sharon is counting on that. Sharon orders that no mention be made of Buddha's statement of facts and to have them hold Dennis on the heroin found in the motel room.

Upon arrival, Goldman claims that the drugs was already in the room when Dennis arrived and that Dennis is "a soldier in faith based community that is fighting for its life." Sykes angrily states that the fact that Dennis is a soldier explains that Uzi they found in his church linked to at least five murders. Sykes accuses Dennis of sitting on the gun for years and having found out where it was from Tamika the night he had Buddha chop the car from the flower shop robbery and then used it to kill her. Despite Goldman's orders to be quiet, Dennis insists that he's innocent in Tamika and Jeremiah's murders. Goldman claims that Dennis has had a religious conversion that altered his life and the police are just trying to force things to fit the way they want to since they mishandled the case badly.

Buzz gets word that Julio has arrived with Daniel. As Sharon, Provenza and Julio prepare to confront Daniel, Goldman insists that Dennis brought the gun to protect himself against Barnes who was wanted by the police for murdering three teenagers. After Goldman asks if Dennis was supposed to approach someone like Barnes unarmed, Hobbs quips that "well, he could've called the police." As the interrogation continues, Daniel arrives and states that he won't talk without his lawyer. Julio tells Sharon that Daniel "doesn't know" and they lead him to the conference room, promising that Goldman will join them in a minute. When Daniel asks if they had already called Goldman, Sharon tells him that they didn't have to.

Goldman tells the detectives that at worst, they have Dennis on a misdemeanor weapons charge for firing his gun within city limits. Ordering the detectives not to question Dennis further, Goldman heads out to pay the fine personally to end the questioning. As Goldman goes to pay the fine, he spots Daniel in the conference room and quickly rushes in, accusing the detectives of impropriety for questioning Daniel without his lawyer present. Provenza tells Goldman that they only brought Daniel in for a "curtesy briefing" on their progress. Goldman claims that its a trick and attempts to quickly leave with Daniel.

Sharon interrupts to tell Daniel that she'd hoped to be able to explain to him why they arrested Dennis, suggesting that he can hear about it on the news instead. As Goldman tries to rush Daniel out, Provenza tells Daniel that Dennis was in a shootout with Jon Barnes who Daniel had bailed out of jail. A shocked Daniel questions Goldman's knowledge of the situation, causing Sharon to explain that its the reason for Goldman's presence. Goldman states that Dennis had called him and was worried that Daniel would be angry. Goldman claims that it was actually a trick so that the police could distract him and take advantage of Daniel.

As Goldman drags Daniel out, Provenza tells him to get Goldman to tell him about how Dennis has been running heroin out of his church for years. Daniel insists that Dennis has been on the straight and narrow for years due to the blood of Christ, but Sharon tells him that its actually been thanks to Peter Goldman who has managed to keep Daniel in the dark. As Daniel watches in shock, Julio reveals the heroin they found in the room where Dennis stashed Jon Barnes. They traced the payment on the room to a credit card owned by Dennis with Julio showing Daniel the credit card statement proving it. Dennis also has several other motel rooms that he started using right before the police searched his church.

While Goldman tries to get Daniel to leave, his interest has been drawn and he wants to hear the detectives out. "Are you really not aware that Mr. Goldman is working for your brother?" Sharon questions. Daniel states that Goldman of course works for Dennis as he works for their community and everyone in it. However, Julio brings forth proof of seven drug dealers arrested in Daniel's neighborhood in the last six months all of whom supposedly work for Dennis and all of whom were represented by Goldman. As Goldman tries to explain himself, Sharon reveals that forty minutes after Barnes was arrested for dealing heroin, Dennis called Goldman's cell phone and he promptly showed up for Barnes' arraignment. "That's your proof?! That I'm involved in the drug trade?! Really?!" demands Goldman angrily. Provenza tells Goldman that they have also cross-checked the other six arrests and found proof that Dennis called Goldman within the hour of each booking. "There's your proof, Peter," states Sharon.

Shocked by the evidence placed before him, Daniel questions Goldman on the truth of everything. Goldman tries to claim that the police are lying, but Daniel is enraged by the fact that Goldman has been trying to protect drug dealers in his community and refuses to listen. "Are you being paid by my brother?" Daniel demands. Unable to answer, Goldman looks at Sharon who tells Daniel "there's your answer, Reverend." Disgusted, Daniel fires Goldman for his actions. "What I did Daniel, was protect your work. I'll go, but I urge you to stay silent. These people mean to do you and your community harm. Without me beside you... they may well succeed," a defeated Goldman states before leaving.

With Goldman gone, Julio presents Daniel with more evidence about Dennis' operation, stating that Goldman is unaware of it. Provenza explains that what they gave Daniel is Buddha's statement of facts. In exchange for being put into the Witness Protection Program, Buddha is going to explain how Dennis used Daniel's church for drug trafficking. Stunned by everything he has learned, Daniel states that he doesn't trust Goldman, but he also doesn't trust the police either and he wonders how can be sure if everything that they are saying is true. Sharon states that there is only one way: they need Daniel to have a heart to heart conversation with his brother.

Daniel agrees to speak to his brother wearing a wire and the next day sets up in his office to wait for his brother while patrol officers drive Dennis to the church. However, while Andy thinks Dennis' confession in the murders is imminent, Sharon is not so sure. Sharon points out that Dennis' gunfight with Barnes at the motel doesn't match the profile of their killer and Hickman was following Rachel Gray twelve years before shortly before she was murdered. Sharon is convinced that Hickman was lying when he stated that he was following Rachel to check out her security and wonders if Hickman was also lying in wait to ambush and kill Rachel. Sharon also suspects that Sykes has been talking to Hickman against orders which Andy acknowledges as possibly true, but suggests that instead of lying to them, Sykes allowed them to hear theories about the murders without letting them know where they really came from.

In Electronics, Buzz, Taylor, Provenza and Cooper anxiously wait for Daniel to speak with Dennis on camera. "Now all we need for Dennis to say to his brother I found the Uzi, murdered Emile, Tamika, her son, Rachel Gray, her bodyguard, JFK and then we're done," quips Provenza. Entering with Andy, Sharon states that she will be satisfied if Dennis confirms what Buddha told them about his drug trafficking operation. Tao, staking out the church with Stephanie and Sykes, announces that Dennis has arrived and doesn't look happy and Sharon orders everyone to prepare to move in if needed.

As everyone watches on Daniel's button camera, Dennis enters his brother's office, demanding to know what Daniel is doing. Daniel angrily demands answers, telling his brother that according to the LAPD, Dennis is using the church to distribute heroin. Daniel angrily demands to know how the Uzi showed up in the church, how drug dogs caught the scent of heroin in the church altar and why Dennis put Jon Barnes up in a motel room where the police found heroin. Dennis orders Daniel to forget Barnes and the drugs and to go on reciting the Bible to reporters while Dennis cleans up the mess Daniel made when he allowed cops to search the church. As the detectives watch eagerly, Daniel asks Dennis "I have nothing to hide. Do you?"

Guest CastEdit

  • Julie Ann Emery (Detective Stephanie Dunn, whose husband was murdered along with DDA Gray. Dunn is a Narcotics detective temporarily assigned to the Weaver/Barnes murders)
  • Jason Gedrick (Mark Hickman, former LAPD detective who committed perjury on the stand during the trial following Officer Reese's murder. He was having an affair with DDA Gray who he was in love with)
  • Tarik Lowe (Daniel Price, shot caller of the 28th Street Bloods, 12 years ago. Currently the pastor of Salvation Community Church)
  • Arjay Smith (Dennis Price, brother of Daniel Price. Used to be a member of 28th Street Bloods. Currently youth minister at Salvation Community Church)
  • Edward 'Grapevine' Fordham Jr. (Greg "Buddha" Mann, runs a chop shop in Fontana, California.)
  • Allen Maldonado (Jon Barnes, father of Jeremiah Barnes and boyfriend of Tamika Weaver)



Episode NotesEdit

  • While its never stated in the episode itself if Jon Barnes' gun did in fact match the murders of the three Latino teenagers, its confirmed on the murder board when Tao walks over to it after bringing the analysis on the heroin.

Sharon BeckEdit

  • After visiting Sharon in prison, Rusty and Gus inform Louie Provenza that Gary Lewis has threatened Rusty's life if Sharon cooperates with the police. Provenza orders Sharon transferred from the County Jail.
  • Accompanied by a lawyer, Sharon offers a deal where she will help the LAPD catch Gary if they will guarantee that they will try and convict Gary and that he won't get a deal. As Gary is on his third strike, a conviction will send him to prison for life.
  • After Provenza agrees, Sharon explains that she didn't know about the robbery until after it was over. After discovering that Gary was on drugs again, Sharon had planned to leave him so Gary did the robbery to force Sharon to remain with him. Sharon is able to provide the police with Gary's phone number so that they can track his phone.
  • By tracking Gary's cell phone, the LAPD are able to arrest him in a bar in Echo Park. Though Sharon's story seems to be true, both Sharon Raydor and Rusty express their doubts about her trustworthiness based on past experiences.


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